Monday, March 7, 2011

call from school

About a week ago I got home to a missed call from the school. Every mother with a child in school can probably relate to the instant panic I felt seeing the schools number on the caller id! Which child is it? Is he hurt?!? Is he sick?!? Is he in trouble?!? Who and why is somebody calling me??? I checked my messages and had the following message from Karson:

"Mom... uh... I just wanted to let you know that I am kind of dirty-But it wasn't my idea! I was just kind of playing and somehow got mud on me. Okay... I love you bye."

So while listening to this message I couldn't help but giggle a little but it ended and I was left feeling confused. Was he calling to let me know he got in trouble? Did he need a change of clothes? What was going on?
I called Sandy, the office lady, and explained the message and my confusion. She said he must have called from the class room because she hadn't seen him so she would go find out what was going on and call me right back. She called back about 2 minutes later and this was her response:

"Hi Julie. He was calling for a change of clothes. You are going to want to bring a shirt, pants AND looks like he is soaked clear through. Also he wasn't wearing shoes....."

No shoes?? Are you kidding me??? I quickly assured her that he had started the day with shoes and that I was on my way with an entirely new outfit complete with shoes! Apparently him and his friends went and played freeze tag in the mud and were some how covered both front and back in it! Sure enough he came waddling to the office drenched in the wettest mud ever with no shoes looking like a homeless child! I was able to contain my laughter until I reached my car. Ah the joys of raising boys!


  1. I love phone calls from the school.

  2. hahaha that is hilarious hahaha oh those boys