Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Day part 2

You know there is a lot of snow when Pre-K is cancelled! We have been going to The Learning Place Pre-K with Miss Kaarina for 4 consecutive years now. The twins started in 2007 in the 3-4 yr old class. In 2008 they moved to the pre-k class. In 2009 Logan started in the 3-4 and now it's 2010 and he is in the pre-k. In that entire almost 4 year period of time Miss Kaarina has NEVER cancelled school! Until Monday.

The blizzard came and went and then the weather was pretty calm over Thanksgiving. Then came Saturday night...and Sunday....ALL day...and Sunday night and even Monday morning. SNOW, snow and more snow! We shoveled 3 times Sunday night and each time by the time we got back inside the walks and driveway were already covered again! Monday morning we saw several stuck vehicles and when we got to the neighborhood that the twins school is in we fish taled the whole way down the street to the school. We did make it though without getting stuck and without any accidents and Logan and I made it back home.

I was really dreading going to Logan's school later that day. His school is about a 15-20 minute drive (depending on how many of the 3 school zones we pass are flashing). In snow though that turns into a 30-40 minute drive. Miss Kaarina called that morning though to tell me she had gotten over 2 feet of snow in her circle and that it hadn't been plowed. There had been a lot of stuck cars so she was postponing school until the next day in hopes that the roads would be better by then. I was very relieved!

So all of the kids have had a Snow day now and it's only November! Logan's was the only official one I guess but either way we have had a TON of snow! This is definitely a year for sledding and might even be the year we teach the kids to snowboard! It's gonna be a COLD winter...but a fun one too!

Check out this HUGE icicle that the boys found at the church when they went to shovel! They were so impressed with it they brought it back to show me and to play with!

Snow Day part 1

WOWZA! Check out all the snow we got!

Last week there was a blizzard warning and schools and works were sending people home early to avoid being on the roads when the blizzard hit. Justin and I being the genius people we are decided to take advantage of his time off work and we went Christmas shopping! I am happy to say that we survived the storm! Of course we live right by Jordan Landing so we didn't have to go far but what should have been a 5 minute drive turned into a half hour drive because of the white out and cars sliding all over. It was quite an adventure trying to find our car each time we came out of a store just to see an entire parking lot of white covered lumps. We had fun though and we about got all our Christmas gifts and we are alive to tell the tale of braving the blizzard :)

We had heard that schools might be closed the next day and whether they were or weren't I didn't want to drive in the snowy mess early the next morning so we told the boys they didn't have to go to school. The next day we slept in (clear til 7:45!....is it sad that 7:45 is considered sleeping in these days?). The boys woke up, ate and I told them they could go out back and sled. "Best day ever mom!" "Thanks mom!" were the cheers I was hearing as my kids got all bundled up while skipping school for the first time EVER. Man I was the coolest mom in the world...for about 20 minutes. Insert blood curdling scream here and a mild case of frost bite. That's right, leave it to my accident prone kid to go outside and get frost bite! Here is the summed up story:

The boys got on snow pants, coats, hats and gloves. They took the sleds out back and threw them over the fence (the hill is on the opposite side of our back fence...and that was pretty comical). Then Karson took off his gloves to get a better grip while climbing the fence. He didn't put them back on.
He threw snow, rolled in the snow and went down the hill a couple times. Then he was complaining his hands were cold and he wanted to come in. He had been outside maybe 10-15 minutes at this time. His hands were so cold he couldn't grip the fence well enough to climb back over. I obviously cannot throw my 6 year old over the fence nor can I pull him over the fence so I told him he would have to walk around.
Just to give you an idea of what walking around would entail here is some geography of where we live. We are the third house on our street so he walked 3 house lengths in back and then 3 house lengths in front...I heard his screaming at about the corner.
I ran out there thinking he fell or something! I was in a panic yelling to him asking what was wrong. Finally he got to me and was holding his hand. It was white...Super white! It looked like his fingers had been cut off or something because there was NO blood in them! I asked if they were smashed or something and he just said no they are cold and hurt. Then I realized that they had black spots and were turning blue. I instantly knew it was frost bite (or well on it's way). I had the phone in my hand already when he got to me so I called my father-in-law hoping he could tell me what to do or if not that he would come watch the other kids while I took Karson to the ER. He told me what to do and said to give it a minute or two and if it didn't improve to go to the hospital. He must have called my mother-in-law because she googled it and called me with more instruction. After I got off with her he had already improved and the black was fading and his fingers were turning that painfully bright pink color. I called the doctor and they told me what we were doing was fine and then gave me a time frame that it should be fine in and said if it wasn't we would need to go in.

