Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Dad caught on fire!"

Tuesday night is boys night at our house. That is the night that Justin and Shawn work on Paul's stuff while I work and RaeLene is at the temple.
I was only gone about an hour and came home to this:

Karson: "Mom! Dad caught on fire!"
Me: "WHAT???"
Karson: "Ya, he caught on fire and I saved him"

He said that he saved him so matter of factly and then just walked off it was kinda funny. I looked at Justin who then showed me where he was on fire. I asked how Karson saved him and here is what he and Shawn told me:

Justin was under the truck welding or something and Shawn was sitting beside the truck. It's really windy today and Shawn smelled something burning so he looked in the direction of where the wind was blowing and thought he saw a little black piece of paper burning (that was actually part of Justin's shorts that blew away) thinking he found what was burning and seeing it was burning out and wasn't a problem he was going to get back to working when Karson came over and very calmly said: "Um...dad did you know your on fire?" Shawn sprung into action and slapped the fire out! Karson kind of laughed and said "I saved your life!" Kaiden said "Mom is going to kill you!" then all the boys walked away laughing and went back to playing! haha!

I asked how he didn't feel it and he showed me that he is in cargo shorts and it lit the pocket on fire so it burned through the first layer and then the second and he was starting to feel the heat when Shawn slapped it. Karson noticed it just in time so that his leg didn't get burned!

See the 2 layers it burned through and then his skin in the center
Once again I learned it's sometimes best NOT to ask why the kids love being babysat by Dad and Grandpa so much haha :)