Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Aren't those the cutest villains you ever saw!

Festivities started on Thursday for us this year because we had school parties, trunk or treats, parties and all kinds of fun things to do! Of course the highlight for the kids was seeing their cousins and then the trunk or treat in our ward where they got loaded up on candy. Considering how busy we were for the whole weekend I am surprised that things went as smoothly as they did. There was the incident with the bolts (for those of you who don't know....that's a story for another day) but other then that everything went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Dracula, Darth Vader, Snow White, Cowboy Kaleb and Frankenstein at our trunk or treat. Kylie and Kaleb came from Nevada to spend Halloween with us and we loved seeing them!

Karson, Logan, Kaiden, Maren and Brooklynn at Grandma & Grandpa Allen's Halloween party.

Making Yummy Mummy pizza's

Auntie found this cute and yummy idea. They turned out great!

The bean bag toss. All the kids got A LOT of prizes from this game! Grandma and Grandpa Allen are great at spoiling the grandkids!

We finished up with some coloring and cookie decorating.

I should probably mention we will be giving away candy for the next three months. Let me know if any of you out there are craving anything and I can totally hook you up! We ended up with so much! The grandparents alone would have been enough for the kids because they all spoiled them rotten! Shawn and RaeLene loaded them with candy, cookies and more candy. My dad made the kids a goody bag with a can of soda and lots of candy. My mom got giant tubs of popcorn and filled them with Capri Suns and lots of candy. On top of all that we went to the trunk or treat! We had to dump the buckets half way through the night to make room for more! Anybody need any candy????? I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! We did!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

The boys before the goopy mess

Sunday night our power went out. We had to try to rescue my chicken eggs so we spent the majority of the outage at my in-laws. We left the eggs there and came home at about 8:00 so we could get the kids in bed. When we got home the house was 57 degrees and pitch black so we built a fire for some light and some warmth. I had to be a mean mom though and send the boys to bed because they had school in the morning so they only got to be by the fire maybe 5-10 minutes. We promised them for family night we would make another fire.

Cozy Fire

So we did our traditional pumpkin carving and had a nice cozy fire while doing so. I am loving family night more and more now that the kids are getting older and fight less and are so fun to talk with. We roll out paper to cover the table then cut the tops of the pumpkins off and let the kids go at it! They love gutting! They are such boys! The gooier and slimier the better!




After a quick shower while we clean the guts they then come draw what they want on the pumpkin and dad carves away for them. This particular year the boys went and snuggled by the fire while he carved for them and it was so fun! I think we will make the fire part of the tradition. It is always fun to have that first fire to start the holiday season (yes I'm counting Halloween as a part of the "holidays" haha). Here are the finished products (being lit by flashlight because I forgot the little candles):

Karson's Frankenstein

Kaiden's Vampire

Logan's Darth Vader

I love these silly boys :)

Pumpkin Picking

Halloween time means Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Carving! The past couple years rather then going to the store we go to a patch and let the boys pick (literally) their pumpkins. The only rule is you have to be able to put it in the wheelbarrow yourself (otherwise we have three 500 pound pumpkins and spend a small fortune).

The patch we went to this year had bales of hay and tractors set up all over so that you could take cute pictures. Logan went straight to the tractor and wanted to "drive" it the entire time. He couldn't have cared less about picking pumpkins once he saw the tractor. He hopped down and ran over to the first pumpkin he could pick up himself , through it into the wheelbarrow and went right back to the tractor.

Kaiden of course went to the wall of hay and began climbing. He is such a monkey boy and just loves to climb! He did get down though once he saw the pumpkins and found a good sized pumpkin.

Karson stuck with dad and helped find a wheelbarrow. He then picked an enormous pumpkin that he somehow managed to lift and throw into the wheelbarrow! We had to make a quick amendment to the rule and say that you had to be able carry it so we moved the wheelbarrow about 20 feet from where they were looking so they had to walk with them first haha. He switched it but still managed to get a giant pumpkin :)

When we went to pay there were boxes of other vegetables and some little tiny pumpkins. Logan picked one up and said "MOM! This would be great for Brooklynn! I think she would like it....can we get it?" Logan absolutely loves his cousin Brooklynn! I think he will be her protector as she gets older :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

silly us

To say the past month has been hard for my friend would be an understatement. I've known Lindsay since I can remember. She is a true friend. She is family. She is an amazing friend and an inspirational person. We've been through all kinds of heartache and cried lots of tears with each other and for each other through the years of our friendship. More then anything though we have laughed together. We always find a way to laugh together no matter what is going on in our lives and I am so grateful for that. Here is some pictures of just silly us:

