Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Hey your boys are on tv!"

A couple weeks ago when Logan did his 1st grade program Channel 2 news went by and did a clip on it for the evening news. That same morning I got a call from the school saying that the news was there and Mr. V wanted to know if I would give permission for my twins to be interviewed. I completely trust the school and Mr V and knew that he would never put my kids in a position to make themselves or the school look bad so I said yes and didn't even think to ask what the interview was about.

I got a text from a friend at the school who told me that the twins were getting interviewed right then :) I asked if she knew what about and she said she assumed the 1st grade program but didn't know for sure. When I went to the school later that day everybody said they were assuming the program but when I asked the boys they said they didn't talk about the 1st graders at all. They told me they talked about President Obama! What?! I actually got a little nervous because they wouldn't tell their teacher or the secretaries what they said. All they kept saying was "you'll have to watch me on tv to find out!" :) When I asked them after school they couldn't remember what they said so I was just hoping it wasn't embarrassing! That night the 1st grader stuff aired but I never saw the twins. I just assumed whatever it was got cut due to space or something and totally forgot about it.

Christmas Eve we got a call from Justin's grandma in Kanab and she was squealing and shouting that the twins were on the news! We asked her what they said and she said she couldn't hear well because she was shouting for everyone to come see but she thought they said something about aliens. Suddenly I was excited but nervous again haha. We got a couple texts from people saying the same thing "Hey I think I just saw your boys on tv!" We went and looked up the story and laughed so hard! It's the top 2012 news stories told by kids. I've just got to share it!

Channel 2 News Top Stories Told By Kids

Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Christmas Spirit and Other Happenings

I'll start with some Christmas Spirit. While out with a friend last week she not only picked up my ticket but bought the meals of the 4 missionaries who were sitting at the table next to us. It was so cool to see the true spirit of Christmas in action first hand and it truly inspired me to pay it forward. I love good deeds! Both seeing them and participating in them! As we are out today shopping for the Homeless Shelter and at lunch I'll be looking for somebody to pay it forward too. I love seeing the generosity of good people that is all around this time of year!

Next I have to mention the happenings of last night because as I sit here to blog my boys are happily whacking each other with sticks and balls are flying all over my house :). If I leave it at that it makes no sense so let me explain why the happiness and chaos that surrounds me is happening. We have a family in our ward who is just plain awesome and the boys of that family are so great with my little guys! These "big boys" help entertain my boys in sacrament and are always willing to come help or lend some support if my boys ask. The youngest of these boys popped by last night with a surprise Christmas gift and Justin let them open it while this young man was here so he could see them.
The boys were beyond happy to open a gift early! They have been begging and begging all season to open a gift early so this in itself made them giddy as can be :)

The twins got lacrosse sticks! So crazy because we were at the store literally like a week ago and the boys saw some and wanted them even not knowing how exactly to use them haha We considered getting them some for Christmas but neither Justin or I know anything about the sport so we decided to wait. To say they love them would be an understatement and now knowing that the cool boys they look up to play it makes it even more cool to them! Logan got some tracing paper which is so perfect because he loves anything art and he will most definitely get lots of use from it! When I came down from my shower I watched the boys run with giant smiles on their faces whacking each other with the sticks to get the ball while Logan sat and traced page after page from a coloring book :) This morning first thing the boys did was go grab there new gifts and begin playing with them again. We are so blessed to have such great examples for our boys to look up to and so grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of this family!

As for other happenings of the month I can't help but mention the sadness I felt when I heard about the Connecticut shootings. The quote I most loved that came amidst the tragedy is from Mr. Rogers and I want to share it.  

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' To this day, especially in times of 'disaster,' I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world." -- Mister Rogers
I had to tell my kids teachers how much I love and appreciate all they do for my babies and I had to hug my kids extra tight and give extra kisses. I pray that the victims families and loved ones find peace and can find the good in the world again. I'm so thankful for the little bits of love I've seen over the past couple weeks in the middle of all the sadness.

On a much lighter note. I have to brag that once again I'm the Christmas Eve Gift champ of my siblings so neener neener neener! :)
In our house Karson and Kaiden swore they were going to stay up till midnight. Logan on the other hand went to bed at 8:00. The twins came into my room a couple times. Once at 10, again at 10:30 and at 11 Karson took my phone into his room to keep an eye on the time so he could come be the champ. The poor kid fell asleep! Logan came in at 6:45 this morning and was the Christmas Eve Champ! Kaid came in at 7 and and was so certain he won he did a victory dance...I then told him he was 2nd haha. He said "aww Karson won" "nope Logan" "What???!!" He was so shocked Logan won! Then poor Kar came in last. He told me the last time he saw on the clock was 11:02 :)

I'm officially in my 2nd trimester and have been slowly starting to feel a little better. Definitely not good yet but nothing like November or the first week of December. This past week I came down with a nasty cold though that made its way to my chest. Let me tell you coughing up grossness and feeling crummy on top of already puking several times a day is just miserable. My doctor gave me a few suggestions to try to help and luckily it started to clear up before I had to go in to get antibiotics. While I want nothing more than to feel human and somewhat comfortable again I really hate to take medicine while pregnant and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. I'm able to get away with taking my phenergan only when fearful of getting dehydrated and other than that I'm drug free haha.

