Monday, January 24, 2011

The forgotten Frog

After our family outing to destroy the gingerbread houses the following is what took place pulling into the driveway.

Kaiden sounding kind of sad: "Uh...Mom....I hate to tell you this...but uh I wanted a pet frog and forgot about him"
Me looking back at a Gatorade bottle confused: "What?"
Kaiden brings the bottle to my face and begins shaking it trying to get the frog out. I heard his brothers mumbling something about the ranch and suddenly everything made sense!
Me jumping out of the car: "EEWWWWW Gross!!"
The sight of me freaking out and his brothers laughing brightened Kaidens day and he too began to laugh.

Apparently he had put it in the bottle to transport it from the ranch to our house. He then put it in the arm rest that opens in the back of the van. He fell asleep on the way home and forgot about it. Clearly we don't use the armrests often and here we are a few months later with a dead frog stuck to the bottom of  Gatorade bottle.
I apologize for the graphic nature of the photo. I asked Justin to get a picture of the bottle before he "buried" it (aka threw it away) and he zoomed in on the actual frog! Never a dull moment with all the boys I have roaming around in my life!

the demise of the gingerbread houses

As I went to put up my Valentines decorations (I know it's kinda early but when I have a spare moment to do something like decorate I have to take advantage of it because who knows when I'll get a second chance!) I realized that I had 5 giant gingerbread houses in the way. Rather then simply throw them in the trash (what fun would that be?) I had the brilliant idea to go shoot them to smitherings (good thing I have all boys, right?)!! We planned on doing it Saturday but Justin surprised me and took the day off Friday so we decided since the boys got out of school early to go surprise them with the guns and go shooting that day.

look closely and you'll see the "before"  houses

and this is the "after"

I should probably mention before I post the next pictures that none of the boys handled the gun alone. Grandpa Allen gave a mini gun safety talk before we pulled out the guns and then Justin held onto them the entire time the boys were and helped them aim. Kaiden shot first and because he was first and didn't know what to expect it startled him but he did well and took his time trying to aim. Karson went next and also took his time. Then cowboy Logan went and that boy was a little trigger happy. He was definitely fastest to unload his clip!

Kaiden learning to aim



The boys aim wasn't so great but they didn't care they were just happy they got to shoot. I went after the boys so I got to demolish the majority of the houses! Justin pulled out the shotgun when I was done for him and his dad to make sure whatever was left of the houses would become unrecognizable. I'm not a fan of shooting the big guns (they hurt my shoulder) unless it's the 22 rifle but Justin talked me into taking a shot with the shotgun and it wasn't that bad.




When the boys were done shooting they ran up and down the mud hill then decided it would be more fun to roll up and down the mud hill! What can I say they are definitely boys! We finished off the last of our ammo and loaded up to go. What trip with Grandpa Allen would be complete without candy though? He didn't disappoint and the boys filled their pockets for the drive home.

running up and down the hill

rolling in the mud

getting candy from grandpa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Skating

For our Family Home Evening activity we took the boys ice skating!

We got there a little early so the boys watched the speed skaters finish up. Karson and Kaiden were amazed with the speed skaters so when they were finally allowed on to the ice they took off as fast as they could! To my amazement they didn't immediately fall on their rears! Please note that I said "immediately". They definitely did fall but for the most part they actually did pretty well. When they did fall they would just hop right back up and take off as fast as they could again! There were NO tears the entire night! It was fantastic!

Seeing as how Justin and I are both horrible skaters we decided that Logan would be better off with a walker then with one of us trying to help him. It took him a while to figure out he needed to watch where he was going so he could steer himself but once he quit skating off the ice he did really well also. By the end of the night he ditched the walker and was going pretty quick!

The highlight of the night for me and several other strangers who witnessed the event was Justin learning oh so quickly about Karma! He was a couple feet ahead of me with Karson and I called out his name. He looked back at me which threw his balance off so to try to save himself as he was tripping all over the ice he grabbed Karson! It of course knocked poor Karson down. The guy next to me on the ice said "Whoa did you see that???" As he looked at Justin partly wanting to laugh and partly disgusted at him for knocking a child down on the ice to save himself. Just as the stranger was asking if I saw it Karson slid in front of Justin causing Justin to also fall! I was laughing so hard I had tears as did the people around us who watched Justin get what he deserved. Karson and Justin were both laughing so hard that they almost couldn't get back up!

Unfortunately I didn't capture the fall on video :( BUT we did get some other video and a couple pictures. My camera is falling apart at the moment so they aren't the best quality but here they are for your viewing pleasure :)

Strapping on the skates and getting ready to go!

Logan posing after skating without help and without falling!

My Kai Bug stopping for a picture :)

Karson was having so much fun he couldn't stop for a picture and the few I was able to get of him were when he had fallen :)




Thursday, January 6, 2011

left over 2010

I never really blogged about Christmas and I have some cute video I want to post so here is a short post with some video!

The boys love their 4-wheelers and road them all day on and off! They also road them the next couple days (even when it was snowing). But once we got about a foot of snow we told them they couldn't ride any more until the snow melted. They road so much my back yard transformed into a mud pit! I was so happy when it snowed because it's hiding the ugliness :)

Aside from the no riding until the snow is gone rule the other rule is that they can't ride on Sunday. Well the day after Christmas was Sunday. We went downstairs first thing in the morning and found Logan out in the garage in his underwear pretending to ride his 4-wheeler! Then later that day Karson and Logan were both out there pretending to ride! They crack me up!

Anyway here are a couple short clips of the first of many adventures on the wheelers :)