Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darth Vader and Ducks

I HAVE to blog this!! I don't ever want to forget the funny scene that my cute little blue eyed boy caused and since I didn't have my camera with me I am forced to blog it so that I'll always remember!
I drove to the elementary school to pick up the twins with Darth Vader.
Let me back up a little real fast....Logan has decided to be Darth Vader for Halloween. We got his costume last week and he has worn it nearly every day since we got it. The few times he hasn't worn it, he has been in costume as a cowboy or ninja turtle or some other random character he has created. He is very imaginative and very funny.
So back to the story. As I said I drove to the school with Darth Vader. We were in the curb side pick up lane waiting for them before the bell rang when I noticed three ducks and a chicken walking along the grass and sidewalk! They were all in a row just waddling along. I got so excited and started shouting at Logan to look out the window at the ducks (I'm easily amused these days lol)! He got very excited also! He asked if he could get out to look at them. I told him yes.

Out jumped my miniature Darth Vader (mask and all). He got right behind this row of waddling ducks. He squatted down and he was waddling behind them! Go ahead and take a minute to try to visualize this scene of ducks and Darth! There were 3 ducks, 1 chicken and a little boy trying to walk crouched down in his black Darth Vader outfit, black cape and his Darth mask. They were all wandering around looking totally out of place and were next to a row of about 50 minivans full of moms waiting for their kids.

It was so CUTE! And then it got better. It was as if a switch flipped and Logan remembered that he was a villain. He burst up tall and tried to grab the duck closest to him! The ducks started to run and there went Logan chasing them up and down the sidewalk with his cape flowing in the wind!

It was so funny! I never thought I'd see ducks and a chicken at my kids school. I never thought I'd see ducks and Darth Vader together and I definitely never thought I'd see ducks, a chicken and Darth Vader all at my kids school causing a scene!! I wish that I had my camera with me so badly to capture those 2 or 3 minutes when we were waiting! I hope that you all can visualize this and laugh as hard as I did!

Yep folks that's Darth Vader on a bike..I was being sneaky and kept missing him when his face was towards me.

When Darth Vader needs a break Cowboy Logan comes out to play.


  1. LOL! Bradley and I had a good laugh over this. I wish you could have gotten a picture, but the mental picture you provided was certainly the next best thing. :)