Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick Day

Today we are all taking a sick day. Nobody is technically sick but I think we definitely deserve one!
We tend to be pretty busy as is but this week was another one of those where we aren't home for more then 15 minutes until 10 PM or later when we're going to sleep!

Yesterday the day started at 6:30 getting ready and out the door by 7:10 so we can beat Jr. High traffic and get to the school for choir. After choir Logan got dropped at a friends house and I was right back to the school to be in Karson's class. At 10:30, after Karson's class, I was back at the friends house to get Logan and take 15 minutes to make Kaiden's mayor hat. Then poor Logan and I were right back at the school at 11 for PTA stuff. We finished by 1 which was the time we had to get all the kids ready for the assembly. We finished with that in time to load our cars with scenery, props and costumes just as school was getting out. School was out so it was home for homework and to make a death certificate for the performance that night (which was awesome! stay tuned for that post!). I didn't realize I was double booked at 11 and totally forgot about something until I got a call at 4 (So sorry P!!! I'll make it up to you (: ) so then I took care of that and was off to set up for the performance at the middle school. We were home by 10.
Tuesday and Wednesday were the same story just swap out a couple activities and obligations for different ones and throw in me working those nights and my poor kids were everywhere but home and missed bedtime every night this week. I have amazing kids though who didn't complain and weren't ornery.

Obviously this is all stuff that I signed up for so please don't think I'm complaining. I love being involved with all the things I am and the awesome people I work with! We just got back from a long trip though and usually I only have a couple days a month where a million things all fall on the same day and we run like this but never all in a row.
So today my wonderful babies and I slept in and we are taking a sick day! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break: Kanab Part 2

We decided to go for an ATV ride and do some hiking. We went to the tv towers and were able to look out over the whole town. Then went to the milk bottles and did some hiking and climbing. There isn't much to say about days like those other then we run, play, laugh and Love them!

Logan, Karson and Kaiden on top of the tv towers

Karson and Kaiden climbing at the milk bottles

a bunch of the family

Kaiden, Karson and Logan
After our outing I went and took a nap and the boys went back to the zipline. That evening we had a talent show at Tim and Marcia's, an egg hunt then went back to Grandma's for dinner. Almost every single person participated in the talent show. Logan and Brooklynn were too shy and a couple adults didn't want to (me being one of them) but it was a lot of fun! Kaiden sang and Karson did some break dancing. His break dancing and all the playing he did wore him out and he passed out during the talent show. He was in such a deep sleep he missed the egg hunt! After the show we attempted some family pictures before heading back for dinner. 
Kaiden singing

Karson break dancing

Shawn and Brenda telling a story

great Grandma and Grandpa Allen dancing

Karson and some eggs the cousins brought him :)

Most of the Allen boys

Fred, the brothers and Justin

Most of the family...I hope somebody elses camera got a better one :)

Spring Break: Kanab

Back to Utah!
In case any of you weren't already convinced I married into a redneck family I am pretty sure these pictures will prove it. This is the homemade zipline made from cable and a shopping cart. And yes that is an ATV dragging the children in the shopping cart up the trees. This little homemade contraption provided hours upon hours of fun for the kids! They would STILL be riding in it this very moment if I would have let them stay :)
Logan and Eric being taken up by Grandpa and Karson
Karson and Kaiden at the bottom wanting to go again!

Up high
going up
After the kids spent a couple hours on the zipline we went on a treasure hunt following clues. The treasure ended in the zipline. Justin yanked it up high and then through Kaiden in and let him ride down with the treasure which was yummy Easter treats and bags. After the treasure hunt we loaded up in a trailer for a a "hayride".

reading one of the clues

Grandpa, Brooklynn and Logan on the hunt

the swarm trying to get the treasure as Justin gets it out of reach

Kaiden bringing down the treasure
Some of the family on the hay ride.

Spring Break: Arizona

Elder Young, Logan, Justin, RaeLene, Kaiden, Sister Young, Karson

The next two days were nice relaxing days. Thursday we took pictures before Shawn and RaeLene left then spent the rest of the day at the pool. When we were done swimming we went and found some fruit trees for the boys to pick and Logan spent a couple hours playing catch with great Grandpa.
The next day the kids played games with great Grandma and Grandpa then we went and spent some time at the temple grounds. Lastly we visited my dear friend Lynda. Lynda is the reason I survived the years I spent in Arizona. I was alone in a new place with two brand new babies while Justin was working full time and going to school full time. Lynda came and helped me with the kids and laughed uncontrollably for hours on end with me! It was so fun seeing her again! Friday night we headed to Kanab so we could be there Saturday and Sunday for the Easter festivities.

We were the only ones at the pool and spent HOURS there!

being lazy in the pool

hanging in the hot tub

picking oranges

playing catch. When the orange splattered they used animal :)

Cactus at the Mesa temple

Logan, Kaiden and Karson

Family photo at the Temple

Justin, Lynda and Me

Spring Break: Az Easter Pageant

We made it to Mesa! The Mesa temple was doing the Easter Pageant that night and RaeLene and Melanie were nice enough to sit in the heat to save us seats up front in the third row. We popped into the visitors center to say hi to great Grandma and Grandpa who were working that evening. They were so excited to see us and show off the kids! They took us to a room where some of the cast members are and we got our picture taken with them.
I had never heard of the pageant but it was AMAZING! Anyone who has the opportunity to go I would recommend do it! It was written in a way that is very informative about Christs life but was so elaborate it kept the kids interested. They are still talking about the angels and Jesus hovering in the sky. I am so grateful for the opportunity my family had to be together and be reminded of our Saviors love for us.

family photo with cast members

RaeLene and Karson at the pageant

The boys petting one of the sheep from the play

Grandma and Grandpa Allen took the kids swimming that night after the pageant. They deserved it after sitting so well on the long trip down and then so well during the play. They swam for about an hour and then finally got out to go to bed around 11ish that night.

