Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Saturday Halloween Fun

Halloween isn't until Monday and we've already had Candy, Cupcakes, a Chili cook off and parties! Saturday was filled with all kinds of festivities and here are some pictures of the fun we had.

Pumpkin cupcake

Spider cupcake

Witch hat and hair cupcake

All the cute cupcakes I made

I made some yummy cupcakes for the boys to decorate and did some myself to give to my nieces at the Halloween party.

We had a delicious breakfast at grandma and grandpas house and after breakfast played some fun games!
The first game was to turn the daddy's into mummy's. I'm not sure if the kids thought mummifying them was the best part or if the toilet paper fight that came after was their favorite but either way they all LOVED that game!

starting at the top

working their way down

dad the mummy with Kaid, Kar and Logan

toilet paper fight!

They loved this part!

having so much fun.
After the mummy's they played a Halloween Bingo then made a spider web with yarn and a spider out of a pine cone to go on the web.

Playing Bingo. Kaiden won first

making the yarn web

Even Grandpa helped make the web

more web making

setting down the web and stepping out

the kids cool spider web

Karsons spider

Kaidens spider

Logans spider

Brooklynn wanted to make sure I got a picture of hers too :)

putting the spiders on the web

playing with the spiders and web

Justin having fun with left over spider legs

Justins reindeer :)

Logan and Brooklynn such good friends

Look at all those smiles! The party must have been a success!
After our family party we had our ward party. There was a chili cook off, some games in different rooms and then the trunk or treat. The food was great, the games were fun, costumes were awesome and everyone was happy so it was another success!

Karson the vampire


Kaiden being so serious as batman


Logan the pirate

Logi bear

My Halloween boys

trunk or treating

Look at those cute cousins! Tinkerbell, a pirate, Batman and a Vampire

Grandpa and Grandma Allen and the grandkids
Now for all the fun of Halloween day! Hope everyone has fun and safe Halloween night!
Guess Who's Home??

Great Grandpa, Kaid, Great Grandma, Logan and Karson

This photo was taken back in the spring of 2010 right before Elder and Sister Young left for their mission in Mesa, Arizona.

Karson, Great Grandpa, Logan, Great Grandma and Kaiden

And this photo was taken last Sunday after they reported home. We were all happy to see them again!

Logan's First Tooth!

My baby lost his very first tooth! Look at that itty bitty tooth in his hand and that hole in his mouth! You can ignore the sloppy joe on his face though haha. He is working pretty hard to keep up with his brothers because this is way sooner than his brothers lost their first! I can't believe he lost a tooth already! He is so proud of it! The toothfairy has been very busy at our house lately :)

Red Ribbon Week

I LOVE my kids school! I love the fantastic teachers, the kids and the awesome parents that are involved at the school. For Red Ribbon week we got to do some fun things the kids really liked. There were some seriously creative kids and teachers that participated! My kids two favorite were Crazy Hair Day and Rock Star Day.

Crazy Hair day


Logan had a crazy face with his crazy hair


Kaid the rock star

Logan the rock star in cowboy boots

Karson won best rock star of his class!
My mama's birthday was on Crazy hair day. I asked the boys what they wanted to get her and they said they wanted to take her out to eat. It was a great idea and we had a lot of fun but we got some interesting looks when we showed up at the restaurant with crazy hair :)

Kaid and Grandma

Justin and Logan

Grandma, Grandpa and Karson

Em, me and good ol Bill Cosby :)