Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bitter Sweet

A couple weeks ago while driving to school, the same way I always do, I happened to be a couple minutes earlier then normal when I turned into the neighborhood. Something happened to catch my eye and I turned off the main road to see the street sign better. It was Carter Circle. I took a picture of it and sent it to Lindsay and asked her if she was free to go with me to the cemetery sometime. We made plans for the next Friday. Friday came and it was absolutely gorgeous weather! She called me the morning of and told me that she had just received a call letting her know that Carter's headstone had been put in. How cool that we had already planned on going that day! Some might say "what a coincidence!" but I know better and I don't believe anything is coincidence.

We got to the cemetery and the boys jumped out of the car and ran right to Carter. Kaiden started shouting to me "Mom! Carter has a stone! Come look!" They were all so excited to see his name. Part of me wanted to shout for joy with them as I hurried to see it. It wasn't a pure joy was definitely bitter sweet as the other part of me was wishing that Carter was still here.
His headstone really is amazingly beautiful! It's a wonderful tribute to a wonderful boy who won't be forgotten.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Girl Cake!

Having all boys I don't have any experience making girl cakes. I do however have a plethora of girl decorations! The dye I prefer comes in a pack with both boy and girl colors so as I replenish my boy stuff I get more and more girl stuff also and it just sits in my cupboard. So because I have accumulated quite the collection of girl things I decided to make a girl cake! When I told my friend the idea in my head she asked me to wait and do it for her daughters birthday but I was so excited I just couldn't wait. I also thought it would be a good idea to try one before the party so that I could practice since I have zero experience with girly things. Anyway it turned out to be super easy and very fun! When I do the one for the party there will be more vines and a stone path to the door. I'll also use a different frosting recipe so that it's stiffer and easier to work with. I think it turned out pretty cute is the finished product!

Side View

Front View

Wrestling Season

Kaiden, Coach Falcon, Karson and Logan, mouths full of licorice and modeling their 2nd and final medals of the season.

This month has been so crazy busy! I had planned on blogging each tournament but am just now getting time to blog now that the season is over.
We loved every minute of wrestling! It was so cool to watch the boys improve and see their confidence grow with each match! Only one of the tournaments offered medals and announced winners. The other tournaments were on Tuesdays or Thursdays and were for the kids to gain experience and have fun. They kept score at all of the tournaments but didn't make a fuss over the winner. The last tournament was Tuesday and they all got a medal. We will DEFINITELY do wrestling again next year! Here are a few score cards from our favorite matches.

Kaiden won 6- 3

Karson won but it was pretty close

5's are pins, 2's are take downs, 1's a reverse. Kaiden demolished this kid!

Logan won 11-5

Karson won 6-0

The Great Fire of 2011

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend.
When a recipe says to fill a pan 3/4 full it's not just a's a safety precaution! 
My friend was over and I made a cake. There was a little left over batter so I decided to go ahead and top off the pan with the left overs because I didn't want to waste it. I put it in the oven and set the timer. About half way through the baking time I checked on the cake and saw this

While baking it rose and spilled over the edges. I then made the genius decision to let it continue baking because it looked pretty solid around the outer edge of the pan so I didn't think it would drop down to the bottom. What I didn't notice at the time was that some had already fallen to the bottom. I also didn't consider that it might continue to raise causing more spillage.
A few minutes went by and my friend and I were chatting when suddenly she ran to the oven and started shouting for me to open the windows. Smoke was BILLOWING from the oven! It was pouring out of the sides of the door and out of the top of the stove where there is apparently a vent! When I opened the oven door there was so much smoke I couldn't see Lindsay who standing on the opposite side of the door! It instantly filled the entire kitchen! She reached in the oven with a towel and felt around for the cake, found it and threw it into my sink while I was climbing on the counters to open windows.

It wasn't even close to being finished! It was still a liquid batter other then the top layer! I then had to use tongs to pick out the charred cake from the bottom of the oven and then made a new batch of cake batter and started all over. My friend and I both have an odd sense of humor I guess because we were laughing the entire time.
Crazy things like this use to happen to us all the time when we were young so it was kind of funny that all these years later we still cause chaos with the simplest of tasks. We now refer to it as "the great fire of 2011".

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bubble Wrap

Karson: "UGH.....I've been popping for hours!"
Me trying not to laugh: "You know you don't HAVE to pop all the bubble wrap...Nobody told you to do that."
Karson: "What...I like it."

Apparently as a 6 year old boy you do in fact HAVE to pop every single bubble! It's just to irresistable to stop!
As I sit here to type this I'm listening to:

Karson: "I only have 5 more then I'm done!"
Logan: "I have A LOT more then I'm done!"
Kaiden: "I'm going to stomp on mine to get more done"
Karson: "All my bottom is popped!"
Logan: "maybe we should save some for dad..I bet he would like this"
Kaiden is now rolling on his sheet of bubble wrap.

This could go on for hours! Thank you new dishwasher for the entertainment your packaging is providing my children. I was trying to find the bright side or the blessing in disguise when nearly every appliance I own broke on the same day and now I've found it! haha

Monday, March 7, 2011

call from school

About a week ago I got home to a missed call from the school. Every mother with a child in school can probably relate to the instant panic I felt seeing the schools number on the caller id! Which child is it? Is he hurt?!? Is he sick?!? Is he in trouble?!? Who and why is somebody calling me??? I checked my messages and had the following message from Karson:

"Mom... uh... I just wanted to let you know that I am kind of dirty-But it wasn't my idea! I was just kind of playing and somehow got mud on me. Okay... I love you bye."

