Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-K Graduation

We went from this:

hiding in the back with Grandpa in 2010
To this:

hamming it up while singing in 2011

Logan has grown up so much over this past year! He LOVES to write! He can do his name excellent! He also loves to tell me what he wants to write then asks what letters to do so I tell him which letters he needs for the sentence and he can write it! 
Not only has Logan grown intellectually he was so much braver this year! Last year he refused to go up and participate in the program but this year (even though he was nervous) he did it!! He got up there and once his friends were there and they started singing he hammed it up big time!

Miss Kaarina beginning the program

We have been with Miss Kaarina for 4 years now and love her! She is such a fun and fabulous teacher! I don't know if I was more sad over the fact that Logan was leaving pre-k and growing up so fast or that I had to say goodbye to Miss Kaarina. It's going to be so strange getting used to a routine that doesn't involve going to Miss Kaarina's! Thank you Miss Kaarina!

Grandpa Shawn, Logan and Justin

While I'm giving out Thank You's I owe a BIG one to Shawn! The twins school gets out at 2:55 and Logan got out at 3:00. They were in opposite directions and there was no way I could pick them both up on time. Shawn went and got Logan for me nearly every day! Miss Kaarina gave him some recognition at graduation and gave him a treat for helping us out! I don't know what we would have done without his help! Logan loved being picked up by grandpa and the twins loved getting Logan since he was at grandpa's house and that meant seeing grandpa. My kids would say he is the best because he always has treats..I would say he is the best in spite of always having treats :) Seriously though I couldn't ask for a better father-in-law or grandpa for my kids! 
Thank you, Shawn and I love you!

Logan with his binder from the year and his gift from Miss Kaarina

happy boy


"brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?"

Thank you to everyone who came to show your love for my sweet baby bear!

Logan and Grandma Allen

David, Justin, Emily and Logan

Grandma, Great Grandma, Granpa, Great Grandpa Durfey and Logan

Mom, Dad and Logan after Graduation 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Logan: "EEEWWWWWWW. That looks gross. Is that dinner?"
Me: "Yes. This is dinner and you are going to eat it"
Logan: "It looks like blood is in it (pointing to Catalina) Is it really blood?? And what's the white stuff?" (pointing to some mayo)
Me: "Yep that's blood. The white stuff is squished up eyeballs"
Logan: "Cool! Did you know Shrek eats eyeballs??"
Me: "Wow I didn't know that."
Logan: "Yep cuz he's a yogurt!"

Ogre...Yogurt...I guess they kinda sound the same haha.
Oh, for those of you who were wondering, he did in fact eat the dinner and he liked it! 
Thank you Shrek the yogurt!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pirate Party

At our house on the odd years the kids get to have a friend party and the even years we do a big family shindig. This year was the twins 7th birthday so they got to have a friend party. They each got to pick 3 or 4 friends from school to invite and we decided on a pirate theme.

I thought it would be fun to send them on a treasure hunt but before they could go treasure hunting they needed to become pirates. Sooo we started with "pin the patch on the pirate" game. They all did pretty well and earned the first thing a pirate needs...a patch for themselves! Look at all those cute scary pirate faces! :)

Pin the Patch on the Pirate game

"Arrr! Show me your mean pirate faces!"

The next thing every good pirate needs for a treasure hunt is of course a sword! So we all got a sword and put names and jewels on them.

Decorating the swords
More decorating

Once we had our patches and our swords we noticed there was a treasure map! Now that we looked like pirates we were ready for the hunt! The map sent the boys to different places in the house and out back. They found gold coins along the way. The last clue before the X was the slide and they didn't know where to go from there so they had to pay me some of their gold to get the last clue. They walked the 15 paces from the tree towards the house and found the treasure box "buried" (sitting in the window well) and "dug" (pulled) it up.

The map

The Treasure Box

Looking for the treasure box

Found it! Hoisting it up!

Excitedly getting the rope off

Opening the box

Pulling out all the loot!