Because of all my lovely pregnancy symptoms and the cold on top of it I have been a total slacker this Christmas season. My to-do list was so long and as the weeks went by and turned into just days before Christmas I found myself having to ditch more and more of the things I planned on doing. It's a miracle I got Christmas shopping done! We did the Festival of Trees and Christmas Story street but that is pretty much it. We will continue the tradition of going to the homeless shelter today and out to lunch today. The boys have been fantastic and are so happy even though we haven't done as many fun things this year. I really do have some awesome boys who take such good care of me!
Christmas Street

Another Christmas Street

Lastly the Forgotten Carols. If you have never been you need to go! I was introduced to the music in high school but never went to the play until I married my husband. After seeing the play I fell even more in love with the music. My amazing mother in law takes us every year so this was the 9th year in a row I've gone. This year was particularly special though because the twins are 8 and the rule in our family is you have to be 8 to go. They love watching plays so we weren't worried about them getting bored and they definitely didn't. I was talking to them before hand about who John the Beloved is so they would better understand the play and Karson was able to tell me the story. I was so impressed by his knowledge at such a young age. On the way home it was so fun to talk to them about what their favorite parts were or favorite songs were. Kaiden said to me when we were walking to the car "mom I really liked it...but one part made me kind of made me think of Carter" I always cry at the end of the play anyway and then he said that to me and just totally melted my heart. I always think of Carter too. It was a great opportunity to talk about eternal families. I love our dear friends the Chipman family and the example they are to us. I love our Forgotten Carols tradition and that the boys were able to be a part of it this year.

Kaid, Grandma, Grandpa and Karson at the Forgotten Carols

Hope everyone is feeling the true Christmas Spirit this year and has a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Logan's 1st Grade Christmas Program

I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again, the first grade team at Westland is amazing! I'm constantly reminded of that fact and can't help but repeat myself.

We've been looking forward to the legendary Christmas Program since school began! This year Channel 2 News even showed up and put a little clip on the evening news. I'm sure the fact that the program included two kids as Channel 2 News anchors had nothing to do with it :)

Click Here to see Westland Elementary on Channel 2

The program started with a few traditional Christmas songs like "Rudolph", "Jingle Bells" and "I'm getting Nuttin for Christmas".
Then they did "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" complete with a grandma. The grandma was the one and only Mr. Yospe! Mr. Yospe is a genius! He writes the songs for the program and is just an amazing teacher. He's won awards because he is so creative in his teaching and makes it so fun.
Quick side note. Grandpa Allen got a little attention at the program when grandma spotted him and went and introduced herself to him :)

After the grandma song it was a list of Mr. Yospe originals. "Call Me Maybe" became "What's In This Present Pajamas Maybe", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was "Elves Just Wanna Have Fun", "We Are Young" became "Tonight The Grinch Comes" and then there was a huge snowman medley with nearly every era music you can imagine including "Snowman Style" ("Gangnam Style"). They finished it off with one last song...."We are Never Going Back to Bed" ("We are Never Getting back together").

Logan was so excited for me to see the program! He reminded me a hundred times this week when it was and the morning of the program he was up and ready in record time jabbering about how awesome the program was going to be. He was very worried that Grandma or Grandpa would forget about it though so I made sure to let him watch me remind them :) He is definitely shy in front of large groups so I was so happy that even though he was nervous he was also excited and did a great job.
The whole program was about an hour long but I've condensed it way down to just a few minutes of highlights into a video here that you can watch. I promise it's entertaining. I love my cute little first grader. The words are on a projector behind the kids of the songs that Mr. Yospe wrote in case you have a hard time understanding the kiddos.

Friday, December 7, 2012


The school musical this year was Scrooged and they did it now rather than in the spring. I have been trying to simplify lately so I didn't help with the play this year. It was so nice to go and just sit and enjoy the production and watch my kiddos. This was the perfect year that I chose to be in the audience rather than back stage because this was the first time Kaiden had a singing solo at the school!

Kaiden auditioned and got the role of Tiny Tim! He did fantastic! It took everything in me not to completely bawl like a baby when he sang :)

Karson auditioned for the first time ever this time too! I was so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying something new. He got the part of Party guest Tom and had a couple lines. The first line was SO long and used words like skinflint so I was worried how he would do but he memorized it and did great! He had to dance too and he had so much fun.


