Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in pictures

was filled with heartache as a friend grieved.

Logan turned 4
and he got cowboy stuff just like he wished for


Great Grandpa & Grandma Young left on a mission and Karson & Kaiden went to their first Jazz game with Grandma & Grandpa Allen.

I got a new sister!

We also went to Kanab where Justin was able to act like a kid again and we saw oodles of cousins!

was a busy month.
I finished my 1st 5k
The twins had their 6th birthday
And we went on a family vacation to Disneyland
& SeaWorld and had a blast!

June I ran my 2nd 5k at the Running with Angels event and reached my goal time.

July I got a visit from an old friend from Arizona
and carried on the tradition of staying up late with those crazy people and going to see the newest movie of the Twilight series opening night :)

August we did lots of swimming and watched 3 little boys for a friend of mine while she went back to work. We also went to Washington state for a wedding and did some site seeing.

September my twinlets reached a milestone and started 1st grade
then came lots of tears and heartache as we had to say goodbye to sweet baby Carter

we celebrated Shawn's transplant anniversary and had our first non-themed but scary Halloween costumes.

November we hatched chickens and we finally got to meet baby Blake

December was another busy month! LillyAnna was born and there were parties, snowmen, lights and lots of events but throughout all the bustle we remembered the real meaning of Christmas.

2010 was a very eventful year for our family and the loved ones in our lives. Some of my very worst memories have come from this year but also some of the very best. I am still trying to find the words to sum up this year but haven't quite found them. This year was so full of so many life changing events and such a roller coaster of emotions I don't know that I ever will find the words to describe this year. But I do know that I've learned A LOT and am ready for a new year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blakey Flakes!

Logan and I got to watch Blake while his mom went grocery shopping. We loved every minute of it! I think he enjoyed it too. Since he only has sisters I think being around Logan, another male, must have been very exciting for him :) We just love Blake and I am so excited to see him grow! I hope Haley teaches him to say my name haha (inside joke). He was only here maybe an hour or so but somehow I ended up with over 30 pictures of the cute little guy :) They are so cute I just had to share. Here are a few of the many pictures we took of him for you all to enjoy!

Happy Blake

Logan loves Blake and asks if he can stay with us all the time
Aww...Blakey Flakes

so cute!

Sleeping Blake

This is one I took at the 1st grade program and he looks like such a cute little old man!

This was the day he was born...he has started to change already!

Christmas in condensed pictures

Christmas Eve night waiting for Santa's cookies to finish baking

The shocked boys

The happy boys

Ready to open presents
Brotherly love after opening gifts.
More brotherly love.
Done with presents time to ride.

Riding in the back yard.
Eating our traditional Christmas Mcmuffin's.

More presents from Grandma and Grandpa

Logan's cool batman mask..Kaiden is spiderman and Kar is ironman

Logan's gift from aunt Em

Kai bug and his transformer

Giving grandma a ride.

Giving another grandma a ride.