Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 3 lb. Sasquatch that took down my mom...

 That is quite the title for a post but this is quite the story! I have had a lot of people asking what exactly happened and rather then re-telling the story or messaging it a million times I decided to post it for all who are curious to see. 

After piecing together what my mom, Rojer and the neighbor have all said this is the story to the best of my knowledge.

At 2:00 AM Saturday morning my mom decided to take Maggie and Otis (her dogs) for a walk. She was shutting her front door slowly so she wouldn't wake Rojer. An unleashed and unsupervised chihuahua came running up the stairs (probably to sniff my moms dogs) and ran through her legs knocking her off balance. Then ran back through her legs from behind and tripped her. She fell down a full flight a stairs to the cement (she lives on the 2nd floor). She says she did a somersault and then rolled the rest of the way down. Then she tried to sit up and the top of her leg shifted one direction and the bottom shifted a different way. She looked down and realized the bone had broken the skin. Luckily (if there is any luck in this story) there was a neighbor (not the chihuahua owner but a different one) out walking her dogs and she saw the whole thing! She yelled for my mom not to move as she rushed to her and saw that my mom was trying to sit up. The neighbor went and got Rojer who came down and they covered the wound with rags to stop the bleeding and stop my mom from seeing it. At some point she passed out from loss of blood and they were worried she ruptured her spleen. She was taken by ambulance and they determined she didn't rupture any organs and then focused on the leg.

The bone broke the skin causing about a 3 inch cut. They cleaned the bones off and cut the gap further so they could clean inside the leg well. Then they pulled out the shattered pieces of bone that were unfixable. Then reconnected ligments and used fiberwire to put it all together. They closed up her leg with 22 staples. She also had a swollen arm, bumps on her head and basically her whole body is a bruise. She can't start trying to bend her leg at all for a couple weeks (everything needs time to reattach and heal) and then she has 8-12 months physical therapy and rehabilitation. She is being transferred to a rehabilitation center today where they are working on getting her mobile enough to go home. Then she will do therapy at home 3 times a week.

So that is how the little 3 lb chihuahua took down my mom. It sounds absolutely ridiculous so my mom is joking that we should change the story to be that Sasquatch came and pushed her down the stairs haha. We're hoping for a speedy recovery and appreciate all the well wishes!

elbow on day 3 when swelling went down..this was the size of a grapefruit

her wrapped but swollen broken leg

VERY swollen leg, ankle and foot

The not broken leg covered in bruises

first time out of bed. She can't put any weight on her broken leg and has to hop

 ********WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO********

Day 4 they finally unwrapped her leg for the first time to clean it and look at it. She doesn't have much of a knee cap but it is still pretty swollen.

22 Staples


  1. Holy cow Julie. This is my story of how I broke my ankle minus the dog. I just slipped on laundry but managed to do the same thing.

  2. Oh my heavens...I hope she recovers well.

  3. Bradley was fascinated by this, as you might imagine. He guessed what happened before you even said what it was. :)

    Hope your mom recovers quickly and listens to her physical therapist so she can be as close to "good as new" as possible!