The Serious Look .... but I couldn't quit laughing

Giving into the laughter

The "OH no your cornea" look. (PJ just got lasik and we were worried about his cornea)

The sad look

Frosted Flakes (think Tony the Tiger)

Just Dance

I got the new Just Dance 2 game for the wii! My friend Lindsay introduced me to Just Dance not to long ago and I fell in love with it! Of course when I got the second one I had to have her come play it with me to break it in. The second one may be even better then the first one. It has duets! That's right folks, duets! That means rather then both of you following the one person on screen you each have your own person doing your own things and if you aren't doing what your supposed to you will be either punching and kicking your partner or getting punched and kicked by your partner (or if your Lindsay you punch yourself LOL). It is GREAT! Here are some pictures from one of our favorites: Bollywood

Beginning Pose

Sweet scoop move

Rocking the Bollywood moves haha

Cool crazy arms going

The end...Tada!

This game is exhausting but oh so worth it! We literally played this game for hours! I am so lucky to have a friend who is willing to dance around my family room looking like a complete idiot with me. I also think I should mention how wonderful my husband is to put up with us! He and Lindsays husband were our babysitters and our photographers :) I love that they don't seem to notice Lindsay and I acting crazy and they just go about there conversations and play with the kids. We are some lucky girls surrounded by some great boys!

Living the Dream

Karson, Logan, Braden, Kaiden and James

This was my dream. To be surrounded by cute, funny and sweet boys. I love these boys and I love how silly they get when they are all together!

Logan went and changed so he and Braden could be twins

Then they picked matching jammies

Kaiden and Karson dancing

There is never a dull moment being in a house of all boys! I am loving living my dream!

Kaiden, Braden, James, Logan and Karson all soaking wet after playing in the rain.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Weekend

This is how our weekend went in a nut shell..
Saturday while Justin and his co-driver were taking the journey to Nevada to get my brother and sister in law there was an incident involving a construction worker and a tattle tale trucker . While he was gone I deep cleaned, rearranged the furniture and became a chicken farmer.

Here is our weekend with a bit more detail.

In Utah
Because Justin was going to be gone all day and night I decided to deep clean my house. To get to the baseboards I had to pull furniture out and because the furniture was already getting moved I decided to rearrange and change things up a bit.
Moving bunk beds turned out to be a bigger task then I had imagined so I of course called my sister Emily to come help me. Emily always embarks on my crazy home "improvement" schemes with me. I can't count the times Justin has come to home to us painting, hammering or trying to hang a door that we took off for what seemed like a very logical reason at the time but looking back now I can see how that plan didn't go so well haha. Anyway she was at work and couldn't help me out on this one so I had my mom come help. Thank goodness she came and helped me or I never would have been able to finish what I had started and it's probably best she came instead of Emily because she helped keep me on task and kept me from "improving" things that didn't need improving. She helped me with the kids bedrooms and then when she left I did my bedroom as well.

Somewhere in Nevada
At about the time I was moving bunkbeds across my sons bedroom Justin and his co-driver hit construction on the way down to Nevada. The road was shut down to one lane so only one direction of traffic could go at a time and the other would have to wait. So they sat and waited for about 15 minutes and then were able to continue on their journey.
They were behind a semi who was driving very slowly. He was going about 10 under the construction speed limit. Co-driver was driving and moved over and slightly out of the lane to look up ahead and see if there was a car in front of the semi so he would know if he could pass or if he would be stuck behind the semi. As he was looking up ahead the semi jerked over and into the center of the road. Co-driver moved back. Co-driver then moved to the center of the road again to look and again the semi jerked over. The semi was acting crazy so they stayed behind him the rest of the way and didn't try to pass or peek again. When they got to where the other traffic was stopped and it went back to two lanes the semi stopped in the middle of the road trapping Justin and co-driver so they had to stop. The following funny but true story is what took place:

small female construction worker: "STOP! SIR YOU NEED TO PULL YOUR VEHICLE OVER!"

co-driver looks at Justin confused. Justin looks at co-driver confused.

co-driver: "What did we do?"

small female construction worker:

Justin and co-driver are even more confused.

co-driver: "What did we do wrong???"

small female construction worker:

co-driver (realizing he had unintentionally almost broken the law and that the truck driver radioed ahead tattling) says:
"I apologize. I wasn't aware that there is a law we couldn't pass. I'm sorry. Can we go now?"

small female construction worker still shouting even though she is right next to him:

"I again apologize. We didn't know."

small female construction worker continues shouting at co-driver.