If you look closely you can still kind of see some black on his index finger..I didn't think to pull out the camera when it was white and black..but once we knew he'd be okay of course I did what any good mom would do and started to document it with pictures :)

Luckily we were fine and didn't end up going in. Of course that meant the kids were stuck inside bored (and one in severe pain) and were wishing they were at school...needless to say my "cool mom" status quickly fled from me.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ode to the husband

I have been thinking a lot about what I am most grateful for as Thanksgiving approaches. One of my greatest blessings is my husband. I am so lucky to have such a great guy who does so much for me! I feel the need to brag about him so here it goes.

Our life is such an adventure as is but Justin makes it even more entertaining! He has so many wonderful qualities that I admire. He is such a hard worker and he can fix just about anything! Seriously he has fixed appliances, roofs, vehicles and anything else that has needed it. Not only does he fix all of our things he fixes anything that is broken for everyone in my family and everyone in our ward! He spends so much time doing service and is such a good example to me and my kids. He is also a great story teller! Sometimes he makes hearing about our lives more entertaining then living it! He can always make me smile and laugh (even when I am trying to be angry).

I also love that he is willing to go on adventures with me that not all husbands would...such as going to Taylor Swift concerts or going to see Twilight in the theater opening night with me. He will do just about anything to make me happy including coming home early from work to help me clean the house when he knows I'm having a bad day and have been stressing out.

And last but not least Justin is a great dad! I have three boys that bring me more laughter and more joy then I could ever have wished for thanks to Justin and he is great with them. He plays with them and cares for them and teaches them. I really did marry my best friend and I love how funny and sometimes ridiculous our life is together :)

Julie and Justin walking the red carpet in Vegas in 2009

Justin taking me on a hike over Memorial weekend 2010

Justin and Julie 2008


at the Taylor Swift concert

Look at all those cute boys! I am a lucky girl!

pity party

Monday was one of those days where I just woke up ornery. I hate those days! You know the ones where everything is going wrong and you are determined to have a bad day...and worse when you know half your problem is a bad attitude but can't seem to shake it. I woke up to a disasterous house, my back killing me (I pulled some muscles shoveling that wet heavy snow) and my kids couldn't seem to get dressed after being awake for over 45 minutes..in fact all they had accomplished in that 45 minutes was whine, fight and cry with one another and me. After much screaming and threatening they were finally dressed and out the door to school.

Once they were gone my rage turned into self pity. My day was going to be incredibly busy until 3:00 at which time I had to be in two different places at once to get all the kids from school. Of course after that I would have to do all the household things that were neglected but that is something that I could at night when everyone has gone to be if need be. I was really dreading cleaning because my back was already killing me and the things I had going up until 3:00 would require lots of lifting, bending and straining. My daily tasks were piling up, the pain in my back was increasing incredibly and I was feeling like a failure. "I am so over worked and under appreciated!" I was thinking getting myself angry. Then I started to thinking about all the moms who are just as busy as I am but some how manage to accomplish everything for everyone and everything they are supposed to AND keep their homes spotless AND don't whine or yell....so then on top of my "poor me I'm so over worked" attitude I had the guilt of "why aren't I smiling happily as I do everything?....why can't I keep up on everything?.... things are getting pushed back and I will never get done with everything in the day....why aren't I a super mom??"  Now I see how ridiculous I was being. I know it is pointless and discouraging to compare yourself to others and there seemingly perfect lives and I also know the same is for throwing yourself a pity party. But I just couldn't (or maybe didn't want to) stop feeling that way.

