Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Grown Up Get-a-way!

I LOVE roadtrips! And roadtrips with awesome friends are the best!!

Carters 1 year angel-versary was Sept. 18. We knew it would be a tough day. While talking about it, Lindsay and I decided to plan a trip with the hubby's and NO kids to get away, occupy her mind and try to laugh and smile as much as possible!
She picked Las Vegas! And really what better place could she have picked?? It's filled with lights, distractions and is totally out of touch with reality :) We made our plans, loaded up and left Friday afternoon! We hit a lot of rain but other then that didn't have any real problems on the trip and made it just fine. Our hotel had a giant cowboy out front so I got a picture for my Logi-Bear :)

Day shot

night shot

Saturday morning we went to the Las Vegas, Nevada Temple. It was such a great way to start off the weekend and I'm so happy we went. Given the reason we were in Vegas I think it was especially special to go to the temple that weekend.

Las Vegas, Nevada Temple

After the Temple we went to the Olive Garden for some delicious lunch. Once we were done there we hit the strip! First stop was Excalibur so we could by tickets for the Tournament of Kings show that evening, then walked clear to the Venetian hitting everything in between (Cesars, Bellagio, New Yorker, M&M World...and a bunch more that I can't think of at the moment) then circled back to Excalibur in time for our dinner show at 8:30.

mine and Lindsays pretty drinks

me and my hubby enjoying our weekend

Girls camp flashback: "what ya doing?" "sitting on an invisible log"

This is a marble bench...that I broke...Lindsay did not break anything..but did get yelled at :)

Notice the sign..

My dad will be so proud to see this! Me and Wax Indiana!

Justin admiring the Jelly bean Statue of Liberty

Watching the M&M World 3D movie

My kids think I'm the coolest person ever because of this photo!

Tournament of Kings dinner

Lindsay photo bombing me haha

We were Ireland!

I may have been a little slap happy!

Lindsay was pretty slap happy too!!

I don't typically stay up past 10:00. I'm a mom and need to sleep when and as much as I can. I learned this weekend that when I stay up later I get very slap happy! As does Lindsay! Together we can't breathe due to extreme laughter!

Sunday we didn't have any real plans. We talked about going to the wax museum we had passed but decided on an amusement park at Circus Circus instead. It was a GREAT decision! There was a giant roller coaster with loops, a rocket type ride (like at Lagoon), The disco (that nearly made Lindsay puke), probably 10 or 15 other rides and Bumper Cars! The roller Coaster was great because Lindsay kept shutting her eyes and the force of the loop would push her head down so all her pictures looked like she was sleeping haha! It was so funny! We rode that thing over and over trying different poses each time for the photo :) Then we spent a good hour (maybe longer!) on the bumper cars. A 10 year old fell in love with me and Justin had a feud going with a couple of the little kids. We were laughing so hard the entire time! I wish I had pictures of the amusement park but I put the camera in a locker so it wouldn't get broken.
The other thing we did Sunday was go to a buffet. You HAVE to eat a buffet while in Vegas and we all ate about 5 plates of food :) When I went to get dessert I had to have two people help me carry everything!
After lunch we went back to the amusement park for an hour or so and waited for my brother who decided to pop by for a second to see us since we were kinda close to his house.

Bumper Cars

ALL that dessert is MINE! haha :)


Kelsey, Kaleb, Justin, Kylie, Julie, Jessy, Josh

While visiting with my brother we watched the Atlantis show at Cesars. We said our goodbyes and decided to go swimming since it was so hot! While at the pool we did some planking and some synchronized swimming!

Our beautifully choreographed dance

Our not so synchronized dancing

grand finale!

Justin Planking

Julie Planking

Lindsay Planking

PJ realizing you can't plank on a tiny pole

PJ Planking on 2 poles

Justin gave owling a try

photo re-make. If only you knew the history behind this pose :)

another re-make gonna have to find the originals from 10+ years ago and do a side by side :)

After swimming we went back to the strip and saw the fountains at the Bellagio then walked some more. OH and we saw something I've never seen! My husband is a tall man! He is roughly 6' 3" and is generally the tallest person in most settings. We saw somebody who wasn't just taller then him but actually made him look small!! It was crazy! I made him walk up next to him so we could get a picture haha.
Bellagio Fountains

Justin looking short for the first time in his life

Monday we packed up and headed back to reality. It was so nice getting away and laughing so much! It was much needed and much deserved after making it through such a tough year! I absolutely love spending time with Lindsay and her family and am so lucky to have had such a great friend for so long!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day...late

We had a nice relaxing Labor Day Weekend and then I forgot to post the pictures. The boys got to spend time with LOTS of cousins. Well kind of...technically they are Justins cousins but they are our kids age. Justin was the first grandchild on both sides and has uncles that are only a couple years older then him. In fact his aunt is actually 2 or 3 years younger. So he was raised with his aunts and uncles being like siblings and now they all have kids and we just tell all the kids they are all cousins because that is easier. Now that we've all had a mini genealogy lesson we can move on. :)
Jeremiah and Jamie invited everyone up for some fun on Saturday. Ordinarily we would have gone up Friday like we usually do when we go play with them and spent the night but Kaiden had a Soccer game Saturday so we went up right after the game. We LOVE spending time with Jeremiah and Jamie and wish they lived closer so we could do it more often. Here are a couple pictures from Saturday.

Not all the cousins could make it but there was a pretty good turn out

The water slide!

Logan LOVES that thing!

Kaiden had so much fun rolling around in this thing :)

pushing it up the slide

and rolling down in it

Justin showed off his hurdling skills to Brenda

hanging out while the kiddos play in the water

Another cousin picture with the temple in the back ground

Logan getting dunked

Eric getting dunked

We've visited the site every time we visit and seen the progress

May 2011 Brigham City Temple

September 2011 Brigham City Temple

Sunday we got to spend the day with Lilly. She went to church with us and did great! She loved all the attention she got and was happy as could be.
Monday we did some things around the house, went for a little redneck stroll, visited Grandma and Grandpa Allen and relaxed together as a family.

Lilly Loves playing with the boys and look at how happy she was when Logan gave her his animal!

she was so fascinated by the water coming out haha
Logan getting a ride



even I got a ride :)

It was great to have a weekend free from chaos and spend time as a family accomplishing some things and relaxing.