Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Calendar

Each year we get the boys the little chocolate calendar that counts down the days to Christmas with a chocolate each day. Well this year Grandma Allen got us a new and improved Advent Calendar!

Isn't it cute!
Grandma Allen is so crafty and creative! She gave us these cute little boxes, the string and some adorable tiny clothes pins to hang the boxes on the string with. Each morning one of the boys gets to open the box for the day. There has been a little treat, a little craft project, a matchbox car or even hot chocolate (their favorite!). They of course love it for obvious reasons but I Love it too because our mornings have been going so much smoother lately! Funny how when they know if they don't get everything done they need to before school they have to wait to open the box and they manage to move quickly and without argument all morning :) I haven't had to tell somebody to brush their teeth 6 times in one morning for weeks! It's awesome!

Karson got to be very first!

Can you see the excitement! haha

Logan's turn finally :)

using the paint project they got



We will most definitely be keeping the cute boxes Grandma Allen made for us and use them again year after year! You can get your own cute boxes too, if you'd like! They are from Grandma Allens work, Stampin' Up!

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  1. That RaeLene is such a brain. I wanna be just like her, serious. What a fun idea!