"What is your name?" She was being ridiculous and rude so he wanted her name.

Small female construction worker: "I DON'T HAVE TO GIVE YOU MY NAME"

co-driver: "Okay fine." co-driver pulls out phone and snaps picture of her face haha "I have apologized and didn't know. Can we go??"

small female construction worker: "NO! YOU CAN'T GO! I'M NOT DONE!"

As co-driver is pulling back onto the road: "You don't have the authority to detain me! Have a nice day!"

Back in Utah
I talked to my brother (not the one moving but the other one). Some how me wanting chickens came up and it just so happens he had all the stuff I would need and offered to provide me with the eggs and an incubator so the boys and I could hatch them! I don't have a place to keep the chickens long term yet and I am afraid they will freeze in the winter so I am going to send them back to Nevada when the boys get bored with them which is perfect because we've been wanting a pet but not the commitment so this way we get a pet but only temporarily! Once I get a coop and can actually take care of chickens so I can have eggs I might buy some eggs off him and hatch them and keep them. I was so excited and told him to give the stuff to Justin and send it to Utah for me! He packed it up and now I am a chicken farmer!

Co-driver and Justin made it to Nevada, loaded up my brothers things, ate a burger and drove right back. They got home at 4 AM Sunday morning. We unloaded all of there things, unloaded the chicken eggs and incubator and then went and passed out for 3 hours before we had to get ready for church in our newly arranged bedroom.

I'd say we accomplished quite a bit this weekend and had fun doing it. My brother and sister in law moved back, We learned not to pass in construction, I have a deep cleaned upstairs (including baseboards), We have that feels like new feeling in our bedrooms now that they are rearranged and we now have chicken eggs!!!

The Incubator

The Chicken Eggs

They are Cooking!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Witches at Gardner Village

Kaiden kind of blends in with the background :)

4 of the 5 kiddos

A good friend of mine invited us to go to Gardner Village with her and her kids today to see the witches. The boys and I LOVE Gardner Village but have never gone at Halloween time so we were excited to go. I was surprised at how festive it was! There were Witches (both live and fake) everywhere!

crashed Witch

We timed it perfectly! We got there first thing in the morning and there wasn't hardly anyone else there. It didn't start getting busy until the very last part of our visit. By the time we left the parking lot we had parked in was closed because it was completely full! I am so happy that it wasn't very busy for the majority of our visit so that we could enjoy the witches without worrying about anybody getting lost.

The friend I went with has a daughter the twins age and a daughter Logan's age. They all get along great but as you can imagine going anywhere with that many young kids feels like being in a circus sometimes :) I have to admit I love the chaos though and we almost always leave an outing with a hilarious story to tell about our traveling circus. We love spending time with their family and always have fun!

our traveling circus :)

The boys enjoyed finding the fake witches posed in funny ways and they really loved the ones "flying" up in the trees or on top of the buildings. The "real" witches were walking around talking to the kids and telling jokes but the boys didn't seem to enjoy them as much...Logan was scared to death of them and Kaiden was blushing because one of them was teasing him about falling in love with his big brown eyes :) I finally talked Logan into getting a picture with one of the live ones but he would only do it if I went with.

Notice Kaiden is blushing

the only picture of Logan with a "real" witch

One of the "Flying" Witches

I always thought it was geared more towards girls so I was pleasantly surprised at how much my boys enjoyed it. There were definitely some cutesy girly witches but there was a lot of spiders, pumpkins and other cool things that boys like also. We will definitely go back! All of the kids were well behaved and I have a million pictures because they were so cheesy!

ALL the witches were so great! I took a picture of nearly every single one! The boys agreed the funniest one was the one that crashed into the building. Here are a few more of my other favorite witches and the kiddos (Okay it's a bit more then a few but I did narrow it down quite a bit).