Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Run

The same group that did my Midnight run back in the summer does a Santa Run! 
The past few years they have done one in Provo and Ogden but announced they would be doing a Taylorsville/West Valley one for the first time this year. When I got the e-mail about it Justin and I both thought it sounded so fun! When it came time to register though we realized it was the day after Thanksgiving and knew most people would be out shopping or out of town with family so we decided to have just one of us do it so we wouldn't have to worry about finding a sitter for the kids. Because I was able to do the Midnight run I thought it was only fair Justin got to do the Santa Run! 
It was his very first race and he survived it and loved it! 
Here are the awesome pics I was able to get!

Justin ready for his Santa Run

The boys and I were running a little late and were pulling up to find parking just as the race started. It was so cool to see all those Santas running down the street!

Look at all the Santa's coming down the road

Just in time to see Justin!
Once we found parking and got out to wait for Justin to come by there was a guy with a wagon going up and down the road giving out free cocoa to the spectators. We also had some caramel popcorn in the car from Justin's Grandma that we hadn't pulled out from our trip yet. So we had a nice snack and some warm cocoa while we watched all the Santa's go by :)

YAY! Go Justin!

Have you ever seen so many Santa's in one place?? :)

There is our Santa!

YAY all done!

Turkey Day

Grandma and Kaiden on the way to Richfield
Now that Justin's grandparents are back from their mission we were able to restart the tradition of going down to Richfield for Thanksgiving! This time Grandma Allen rode down with us and the boys were happy as could be about it!

Logans monster fingers. He Loves olives!

Karson enjoying the pudding Auntie brought

Family Home Evening

More of the family

getting ready to hear a story


Logan's self portrait
The food was of course delicious and then we had family home evening and heard a story from Grandma Great and then Grandma Allen told a story. Grandma Allen also brought the stuff down to make cute little mangers like the one from the story she read. 
Since this is when the Youngs all get together they celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner and exchange gifts. So after FHE there were presents and then dessert!

the boys opening their gift from Grandma



mine and Justins gift

Grandpa leaning over to help Karson figure out his mind puzzle

He got it!

Logan showing his off to some of the guys and trying to get help

He had to get Grandpa's help since he is the best at these

Kaiden and Justin working on his

figuring it out

he did it!

Look what I can do!

After dessert it was time to hit the road and head home for some Black Friday shopping! The boys had something to occupy their mouths and time on the ride home...check out what Grandpa Allen got for them!



They'll probably still be working on those jaw breaker suckers at Christmas time! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Pictures!

We have an awesome family friend who went with us up the canyon to do our family pictures for us! It was quite the adventure (I mean this is us we're talking anybody surprised haha). Not 10 minutes into taking pictures Justin fell into the river helping us across and drenched his pants from the knee down haha. Then maybe 5 minutes later I somehow slid under a log! It was hilarious! In some of the pictures its hidden pretty well and in others you can totally see the mud or sopping wet clothing but I love it! We'll always remember the adventure we had getting our pictures done! We took about 100 photos and here are a few of my favorites! :)

This is one of my faves! Notice Justin's pants are drenched from the knee down :)

aww family love :)

Being silly...and that log I'm on is the one I slid under haha

My cute boys!

My silly boys!

This picture is perfect! They posed themselves and I LOVE it!

The hubby still wet and me with a muddy knee

My hubby and I