Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa found our house! 
Karson woke up at about 10:45 and came to get Justin and I who were relaxing and enjoying the fact that "Santa" was able to build the trampoline so quickly. He gave us a heart attack! We both jumped up to cover his eyes but he got a glimpse before we were able to shield him. So Karson got to hear about how we fell asleep on the couches and barely missed seeing Santa. Justin thought he caught a glimpse of his boot going back up the chimney :) He was pretty much wired the rest of the night thinking about the trampoline and how cool it was that we nearly saw Santa so it wasn't a huge surprise when we were woken up at 5 AM to go downstairs :) 
Once we got into our house we decided we wouldn't go make the rounds on Christmas Day anymore. It was too tiring for the kids and they never got to enjoy their new gifts so we told all the grandparents that if they wanted to see us they'd have to come over to our place. It makes Christmas so much more enjoyable now that we get to stay home and still see family. Here are some pictures of our Christmas Day.

Santa Came!

Happy Boys!

Now presents from Mom and Dad!

Karson's plane crash landed on the t.v.

Most of their loot

The twins have been begging for years for one of these!

In their new outfits ready for church!

After church it was right back to jammies for the boys haha and more family visitors. 
The boys LOVE their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Durfey. The twins and Justin got remote control helicopters which are not only super annoying but also very painful when they crash into your face! But they love them is the important thing (no video of those I'm scared they'll crash into the camera and damage it with it's blades lol). Logan got a remote control 4-wheeler and has all kinds of fun with that! So as you run away from the helicopters you trip on a's awesome (according to the boys). They also got these laughing animals that are motion activated. When you walk past them they start rolling around and laughing. Also annoying as a parent but when the kids smile as big as they do while playing with them I guess it makes it worth it :) Justin and I also get to go skydiving, surfing and rock climbing up in Ogden thanks to my dad (So EXCITED!!!!) so we'll make sure to send the boys with their awesome new gifts to Grandpa's while they get babysat and see how funny he thinks it is then :) 
After my dad left we moved the trampoline outside then got a visit from my mom and my brother again. It's always so great to get to spend time with so much family in one day!


More messes when grandpa comes :)

Lilly had so much fun on the trampoline with me (her favorite auntie)

Em and I bouncing on the trampoline on our rears so we don't hit our heads

Checking out Emily's new Kindle

Setting up outside

Putting up the net

Karson LOVES hot wheels and got more for his collection from grandma Cindi

Logan showing off his new robe from Grandma

Lilly was such a ham! And look at that adorable outfit!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Gift

Real quick I have to get this out of the way...
To all my siblings: Ha ha ha! Neener Neener! This year I am the Christmas Eve Champ!

Okay now that I've gotten that out of my system I can move on :) Each year my siblings and I would race to see who was first to say Christmas Eve gift on Christmas Eve. Whoever was first got to open their Christmas Eve gift first that year. Every year it was the same thing (matching Jammies) but that is why it was so important to be first. Once the first one was open everyone else knew what was in there box and the surprise was ruined. Now that we are all grown and out on our own we don't open matching jammies together anymore but its still fun to see who can be first to say Christmas Eve gift and get bragging rights for the year. So we wait up till midnight each year and race to call each other :)

This is a tradition that I've carried on with my kids and they love it! They are still young enough that they haven't thought of staying up till midnight to be first to say it yet so it's whoever wakes up first and remembers to come say it to me first thing in the morning. This years winner was *drumroll*...........Logan!!!! He sure proved me wrong! The night before when we were talking about it I said it wouldn't be him because he is always last to wake up at our house! 7 AM he came running up the stairs! "Excuse me but is today Christmas Eve??" "Yep it is...." "Christmas Eve gift!!!!!!" He was shaking with excitement knowing he was first because his brothers were still in bed haha.

After our Christmas Eve dinner (the boys chose meatlove for the meal haha) we let them open their Christmas Eve gift. Then we set out our cookies, made sure the lights outside were plugged in (so Santa can find our house easily) and went to bed! :)

Logan opening his gift

In their new jammies getting ready for bed

Of course a silly pose

The house all lit up.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Jesus Stocking

This is the Jesus Stocking and our new tradition.

