Friday, March 11, 2011

Bubble Wrap

Karson: "UGH.....I've been popping for hours!"
Me trying not to laugh: "You know you don't HAVE to pop all the bubble wrap...Nobody told you to do that."
Karson: "What...I like it."

Apparently as a 6 year old boy you do in fact HAVE to pop every single bubble! It's just to irresistable to stop!
As I sit here to type this I'm listening to:

Karson: "I only have 5 more then I'm done!"
Logan: "I have A LOT more then I'm done!"
Kaiden: "I'm going to stomp on mine to get more done"
Karson: "All my bottom is popped!"
Logan: "maybe we should save some for dad..I bet he would like this"
Kaiden is now rolling on his sheet of bubble wrap.

This could go on for hours! Thank you new dishwasher for the entertainment your packaging is providing my children. I was trying to find the bright side or the blessing in disguise when nearly every appliance I own broke on the same day and now I've found it! haha

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