So while listening to this message I couldn't help but giggle a little but it ended and I was left feeling confused. Was he calling to let me know he got in trouble? Did he need a change of clothes? What was going on?
I called Sandy, the office lady, and explained the message and my confusion. She said he must have called from the class room because she hadn't seen him so she would go find out what was going on and call me right back. She called back about 2 minutes later and this was her response:

"Hi Julie. He was calling for a change of clothes. You are going to want to bring a shirt, pants AND looks like he is soaked clear through. Also he wasn't wearing shoes....."

No shoes?? Are you kidding me??? I quickly assured her that he had started the day with shoes and that I was on my way with an entirely new outfit complete with shoes! Apparently him and his friends went and played freeze tag in the mud and were some how covered both front and back in it! Sure enough he came waddling to the office drenched in the wettest mud ever with no shoes looking like a homeless child! I was able to contain my laughter until I reached my car. Ah the joys of raising boys!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wrestling Tournament #1

The boys shaved their cute little faces with their shaving kit from Christmas, they put their wrestling clothes on, stretched and were all so excited! We got to the highschool and immediately the boys nerves set in. I think they were surprised to see how many kids were there. There were four different schools that I counted each with probably the same amount of kids as ours (45ish kids). Seeing all the bigger kids was pretty intimidating to them so we kept reassuring them that they would wrestle somebody there own size.

Mom and Logan at the tournament!

They went to check in and an announcement was made. "There is to be NO coaching! Parents are NOT allowed on the edge of the mat or to coach! If parents do this the match will be stopped. This is for the kids experience and not about who wins or loses." Now I don't think I am one of those crazy lunatic parents who is super competitive or psycho about my kids. I was however upset by this announcement because I wanted to be right by my babies cheering them on and offering some tips. Parents were allowed to get close for pictures though so I went to the edge of the mat and bit my tongue. It was so hard not to yell! Luckily people in the stands were allowed to cheer though so they were able to hear their supporters.



Logan is the shyest and I was most worried that he wouldn't even go out there. But he did! Everyone got two matches. Logan's first one he would move around a bit then kind of quit and not really know what to do. I was just so happy he went out there though that I didn't really care how it went! His second one he was much more aggressive and did awesome!



Kaiden actually ended up being the most nervous. He told me how scared he was and we had to pep talk him a little but he went out and he did great in his first one! It took him a minute to get the hang of it but once he did he scored pretty well! His second one he went up against a kid who was amazing! This kid knew all kinds of moves! It was a good learning experience for Kaiden. He got beat pretty good but he never gave up so I am super proud of him! He asked for a third match and they found another boy who wanted to go again also so Kaiden actually got a third match! I was so proud of him for going a third time since he started out so scared!




Karson was pretty timid his first match. After his first one Grandpa Allen gave him some pointers and watched some of the other kids wrestling so he could see how it works. His second one was awesome! He creamed his guy! Karson kept taking the kid down but was having a hard time pinning him. Justin was naughty and showed him the half on Logan on the sidelines and once Karson figured that out he did it to the kid 3 or 4 times and got him every time! It was great for his confidence!

tired boys :)

The car ride home was awesome! Logan kept telling us how he was quitting in the first one and then did good on the next one. Karson went on and on about how badly he beat his second one. And Kaiden was so proud that he did so well on his first one and that he was brave enough to do a third match. We got home, showered them and they sat down and within minutes were all passed out!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh Ins

Kaiden went to wrestling practice yesterday (the other two were sick) and did some sparring to help prepare him for the first tournament which is Thursday. When Justin went to pick him up they were doing weigh in's. Luckily he had the sick boys with him so they were able to go in long enough to get on the scale so that they can be matched up with somebody on Thursday. When I got home and saw the results from the weigh in I about fell off my chair! Here they are:

Kaiden Allen, age 6 and current champion of his brothers, weighed in at 45 lbs.
Karson Allen, age 6, weighed in at 47 lbs.
Logan Allen, age 5, weighed in at a whopping 49.2 lbs.!!!!

That's right. My baby boy who just turned 5 is nearly 50 pounds! He'll probably have to wrestle an 8 year old haha! Thursday can't get here soon enough!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ice Skating part II

Justin had some family come visit from Kanab and Northern Utah. When they were all up here they invited us to go ice skating with them. The boys had so much fun the first time we didn't hesitate in saying we'd love to go with! This outing was very fun and even educational. Here are  a few of the things I learned while at the rink:

1. My husband secretly wants join the icecapades or become a figure skater.
2. My 200 some odd pound hairy husband will NOT ever be graceful on ice or fulfill his secret dream.
3. The key to skating backwards is NOT skating really fast then jumping around and trying to land backwards.
4. When you get multiple Allen men together showing off with each other there is an increase in hilarious crashes.
5. Cowboy chaps are slippery and offer enough padding and comfort for my 5 year to skate on his knees half the length of the rink.

Logan and Brooklynn
Brooklynn went around the ice with Justin and I a couple times and was so cute! Each time we got back by where you get on or off the ice she would say "No I want to go again! Again!" haha.



Bear and Abby. He stuck with her almost the entire time.

A group of the cousins waiting for the ice to dry so they could get back out there.

I think we were all more comfortable on the ice this time then we were the first time last month (I know I was). That or they were just showing off for each other and all our family that was in town :). I wanted to get a lot of video and pictures but holding the camera up throws my balance off and I was afraid of falling and breaking my camera haha. Here are the few bits of video I was able to get.

Justin trying to skate backwards

Justin doing a spin