Then the phone rang. It was my best friend. She asked what my day was looking like.  I told her after 3 I had to do some shopping but other then that I was free (aside from the pity party and the cleaning). She asked me to go with her shopping since her car was having trouble. I had two choices right then. Say sorry I need to throw myself a pity party but maybe tomorrow or I since I had to go shopping anyway I could go with a friend and try to quit wallowing.  I went and got her. I vented to her in the car and once I verbally said everything I realized how silly I was being getting myself so worked up and I was feeling a little better. Then as we got to talking we of course laughed like we always do and I remembered how much I love to laugh! That made me feel even better. Then we went shopping with what feels like a million little boys. I had relaxed quite a bit and followed my friends lead and didn't yell but rather watched the kids as we shopped and talked. I enjoyed my kids. I hadn't enjoyed them all day. I had fought with them, yelled at them and been unappreciative of the opportunity I have to be there mom. Those boys did some silly things and I am so grateful I was with my friend because she made me watch them and appreciate them for the first time that day. I am certain had I gone alone it would have been a very different experience! Up until I picked up my friend nobody could do anything right in my world and they were feeling the wrath of mom.

So here is what I am ending with. I heard this at TOFW and now know that it was meant for me. "We need to cherish the doing more and the getting done less". I didn't do this Monday and I missed out on precious opportunity to make good memories with them. Rather then rushing through our busy list of daily duties to check them off we need to enjoy the tasks while we are doing them. Kids grow up so fast and I am sure sooner then I know I will be sitting in a quiet house missing my noisy little boys.

boys will be boys

they took turns riding under the cart

Kaiden and Braden turned the carts into a train but nearly did the splits in the process :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 2 of Time Out

Day 2 did not disappoint! I am so happy I decided to go! I have never been to Time Out for Women before and didn't know anybody who had either so I didn't really know what to expect but it was a great experience. The stories shared were both funny, inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking. Overall it was great. Near the end of the day an exciting announcement was made...they mentioned a special somebody who will be joining next years tour....*drum roll please*...NIENIE! I'll definitely be going next year :)

Not only were the speakers and music amazing it was great to just be away for some selfish grown up time. I had so much fun giggling with my friend and I don't think I'll ever forget about the punching little person chasing away the image of the Skype session (sorry..inside joke..hehe). Here are a few pictures of our much needed Time Out!

me and Lindsay in front of the stage

Thank you to Brenda for inviting me to go and setting it all up!
Marcia, Brenda, Shelly, Rebecca, RaeLene, Me

because it was only women we were able to use the mens bathroom

The amazing Hillary Weeks with the amazing Lindsay

our "sneaky" attempt at a picture of that mustache for Justin

not the best marketing scheme...although we still bought one :)

a day of hero's

This has to be short and sweet...today was a good day!
Today was a day of hero's! I went to Time Out for Women with some family members and my best friend. My best friend happens to be one of my hero's and I'm so lucky to be able to call her a friend. This friend of mine and I decided to move closer to the front and I am so happy we did. Just as they dimmed the lights to begin the show Stephanie Nielson walked right by us! That's right, I actually saw my beloved NieNie in real life!! She was probably less then 10 feet away from me! So cool! I know I'm lame for feeling star struck by seeing her (in my defense she has been on Oprah so she is pretty famous :D) but she is seriously one of my hero's AND I was sitting next to my other hero! I am so excited for Day 2!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Primary Program

Today was the annual Primary Program and it was absolutely wonderful! This one was a milestone for us because this was the first time that ALL my babies were up there! I wasn't sure if Logan would go up or not because he is so shy. So we have been pep talking him and bribing him the past couple weeks. The moment of truth came and he didn't even hesitate. He popped right out of his seat when the other kids did and went right up front. I was so proud of the fact that he was brave enough to go up I wanted to cry right then.

The twins of course went up with no problems or worries. I on the other hand was a little concerned about how they would act because last year they were so crazy! Last year they were waving their arms, bouncing, laughing and at one point in time the only part of one of them we could see was there feet! Justin got up and stood in the back gesturing for them to fold their arms and be reverent but they just couldn't be still. They were definitely entertaining but not so well behaved. After the program last year Bishop Gerber got up to say a few words and told the congregation a cute story about the twins. The bishop was sitting next to Karson and Kaiden during one of the practices (probably to try to help keep them quiet) and they looked at him and then started talking amongst themselves. Then one of the boys looked at him and asked "are you the prophet" the bishop laughed a little and said "No I'm the bishop" the boy (he's not sure which was which) then looked at the other and said "See he's not the prophet he's just the bishop!" The point he made was that even though kids are sometimes rowdy or loud they are listening and learning even when we think they aren't. Everyone laughed and all we heard about for the next several weeks was "what a hoot" our boys were (aka how horribly behaved but entertaining they were). So this year my concerns as far as the twins were concerned were how they would behave. I am pleased to say they did wonderful!