Grandma and Granpa Allen

Grandpa towing the kids around
having fun in the pool

Spring Break: Az Then and Now

We finally made it to Arizona! We got into town by about 5:30 and had to drive right past our old home to get to Mesa so we decided to stop by. It was so cool seeing familiar streets and talking about the crazy adventures we had living there! We found our old apartments without any problem but they were a different color. A lot had changed since we lived there..

There was a tree in front of our apartment that grew sideways about 20 feet before it went up towards the sky. We always sat on that tree for pictures when family came to visit. Once the boys were big enough to stand they stood against it. Once they could walk they would walk to it, around it and even try walking up it. By the time we left they were trying to climb up the tree and looked like little Mogley's. I wanted to get a picture of them on the tree for old times sake and to see how much they have grown but the tree was gone :(. I must have a hundred different pictures of that tree with my kids and various family members so I was sad to see it gone. There is a bald spot in the grass where it was so we took a picture of the twins where it was supposed to be.

Aunt Emily with Kaiden and Karson     Karson and Kaiden where the tree was

We also went to our old apartment door and the boys did the same thing they always did when we lived there. They walked right past our door and went to the stairs! They love going up and down those stairs when they were little and I guess they still do. It was pretty cool to see Logan running up the stairs with them because when we left he was just a baby.

The boys were happy to be out of the car after that long drive and really enjoyed hearing about all the fun and the memories associated with where we were! We love Arizona, the friends we made and the things we learned as a family while we were there!

Spring Break: The Dam

Justin's grandparents are currently serving an LDS mission in Mesa, Arizona. We have been wanting to go visit them and see our old home and friends for quite some time now. Since warm weather doesn't want to stick around very long here in Utah and things have been CrAzY busy lately we decided spring break was the perfect time to finally go! So we planned a getaway to see grandparents, our old home and friends, the sun and take a break from our regular routine!

We did A LOT so I decided to break the trip up into a couple posts. I don't think I will be able to sit down and blog the whole trip at one time so this way I can do a section at a time when I have a free minute.

Here goes part 1: The Dam

The kids had never been to the dam before so we thought it would be a cool stopping point for lunch. Actually, the twins have been to the dam, several times, because when we lived in Arizona we drove back to Utah several times a year. We usually drove at night though (so that they would sleep through most of the 12 hour drive) so they don't remember ever being there.
Anyway it was pretty amazing to see the new bridge finished! It is enormous! We stopped for lunch and let the kids stretch their legs then hit the road again. When we got to the end of the dam the road we used to take was closed so we had to turn around and go back through the dam. We didn't mind because it forced us to go over the bridge which we had never done. The kids were disappointed when went over the bridge though because the edges are built up so high that you can't even tell you are on a bridge. Other then that they were pretty impressed though.

We were in Nevada by 10 and at the dam by noon!
Kaiden, Karson and Logan at the Hoover Dam
The new bridge!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We woke up Sunday morning to this....

Snow Storm!

And by Sunday after noon we were doing this...

Swimming with the palm trees!
Kelsey was being induced in Mesquite and invited me to come down so I grabbed my sister and other sister-in-law and headed down for the weekend. The drive down was snowy but the roads weren't bad and once we hit Beaver it cleared right up. We of course stopped at the deer for some pictures! I was in flip flops and freezing and we had Logan trying to take the picture. There are about 5 photo's and they are all awful! It was pretty funny though :)

I don't know what any of us are doing in this photo!

 Em was trying to hurry back after showing Logan what to do

Notice Heather in the background haha this picture is awesome!

We went to the pool Sunday and just hung out in our room until Josh got there that evening. It was so nice to be away from my regular routine and dance and laugh with Emily and Heather.

Monday Kylie and Kaleb spent the day with us while Kelsey and Josh were busy at the hospital having their baby. We went to a park first thing in the morning and played and played. I have about 100 pictures of the kids because they were so cute together. Kylie and Logan were the biggest hams and kept wanting me to take pictures of them being goofy. Kaleb took a little longer to warm up to us and then was as sweet as could be!

Kylie sliding

Kaleb and auntie Em sliding

Me attempting monkey bars...I didn't make it very far

Em ripping out the tree while Kylie helps push it

Me karate kicking the tree over

one of the Many pictures of the goof balls

After the park we grabbed some lunch and headed to the pool. We spent the rest of the afternoon there and all got burned! We all Loved the pool including Lilly!

Floaties are on and they are ready to go!
Heather and Lilly

striking a pose while trying to get a tan

FINALLY we got the call saying that Kelsey had the baby!! We bathed and fed the kids then went to see the baby that night. She was 7 lbs. 11 oz which sounds like a good hearty sized baby but She is so tiny!! She is so petite and cute! The kids were tired and getting grumpy though so we all held the baby for a minute and took a couple pictures then had to leave to get the kiddo's in bed. Luckily we were able to go back this morning before we headed out and I got to steal some more loves from my newest niece! I can't wait to see and hold her again!

Julie and Jessie

Jessica Lee Durfey
The Girls
Logan and Uncle Joshy

Three of the original 4 siblings

Logan holding his newest cousin!