What the inside looked like

Inside the goody bags: 7 gold coins, spyglass, pencil, compass, mug, pirate paddle ball, pirate party blower, tattoo's, jewels and thank you card

All that treasure hunting worked up an appetite so we had some pirate ship cake.

The cake

singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles

After cake we opened presents. They got some cool stuff and were thrilled with everything they got! After presents we played "coin coin who has the coin?" (same as button button except we used a gold coin instead of a button), tug o war, drew some chalk outlines on the driveway and decorated them as pirates.

After a couple different teams Justin took them all on :)

Making chalk pirates while we wait for parents.

The boys were thrilled and I loved watching all those funny pirates have fun! Happy 7th Birthday to my Karsoroni and Kai-bug!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Running with Angels

It was that time of year again! The annual Running with Angels 5k was this Saturday. I did not train at all for this race (I'll be paying for it in the morning) so keeping that in mind I was actually pleasantly surprised with my time (even though it was my worst time in a race to date). It was a gorgeous day and there were some awesome people who ran this year but unfortunately my camera was dead so I didn't get any pictures at the race :(.
This was my second time running this particular race. Just like all the other races we've done I had to decorate my shirt. Last year Team Sheldon put wings on our shirts to represent Jenni's angel, Sheldon. I also put a bird on my shirt (which I do all my race shirts now) to represent one of my hero's and the person who inspired me to run my first race, Jenni Bird. Then we add the finishing touches: rhinestones, glitter and sequins :) Here was last years shirts:


This year I wanted to run for Carter. I asked one of my oldest and favoritest friends (who is Carter's mommy) if she would run it with me and she agreed! I packed up my glitter and rhinestones and headed over so we could decorate our shirts :) This year in addition to wings and a bird I put orange blocks with Carter John Chipmans initials in them.


This years race was held on what would have been Carter's 11 month birthday! The sun came out and the skies were blue for the first time in days (possibly weeks)! There were orange flowers everywhere! I think my friend summed it up best. She said "this years race was meant for Carter...they just didn't know it" and I couldn't agree more!

To my oldest favoritest friend-
Thanks for having a sleepover with me the night before the race! Thanks for singing Pocket full of sunshine to the demise of your shorts with me ;)! Thanks for glitterfying shirts with me! Thanks for doing the race with me! Thanks for your friendship!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for Change!

I decided it was time for some change that I have control over.....ssooo look what I did....

That's right I CUT my hair! Well technically Jenni cut my hair..but regardless as to who did the actual cutting it was a BIG change!
Here is a picture taken Sunday..

And here is one from Thursday right before the cut..

My dye was faded and turning copper. The roots were grown out and because it was so long and I didn't have time to do much with it, it was usually just hanging down lifelessly or in a pony. It was driving me crazy! I talked to Jenni and said I wanted a big change. We talked about some ideas she had and then I let her go at it!

Here is my new hair..

And here is the back/side view..

Definitely a change! And the best part is it's a positive non life changing change that I had some say in (that and I'm going to save some serious bucks on shampoo lol).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

7 Years Old!

I can't believe my little twinlets are 7 years old today! They are so big and so smart and so sweet and so funny and....oh was I having one of those mommy bragging moments that could go on forever?...I think you get the idea though..they are amazing!

I remember, right after they were born, people telling me that "time fly's by so cherish every moment". Justin and I moved to Arizona (where we knew not one single person) when they were just 6 weeks old. Justin was working full time and going to school full time so I was alone with these two little boys. Being a first time mom, with twins, far away from friends and family was not easy to say the least and I remember thinking one night while feeding babies "time fly's by....Ya right!" I didn't think I would ever sleep again and time was anything but "flying by". Of course eventually I was able to sleep again and before I knew it my twins were 1 year old! Now I feel like I don't want to sleep because that means another day will have to go and they are just going by WAY to fast these days! It really is flying by and I wish I could slow it down!

Happy Birthday Karson and Kaiden!! I am so thankful to be your mom! I love you more and more each speedily passing day!!