Thursday, June 30, 2011

Motorcycle Mirror

Logan: "Um Dad...You know how Real motorcycles have mirrors?"
Dad: "yeah"
Logan: "Well I decided to put a mirror on my motorcycle bike to make it real like Grandpa's"

And that is precisely what he had done! He took a truck mirror laying around in Justin's shop and got it to stay on his bike. It's so giant I can't believe he is able to ride with it on there but he did such a good job installing it we let him keep it :)

Logan and his REAL motorcycle and mirror :)

The mirror is bigger then his little head!

trying to read the "objects in mirror may be closer then they appear" caption

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Dad caught on fire!"

Tuesday night is boys night at our house. That is the night that Justin and Shawn work on Paul's stuff while I work and RaeLene is at the temple.
I was only gone about an hour and came home to this:

Karson: "Mom! Dad caught on fire!"
Me: "WHAT???"
Karson: "Ya, he caught on fire and I saved him"

He said that he saved him so matter of factly and then just walked off it was kinda funny. I looked at Justin who then showed me where he was on fire. I asked how Karson saved him and here is what he and Shawn told me:

Justin was under the truck welding or something and Shawn was sitting beside the truck. It's really windy today and Shawn smelled something burning so he looked in the direction of where the wind was blowing and thought he saw a little black piece of paper burning (that was actually part of Justin's shorts that blew away) thinking he found what was burning and seeing it was burning out and wasn't a problem he was going to get back to working when Karson came over and very calmly said: " did you know your on fire?" Shawn sprung into action and slapped the fire out! Karson kind of laughed and said "I saved your life!" Kaiden said "Mom is going to kill you!" then all the boys walked away laughing and went back to playing! haha!

I asked how he didn't feel it and he showed me that he is in cargo shorts and it lit the pocket on fire so it burned through the first layer and then the second and he was starting to feel the heat when Shawn slapped it. Karson noticed it just in time so that his leg didn't get burned!

See the 2 layers it burned through and then his skin in the center
Once again I learned it's sometimes best NOT to ask why the kids love being babysat by Dad and Grandpa so much haha :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What did you do today?

I LOVE days like these! I spent the entire day outside with my boys and we were so productive!
We started the day by turning a pine tree into a palm tree (the pictures will explain haha) then cutting it down. Once it was down we had the kids load all the limbs and the trunk into the trailer so we can haul it to the dump. 

Justin trimming it before cutting the trunk down

By the time he was ready to cut it down it looked like a palm tree!

While the kids did that the hubby and I loaded wheel barrow after wheel barrow full of rocks. We have this area in our front yard with some nice curbing and the people before us decided to cover all the pretty flowers with rocks! Then it filled up with weeds and was so ugly! How do I know there used to be flowers there? Well while removing all the rocks we found 7 different tags for gorgeous flowers that must have been planted there at some point. We finally got the entire thing emptied and tilled it up to look nice. Now I need some mulch and flowers and it will be beautiful! 

Still needs some work but is already looking MUCH better!

We trimmed our roses and trees (both out front and out back...we have a lot of trees) and gave the bushy tree against our house a shave (I didn't take pic.s of All the trees we trimmed). Then of course had to put that mess into the trailer as well.  The kids were such awesome helpers all morning we decided to take them for ice cream while we did our grocery shopping.

The tree that got a shave

a few of the roses that got a trim

Our full trailer (before the sod was put in)

When we got back while Justin worked on a truck with Shawn the boys and I played with the slip n slide (Justin took a few breaks to come and play with us too hehe).

They work hard and they play hard!



After our little break we went and got a load of dirt (for our tire potatoes which are growing wonderfully btw!) then decided to put in our firepit. We decided to put the pit where the tree used to be so we had to dig up the grass which was extra hard since there were a lot of roots from the tree that used to be there but we finally got it all dug up. Then we had to lay all the bricks and then put in the ring. What did we do with all that sod? Yep you guessed it that went to the already full trailer as well! It was a lot of hard work but we did it together and laughed along the way!

The boys workin hard on the fire pit

the mostly finished pit

We are so excited to try it out!

It is so nice to finally get some projects done that have been put off and feel like you accomplished so much in one day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

So this post is SUPER late! I was just putting some pictures from Lagoon on my computer (Lagoon post coming soon!) and ran across these photo's.
I grew up in good old Kearns. Each year the town does the Annual Taste of Kearns which is basically where various school clubs can showcase their talents and raise money. School choirs, dance groups and bands perform. Art is displayed and the Kearns Royalty are there with autographed crowns to give out. The fire department, neighborhood watch programs and the police all come out and show off their cool equipment and give the kids things. Local businesses come out as well and to top it all off you get a free hot dog, chips and drink! Sounds awesome, right? Okay so maybe a free hot dog doesn't necessarily warrant the word awesome BUT if nothing else it's tradition :). So to sum up its a festival type thing at Kearns High School that the whole community is invited to. 
Anyway I have been going to it for as long as I can remember and performing with my dance group. Then I graduated and move to Arizona and had forgotten all about it. When I moved back my little sister mentioned she was going and I had to go! I of course called up my best friend from school to see if she would go with and she of course said yes! We've gone the past 3 or 4 years now together and always have so much fun!! Here are a couple pictures from the past few Taste of Kearns adventures :)

Linds, me and our circus of children in 2008 at Taste of Kearns

Lindsay's fam, My fam, Em and David at Taste of Kearns 2009

with the chopper 2009

getting ready to take off

It's gone!