This year both sets of feet stayed on the ground, there was minimal bouncing (they are 6 after all and the full sacrament meeting is a LONG time to be still) and they gave only one cute little wave each. They both memorized their parts and worked very hard to do so. When Karson got up the teachers had been helping the kids before him and he turned to her and said "I don't need help with mine..I have it memorized" he was so proud of himself and did an excellent job reciting it. Kaiden also did well on his part and he sang so loudly we could hear him apart from the rest of the kids (on the parts of the song he knew haha).

The sunbeams did their part as a whole rather then individually and Logan was right up front with his sweet smile. He was so proud of himself for going up there and I am so proud of him too!

This year Bishop Gerber again got up to say a few words after the program and he got up and said "Logan come here" he brought Logan right up front next to him and said "this is Logan." Logan stood there with an uncomfortable stare out in the audience clearly shy and scared and draped his arms down the front of the stand. Everyone laughed at how cute and shy he was then the bishop went on to say how precious primary kids are and how quick they grow up. He then let Logan go sit back with his class. Let me just say how funny it is to me that last year the twins got mentioned because they are so rowdy and this year Logan got mentioned for being so shy and cute or "precious" as the bishop stated. 

We have a wonderful ward with great leaders! I love the primary teachers and presidency and am so thankful for the patience and love they show my children. I can only imagine the hard work it is to put a program together with all the kids but it is so appreciated! I love the sweet spirit primary children bring through the music they sing or the sometimes surprising knowledge they have of the gospel. I wish my sweet babies could stay this age forever!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicken Races

We let the chickens out of the box today! 
It was time to move them from the box to the cage so we decided to let them get out and run before we couped them back up in a cage. Then I had the brilliant idea to try to have a chicken race! I mean if they were going to be out anyway might as well make it a bit more entertaining, right? Little Logan got his Legos and we we used them to build a race course for them to run. Don't get to excited it sounds much more interesting and fun then it actually was. We got them out and nothing happened..so we put food at the end of the track...still nothing...we gave them a shove...still nothing! I guess there is a reason I've never seen or heard of a chicken race before :) It was still fun to play with them though and see them out of the box. We have video and pictures of our not so fast chicken races. Be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page when you watch the video.

Karson and his champ

Kaiden being a judge

Logan the spectator

Justin fake eating his chicken nugget

the course filled with not so fast racers




Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chick update

Our official count of survived healthy chickens is 10!

10 Little Chicky's

Sunday night we pulled them out of the incubator...that was the first time we got to hold them!

Karson and his chick

When we were moving them we noticed that one of them had the same problems as the first one that died and knew he wasn't going to live. All the others were & still are doing great!

Kaiden and his chick

We decided to pull them out because the majority of them were completely dry and the ones that weren't were really close. Baby chicks need LOTS of water constantly and of course food so into a box with the feeder and water they went! They have a heat lamp and we are gradually reducing the temperature.

Logan and his chick

We still don't handle them very much because they are so young it isn't good for them and they are easily injured....BUT we do let the boys watch them and they get to hold them once a day. They love the chickens so much!




Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I think it's safe to say last week and this week have been total chaos! In general we are a pretty busy family and like to be on the go... otherwise I do silly things to stay busy like go on a spur of the moment road trip or re-arrange my house and adopt chickens :). This past little while has been EXTRA busy though and I have never felt like a nap more then now. We have had so much going on I feel like I haven't seen my house or sat down the entire almost two weeks yet! It is constant non-stop on the go. As I sit here to blog this it is early in the morning and all the kiddos are sleeping but not for long so I doubt I finish this or post it.