I stole the idea from a friend. She lost a loved one in 2010. That year while talking about our different holiday plans she mentioned she would be spending time with the family of her late fiance and was excited to see what he had put in the Jesus Stocking. I had her explain to me what exactly the Jesus Stocking was and fell in love with this idea. I wanted to do it last year but couldn't find a stocking in time so we are doing it this year for the first time.

Everyone thinks of a "gift" to give Christ. This year most of the gifts are things that we want to work on throughout the upcoming year that will make us more Christ like or mindful of Christ on a daily basis. Then the next year we will all read what our gifts to Christ were and then decide on new ones to give.

our "gifts" in the envelopes and ready to go in the stocking

Hung and filled with our "gifts"

It's so nice to have a visual reminder of Christ right along side the reminder of Santa. We have quite a few Christmas traditions in our family but we definitely have more Santa type based traditions than Christ based traditions so I am very excited about this one and can't wait to see what comes of it!

Santa AND the Toothfairy!

Logan and his tooth!
Can Santa AND the toothfairy come in the same night??? A friend of mine suggested that they might carpool. My brother thinks that the Toothfairy might be on Christmas vacation so Santa will have to leave a dollar and note. I guess we'll find out tonight! Logan lost his second tooth this evening and I think he's going to implode with excitement! All he's been talking about for the past hour is how he's going to stay up and see Santa AND the toothfairy! It's going to be a busy night at our house!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Street

I LOVED going to Christmas Street as a child! The neighborhood that does it is STILL doing today! I just read on a blog that it's been nearly 25 years that they have been doing it! It's a street that tells the "Twas the Night Before Christmas Story" on big wooden signs and they go all out with the lights on their houses and yards! We took the boys the other night and went to see a couple other cool houses while we were out. It was so much fun! No matter how old I get I still LOVE seeing millions of lights this time of year! Here are some pic.s of the awesome lights we saw!

House we passed on the way to Christmas Street

Walking to the Christmas Street!

One of the cute signs

Ma and Pa next to the Ma and Pa sign :)

My silly boys next to the giant Santa and Reindeer

One of my favorite houses

The last sign
The pictures don't do it justice. You can see a video of Christmas Street by clicking HERE (it's not very good quality and definitely old because there is snow in it which is something we haven't seen this year) but even that doesn't give you the full effect. It's a must see if you are near enough!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sibling Party

The sibling part is my siblings and their families, my mom, dinner, dessert and games! We do it every year and this year was no different!

Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite games (thanks Josh and Kelsey for introducing us to it)!

When we went to visit my brother in Nevada we played this and laughed so hard! When we got back from Nevada it was on sale so I couldn't resist buying it! Nearly everyone we've played it with has gone out and bought it too lol!

The sibling party started with this game! And of course my mom with her broken leg got the card that said she had to stand on one leg and do something with some dice not sure what we never made it past stand on one leg because we were laughing so hard :)

Next was the traditional dinner Ham with pineapple glaze, funeral potatoes, rolls and salad followed by candycane cheesecake and regular cheesecake. And what family party with my siblings is complete without pictures! It was a fun night! Here are the sibling photo's :)

3 of the original 4

Em on my hip and Lilly on Heathers

the girls

Brandons family

Me and my boys minus the big one

Em and David

David trying to figure out what Em is doing haha

My cute sack of potatoes!

I love how easily entertained my kids are and even more then that I love how entertaining they are to me! When they were little Justin would play the stork game with them. He'd have them sit on a blanket, pick up the corners of it then swing them back and forth and plop them onto the bed! Logan asked Justin to do it to him like when he was little a couple days ago and this time he decided to wrap them up all compact like and lug them around like a sack of potatoes! Of course Kaiden who was watching all the fun had to have a turn too :)




We tried the stork game again at the end and learned they are definitely getting to big for that game! Their bums nearly drag on the ground and it's a miracle the blanket didn't rip! :)

We made Santa's Cookies

While I decorated for some friends and family the boys decorated some for Santa! I think we are officially ready for Santa to come now that his cookies are ready! :)

hard at work for Santa

still decorating

Karson all done!

Kaiden all done!

Logan all done!