Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just an Update

It's been a long time...or at least it feels like it but maybe because so much has happened in the past couple weeks. 

I guess I'll start with the biggest news. I got a job! Well another job. I have been working with my BF for her mom for an hour a couple nights a week for about 8 months now. It's great because really you can't get much more part time than that, I work with friends and the hour or so I'm gone the kids get to hang out and have guy time with their dad. But now that my sweet little bear is going to be starting Kindergarten I decided to try to find a part time job in the mornings a couple days a week. Much to my surprise I actually got the first job I applied for! It's a Hallmark Merchandiser position and is extremely part time. I was told I'd work twice a week between 6-12 hours a week. It sounds perfect!
Well when I sat the kids down to tell them my exciting news Karson cried and the other two were less than enthusiastic. It broke my heart! I forgot how scary change can be to a child...heck it's scary to an adult! Once I explained to Karson and Kaiden that I would only work a couple days, that it would be while they were at school and I could still come volunteer in class and pick them up and be with them after school every day they were feeling better about it. Then I thought about Logan and realized that he only goes to school from 8:15-11:00. Meaning by the time I get to my work I have less then 2 hours before I have to be heading back to pick Logan up. Whoops! 
I have two locations and one of them is one of the biggest accounts in my region (yikes!) It is a lot more responsibility then I anticipated and in my head it was like a 9-noon type gig but in reality it's quite a bit more. I'm working from about 8:30-2ish and could have to work full days occasionally. I'm not sure how that's going to work with everything we have going and am starting to think I should have waited until Logan was in 1st grade to look for something like this. But I'm going to give it a go for a couple months and see if we can make it work. 

The next big thing is Kaiden starts Soccer! We decided to go through a youth league rather then a rec center. He has his first practice on Wednesday and his first game on Saturday. He is so excited! Karson still hasn't decided if he wants basketball or coach pitch baseball so once he does we can get him signed up somewhere. Logan wants flag football but can't do it until 1st grade so I'm trying to talk him into something else.

We have started getting ready for school which starts on the 29th. The kids got their backpacks a couple days ago and we are going clothes shopping next week sometime. I officially take over the books as PTA Treasurer in a week or two and will also be co-fundraiser chair so I have been racking my mind trying to think of a good name for our school fundraiser this coming year (any suggestions?? we're doing a fun run/5k). 

Other then that we've been trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can before summer ends. I can feel the chaos of an extremely busy year coming and am wondering where the summer has gone (that and how I'm going to juggle everything we have going!)! I love having the boys home and can't believe how fast this summer has gone by!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pioneer Day

Me and my boys

One of the many reasons I love living here in Utah is the bonus holiday we get to celebrate. The 24th of July is Pioneer Day! Banks shut down, we get work off and there are all kinds of festivities going on like a rodeo, parade and fireworks! 
During the summer I'm always looking for fun things to do with the kids and when they are free that's even better! Today we went to the parade float preview and saw ALL the floats that will be in the parade on the 24th!

Can you see what those books are??

Guess what he's holding!

Only in Utah is there a float with a Book of Mormon, a missionary getting his call and pioneer handcarts and wagons are a common theme :) I love our heritage and history and I love the wonderful people that live here!

The tires spin and smoke!

the headlights work

The bunny pops in and out of the hole
Dragon float

Breathes water and steam

Catches and releases the fish

So many of the floats have some awesome special effects this year! Karson and Kaiden loved the car float that sang "pioneer children sang as they walked" and the tires on an old car burned out smoking :) The other favorite of theirs was the dragon that spewed them. Almost all of the floats had something that moved or did something! There are some seriously creative people in the state of Utah!

Look at my little cowboy in his boots next to the giant float boots!

My little bear with the bucking horse and cowboy

Karsoroni and Bear being goofy

Kaiden letting the honey drip on him :) He's so silly

Logan's favorite was the cowboy float! He wanted a picture next to every piece of it haha! When I asked them if they had a second favorite they couldn't decide because they were all so good!

After all the floats I let the boys get their faces painted. Then they each got a balloon sword. 




2 Spiderman eyes and a Black Widow

All the cute faces!
Now we just have to wait for the actual parade and then my other favorite thing about July...fireworks!!
OH and I almost forgot! Guess who we saw cruising around checking out the floats???

"Santa in Summer"

That's right! Santa was there haha!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Midnight Run!

Modeling my new awesome T-shirt!

The Legacy Midnight Run was Friday night and it is my new favorite! Here is the 411 on the midnight run. The half marathon started at 10:00, the 10k started at 11:00 and the 5k started at 11:30. Glow sticks were included and the goal was to beat the clock and be back by midnight.

showing off our freshly painted shirts!

The boys loved painting!