Thank goodness there is no school on Friday! We will finish out this week the way we started it... gone ALL day and evening and at some points in time needing to be in three places at once. I've got two different schools in totally opposite directions to get kids to at different times (luckily) but that means I spend about an 1 1/2 hours just driving to and from schools. While the kids are at school (and not...poor Logan thinks the twins school is his second home) I have Book Fair, Hearing Screenings, Fundraiser and Reflections to find volunteers for, volunteer at and set up. After school we have homework (which will be done at the school because I am supposed to be there the rest of this week until 8:00), book fair again, presidency meeting, mutual, another meeting, parent teacher conferences and then back to the school to take down book fair and close out. Poor Justin has work, side jobs after work, a second calling and is having to drive all over the world to find me so he can watch the kids during his side jobs while I do my stuff. Thank goodness for my sweet husband and wonderful in-laws and mom or I don't know how we would survive!

I have had to resort to a color system on the calendar to try to stay organized. In the middle of all this we have 10 chicks to take care of and three little boys who need attention and play time with mommy and time to talk about whatever worries them or questions they have or just joke with. Luckily we have fantastic friends and family to help us and remind us to laugh so we don't go crazy amidst the chaos. And though I am totally exhausted and in bed the past few days by 10:00 (the days I am able to) I wouldn't change a thing...well maybe I'd squeeze in a nap if I could :).
I love being involved with my kids life and the people who are teaching them and shaping them. I love my calling...it is time consuming but it is so rewarding and keeps myself on track. I love my daily life that is always an adventure and easy to laugh at...I guess I'm saying I love the chaos...most days :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

we have CHICKS!

The proud new uncles :)

Well folks, it's official...Logan is an uncle!
Friday night our eggs were chirping and by Saturday evening we had the first of our chicks.

A couple holes!

As I said the chirping started Friday night and continued all day! It was so crazy to see the eggs shaking and chirping! Saturday morning there were chips and holes in the eggs and by just past 5 PM we had our first two chicks! At about 6 we had our third and that was the first one we were able to capture on video.

Making Progress!

We had lots of visitors come by to see the eggs and chicks Saturday evening. RaeLene, Lindsay, PJ, Braden, James, My mom, Rojer and Linsey all stopped by. Chick number 4 came while we had visitors. We didn't even see that one actually hatch because we were so busy chatting with each other. We kept peeking in on them and all of a sudden there was a fourth :)

#3 Made it out!

Two more came when everyone left and by morning there was a grand total of 12 chickens! One did die just before church though so we have 11 now but those 11 seem to be healthy and strong. I am shocked to have so many! These poor eggs traveled from Nevada to Utah, survived a power outage and the transportation to my in-laws in an attempt to get them to an outlet to stay warm and some were even dropped during rolling! We were hoping for just 2-3 and now we have 11!
I'm so excited for them to dry and fluff so we can get them out of the incubator and hold them! Stay tuned for more pictures as they get cuter :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chickens Uncle

I didn't get a chance to blog this the other night and now I'm about to roll our eggs and just remembered. A couple nights ago I had the following conversation with Logan:

Me: "Lets go roll the eggs! We need to take good care of them so the chicks can hatch"
Logan: "I can't wait for the eggs to hatch! When those eggs hatch I'm gonna be their uncle!"
Me: Uncontrollable laughter!

We got the eggs from my brother (his uncle) which is where I think the confusion may have come from but who knows that boy is just in his own world sometimes!
So lets all hope and pray for at least one egg to hatch so that my sweet little boy will have the opportunity to be a good uncle to a little chick :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Karsoroni got the Principals Pride award! Here is what his teacher wrote:

"Karson is a super 1st grader. He has a wonderful imagination. Karson loves to use reading strategies to figure out hard words. Karson is also very kind to everyone in our class. He knows how to be a good friend."

This is a perfect opportunity to brag about my wonderful Karsa-roo! I am so proud of him so often! He has so many wonderful qualities and talents! His most entertaining talent has got to be his break dancing! I'll post video of that someday :) Karson is also very thoughtful and loves to write stories and leaves cute notes for me and his dad often. Few things can brighten my day more then a finding a sweet note from Karson! As his teacher pointed out he is very kind. He is a friend to everyone he meets. Not only that he is very honest and isn't afraid to tell somebody that he doesn't want to do things that will get him in trouble. He is definitely a leader! He doesn't go with the flow if he knows it's wrong and he makes others around him have so much fun while choosing the right. I couldn't ask for a better example for my other boys. He is a great friend to his brothers and most definitely their protector. I hope he continues to be such a great example to his brothers and peers! I Love my Karson and am so grateful to be his mom!