The boys with the paramedic stuff 2009
And now here are a few of the pictures that I came across from this years Taste of Kearns.

Em, Me, Lin-z

Em showing her fireman strength...Logan not so amused

Running from the police
We wanted the officer to cuff us but he said he didn't want to show up on facebook and get in trouble haha

Logan wanting to be goofy like his mama

Laying on the stretcher

We tried to be sneaky and snap a photo...but I think he knew haha
Look who was there! Mr.......I can only remember his nickname...Pumpkin Head...anyway all you folks from junior year physics will appreciate this picture! ;)


Karson and Kaiden do this every year! They love this kind of stuff and this is the one time of year its free so we make sure to go if for nothing else the free rock climbing wall! Karson made it to the very top this year!! Kaiden almost did but ran out of time. Next time for sure he will!
Isn't it great to feel like a kid?! And isn't it great to enjoy things you did as a kid with your kids?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

They say a picture says a thousand I would have to agree and I will let the pictures do all the talking..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun Fathers Day Weekend!

My awesome in-laws planned a family weekend down at the cabin in Delta. The cabin is one of our favorite places in the world so we were all so excited! The rest of the family went down Thursday night so they could play all day Friday and Saturday but we decided to go down Friday (since Justin gets off work early anyway) and play Friday evening and all day Saturday.
We got there just in time for dinner so we hauled our bags in, ate and then the kids hopped on the 4-wheelers and road the rest of the evening! We finally got them off of them long enough for Grandma to show them a cool project she made at scout camp. She made some water bottle holders out of socks and carabiners and let the kids make some so they could have water with them for the weekend while they hiked or played. The weather was nice and calm and it was nice to finally be at the cabin and relax while the kids had fun.

Almost Family photo in the Rhino

Making their water bottle holders

showing off their new accessory with grandma

Karson ready to go

Kaiden ready to go

Saturday was a busy fun day! Of course the first thing the boys did was hop on the 4-wheelers and ride for a while. The twins decided they wanted to take a break and go fishing so while they and Justin did that Me, Logan, RaeLene, Brooklynn, Maren, Em and Nathan went for a walk up the big hill. On the way down the backside when we were heading back towards the cabin Shawn came and picked up the kids and took them for a ride.

The boys went back to try to help Brooklynn haha

Hitching a ride back to the cabin

It was so nice and warm outside and Shawn wanted to take the fishing boat out on the water so we decided to take the wave runners too. The kids, RaeLene and I all went on a ride in the boat and Shawn was our captain. We only got stuck once but were able to push ourselves out. Shawn taught Karson how to drive the boat and let him drive us for a minute. Karson loved it but scared the heck out of me! haha! The boys and Maren all took turns getting a ride on the wave runner then Shawn and RaeLene took a turn. Justin took me out on a quick trip too but we were all being eaten by mosquito's so badly we decided to head back after an hour or two on the water.

Kaiden, Brooklynn, Logan, Karson and Maren all hanging out on the boat!

The boys on the boat and Justin on the wave runner

The girls on the boat

heading out

going through the marsh and weeds

They LOVED it!

Karson and Kaiden

Brooklynn and Logan

Logan and Nathan

Nathan and Kaiden

Karson and Nathan

Shawn and RaeLene

Shawn driving like a wild man

Karson learning to drive from Grandpa

doing it on his own

We headed back, ate some lunch and let whoever wanted a nap take one. The boys played UNO with Grandma and helped shuck some corn. After an hour or so inside they were ready to ride again! By 3 or 4 in the afternoon they were all pretty hot again and wanted to swim so we went down to the Gunnison reservoir and let the kiddo's swim and play. We had a mud ball fight, buried each others legs, wrote messages in the sand and splashed in the water!

Karson, Kaiden and Logan

Karson buried to be shorter then his brothers

Kaiden being pulled from where his legs were buried

Our message for Carter. We still think of him daily and miss him dearly!

All that playing worked up an appetite so we went back to the cabin and had some yummy dinner! After dinner can you guess what we did? Yep we rode AGAIN! We lurred the kids off the wheelers with the bribe of S'mores :) They enjoyed the smores then Grandma brought out another surprise and gave the kids water gun type things. She gave them to the kids so they could extinguish the fire from the smores but it quickly turned into a water fight! After soaking each other they turned their attention to Grandpa up on the deck and surprised him good! The sun was going down so they got chilly and headed in to a nice warm bath. They made some crafts grandma brought for them, played some games with Justin then called it a day.

The boys out riding

Still going

Justin showing off

Family photo

Making S'mores

Grandma giving the kids their new toy!

spraying each other...notice Grandpa standing innocently on the deck

still soaking each other

Surprise! They got him!

Shawn trying to hide behind the post

Logan getting dunked

Karson getting dunked

Logan's airplane and bug
Logan showing me his crafts he made

Sunday we gave Justin and Shawn their Fathers Day gifts and then loaded up and headed back. Justin had a great Fathers Day and we all had a Great weekend! The kids are always so sad to go and are already asking when we get to go back :). I hope all the other Dad's out there had a Great Fathers Day weekend as well!