Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Happy Wrestling Boys :)

Our newest adventure at the moment is wrestling! Justin has remained in contact with his highschool coach and each year they do an Alumni Wrestling Tournament. This year Justin's coach told him he is coaching the little league wrestlers and asked him if he thought any of our kids would be interested. Our boys are always wrestling with each other and horse playing so when we asked them if they wanted to sign up they of course said yes and were so excited! They were amazed that there was a place that not only allowed them to wrestle but encouraged it! haha

 "show me your wrestling faces" and this is what I got haha

 "okay now give me a smile"
The first practice was Tuesday so Monday night Justin was teaching them some of the basics and letting them spar with each other. It was so funny! The twins are so close in size I'm sure they will go back and forth a lot with who can beat who but as of now Kaiden is the champion and is loving that fact haha. The first practice went well and Justin was asked to help coach so he is even more excited (if that's possible) and they are all counting down the hours to Thursday so they can go back :) In two weeks they will have the first tournament and will have one each Saturday for the next few Saturdays. I can't wait to watch them and cheer them on! We are all loving this newest adventure!


learning the proper stance and positions

Happy Valentines Day!

The boys making a toast to the lady of the house :)

Valentines Day is a great day to be surrounded by boys! All the boys had school parties and got all kinds of yummy loot that they shared. I was able to go help with Karson's class party this time and it was so fun to play the games with him and his friends. I was showered with cute Valentine gifts from all my boys and that evening we had a delicious candlelit dinner with the kids that they thought was so cool! We had some Fettuccine Alfredo, garlic toast, peas and some fizzy Crystal Light in the fancy glasses. It was a laid back low key Valentines day but it was spent with all the boys I love most!

Our candlelit table

Monday, February 14, 2011

Logans Party

This year I decided Logan was big enough to have a party with his friends. He was so excited and wanted his party to be just like his big brothers was so he asked to do it at Jungle Jim's. He also knew exactly who he wanted to invite. I was bad about getting the invitations out on time but managed to let everybody know in enough time that everyone was able to come :) It was so entertaining for me to listen to 5 year olds conversing and watching them interact with each other. There were no tears and I think everybody had fun. Logan was a happy boy-which made me a happy mom! I'd say the party was a success!

 Waiting in the car for Jungle Jims to open.

 Brooklynn my adorable niece.

 Hailey giving Logan directions as he crashed into Conner :)

 Conner, Braden and James having fun on the bumper cars.

 More fun on the rides.

Brooklynn, McKaylee, Logan, Conner, Hailey, Braden, James, Maren
 Logan and his friends eating pizza

All the kids road the roller coaster at least 10 times! It was definitely a favorite!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan!

I can't believe my baby boy is 5 years old today!! Where does the time go????

The past year or two Logan has grown and changed so much! In general Logan used to be very quiet and shy...while he is still shy around new people he is anything but quiet these days! He has a huge personality and it makes me laugh daily. I am so grateful for my Logi-Bear and the happiness he brings to our family! Here are a few of the million reasons I love this guy:

1. Logan is a mama's boy! Every day I get snuggles, hugs and kisses from this smiley face! I love that a kiss from mom can fix anything in his world right now and wish it would stay that way forever.

2. I love his amazing sense of style haha! To see Logan in boots and a pair of shorts is nothing out of the ordinary. He seems to think those boots go with anything. In my opinion he can totally pull it off though :)

3.  I love how silly Logan gets with Brooklynn. He loves his cousin and has so much fun with her!
4. I also love how protective he is of her. He is such a sweetheart!

5. I love what a good chicken uncle Logan was and how diligently he watched and cared for his precious chicken nephews :)

6. Logan is 100% boy! Anything outside is great! Anything outside that gets him dirty is even better and anything outside getting him dirty that has a motor is his favorite! Logan lives outside whether he's on his bike, a 4-wheeler, on the swing set or rolling down a mud hill he is happiest outside! I love the moments he gives me that make me shake my head and say "you are such a boy!" :)

7. I love how imaginative and creative Logan is. The days he can't go outside he is playing with his blocks or legos for hours on end and he builds some amazing things!

 8. I love that Logan is a mini Justin! They have so many of the same mannerisms and love so many of the same things. It is so fun to watch the two of them together.

9. Logan loves babies! He loves to help take care of babies when they come over and I love to watch him try to make them giggle. He is glued to Lilly whenever she comes upstairs and just can't wait until she is big enough to play with!

10. Logan has always looked up to his brothers and wants to do everything they do. I love that he has the determination to stick with something until he has mastered it as well as his brothers. His brothers are great teachers and examples to him and I love that they are all best friends!

I am a pretty lucky mom with an awesome boy! Happy Birthday baby boy!! You are loved!!