Logan, mama, Karson and Kaiden

We decided to paint our shirts with glow in the dark paint and they looked so cool! I tried to get a picture of them glowing but it wouldn't work so you'll just have to take my word. The kids thought it was so cool that I let them do their own and they loved it!

Ready to go!

Being silly on the way to the race

The race was Friday night and I made the mistake of once again not training. On top of that I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday and had just started feeling better. That being said though it was still one of the most fun races I have ever done! Once we got about a 1/2 a mile into the race and were past all the businesses and lights it was so cool seeing only an occasional outline of a tree or other shadowy shapes and then bright glowing things moving! I wish I had my camera with me while I was running to capture it! 

Me, Dani, Jenni and Emily

crazy picture of our glowsticks

The start and finish line

The last stretch

Justin was my photographer and the boys not only stayed awake but even cheered for me! They were such troopers. I was able to run the whole thing but definitely paid for it the next day when I couldn't walk up the stairs haha (one day hopefully I'll learn to train once I sign up for a race). Everyone finished and we had some yummy fruit, P.B & J sandwiches and stretched! We waited for our results and ate some icecream sandwiches then called it a night and went home.

eating my yummy food

The run was held at the Legacy Highway trail down in Farmington. We left at about 1:30 AM so the kids fell asleep within 5 minutes...Emily made it about 20 minutes and fell asleep too :). It was a great race with some awesome people though! I'll Definitely be doing it again next year!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lasagna and Spagetti

I have been known to be quite the carbivore...or carbaholic or whatever you want to call it. The fact is I LOVE carbs! All of them! And now I found a way to combine my love of carbs into a dessert...kinda. For dinner last night we had carb loaded cheesy Lasagna with carb looking Spagetti and Meatball CupCakes! Of course it wasn't real spagetti and meatballs but it looked awesome and tasted even better. I am taking them to a party tonight and the cupcake recipe made enough that we were able to try a few last night. It was fantastic if I do say so myself! :) 
Click HERE to see more pictures of our delicious dessert!

Dinner and Dessert

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

Logan, Kaid and Karson showing off their sweet sunglasses

My baby boys and I in our flag shirts
Every 4th of July begins with a parade! And lets be honest, ANY day that has a parade is a good day! The boys made some cute little bags to put their candy in and we got some new sunglasses for them. The day was overcast so we didn't end up needing the glasses but it made the weather Perfect for being outside! Not too hot and not too bright! I didn't get many pictures of the parade this year (I wasn't feeling 100%) but it was great! There were floats, bands, sports teams, highschool royalty's, businesses and candy!

Karson and his parade bags

Kaiden's parade bags

Logan decorating his bags

Cute kids waiting for the parade to start!

One of the cute floats

another float

waiting patiently for some candy..they filled both bags btw :)

Grandma Allen brought some paint with her and painted the kids faces! They loved it! Then Justin decided to get in on the action and asked his mom to make his mustache and beard look like a flag :).

Karson asked for a flag on each cheek

Kaiden asked for stars in a blue sky and a firework

Logan asked for a flag

Justin's turn

All done!

Logan wanted a mustache like dad

Silly boys
After the parade we went to my sister-in-laws for lunch. All the food was red, white and blue! We had some blue chips with red salsa, blue cottage cheese salad, strawberry's, watermelon and RaeLene made the cutest layered red, white and blue jello (I wish I got a picture)! I remembered Emily telling me we were having sandwiches, chips and fruit so at the last minute I decided to make some hamburger cupcakes. You gotta have a burger on the 4th so why not a burger cupcake? They turned out super cute and were very yummy!
(Click HERE to see how to make them)

Logan and Brooklynn being silly waiting for lunch

Hamburger Cupcakes

Justin bouncing some of the kiddo's after lunch

Henry was so funny and cute but did not like the trampoline :)
My favorite part of the holiday is fireworks! The past couple years we have gone to the West Jordan park to watch them but this year we realized if we walk to the school at the end of our street and sit on the grass we could see the fireworks right above us as well as if we were at the park. The biggest perk to watching practically from our house is that we walked right home and were able to avoid the crazy traffic down at the park! This year was the first year that the big fireworks that shoot up in the air were legal for non professionals so we were completely surrounded by giant fireworks last night and it was awesome! We also had a few of our own fireworks (not the giant ones) and some sparklers that were fun. Then the kids camped out back with the cover off the tent so they could see any fireworks going off and loved it!

showing off his sparkler

loving the sparklers

watching our private firework show :)

One of our favorites

look at that cute pyro technician 

More fireworks

sparklers at night




West Jordan fireworks

notice the perfect clearing in the trees to see

lots of different colors

Other people figured out the secret too and showed up just in time to see the show

Big one
lots of different shapes and designs this year

part of the finale