They did a limited production at the school in an assembly during the day where the choir sang the songs they sing and then Scrooge and Tiny Tim both did their solos. Kaiden is so much braver than I am because he got up there and sang his solo in front of the ENTIRE school full of kids he knows without any problems. I went to the assembly to get a sneak peek of what I was in for that night :)

That night they did the actual play at the middle school for friends and family. ALL the boys did great and are just so darn cute! Here are pictures from both performances.

Little Logan in the choir :)

Kaiden my Tiny Tim


singing in the assembly

singing his solo at the school

Tiny Tim with his crutch

Party guest Tom


Logan ready to start

Kaiden and his sister

with his dad and sister

Ready for his solo

singing away

Karson ready for his Long lines

"God bless us everyone!"

the Finale

Kaid and his Great Grandpa Durfey who also played Tiny Tim way back when he was in 6th grade

Some New Stuff

So the news is officially out for all to know! I am wishing we told people sooner because I have an amazing list of people, who the second they began including me in their prayers, I swear a miracle happened! My symptoms are definitely not gone! BUT I am feeling so much better! I can at least function most days and there hasn't been any more talk of going to the hospital for iv treatments in 2 weeks and I've quit losing weight. Thank you to all who are mindful of me and helping out so much!! I love you all! Here is the card we sent to family and close friends to announce the news.

Now that I am having days where I feel like I can do things I try to take advantage of them as much as possible so I took the boys to the Festival of Trees last Friday. Its been a tradition of ours to go every year and I am so grateful that I was feeling up for the outing. We look forward to the scones all year long and the trees and gingerbread houses are always amazing! Reading about the different stories that the trees represent is such a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Here are a few pics of our favorites.

We met up with Brooklynn and Emily

Karson loved the penguin tree

Kaiden loved the North Pole tree

Logan loved the Cat in the Hat tree

I of course loved the Snoopy tree

They all loved the super hero tree

We knew Justin would love this one made out of soda bottles

Temple gingerbread house

The Lorax



All done with our outing. It was a success!
We also went and got our tree over the weekend. The boys carried it all by themselves to the checkout and then all the way to the car too! It was so cute! When we got to the checkout we couldn't find the tag so the guy that had been helping us told the cashier to just give it to us for 20 bucks! What a bargain! I swear its just because the kids are so cute :)

carrying the tree for us to the car :)

The boys did a great job decorating it!
Now that we have the smell of a fresh tree in the house and lights are up it's feeling so much more like Christmas! Now all we need is some snow!

Monday, December 3, 2012

October 22

Today was a big day in our family. It's a surprising day and a very exciting day! Today is the day that two little pink lines showed up letting us know we are in for a big change!

I even double checked it:

Every time the results were the same:

I've suspected the possibility for a few weeks but still feel shocked.

Just a couple facts about the day so far.
First person I let know. Justin of course. I sent a picture of the test to his cell.
Now that I think about it I kind of wish I would have waited and found a fun way to tell him. This being our last pregnancy I think it would have been cool to do something different to let him know we are expecting (of course I said Logan was our last child too and now look where we are haha) :) But I know I wouldn't have been able to keep it to myself the whole day. Cute way of finding out or not, he was happy!

Next person to know. My sister, Emily.
This is HUGE news! Justin and I both said we'd wait to tell people till I was 3 months. I made it 15 minutes before cracking. Justin made it about 3 and told a co-worker haha. Now that we've both got it out of our systems hopefully we can keep quiet until we are ready to let all the family know. (I have a friend that I'm fighting the urge to call and tell though! It's going to be HARD!)

It's still a secret now. This post won't be published for weeks and weeks! And I'm so excited to see how people will react!

Things I had forgotten that I'm quickly being reminded of...

Nausea and a strong sense of smell. Bleck. Talk about smell sensitivity! I never know what smell might send me heaving toward the bathroom! Yesterday it was the candy bar my son was eating when he sat next to me. I just want to walk around with a clothes pin on my nose to avoid any stomach upset.

Morning Sickness has hit in full force! I'm puking upwards of 15-20 times a day! It's exhausting. I've lost a few pounds so my doctor gave me a prescription to try to help and is keeping an eye on me for signs of dehydration and any more weight loss.

Fatigue. I am definitely in need of nap lately. Unfortunately with our busy schedule that isn't happening. Thank goodness I've been able to crawl into bed lately by 8:00.

Food Aversions. Foods I've always loved don't even taste the same right now. My taste buds are all out of whack! We plan our meals weekly and lately by the time dinner comes around it sounds and smells disgusting to me. It's getting very hard to stay at the table during dinner even if I'm not eating what they are eating just the smell is so hard to handle. The kids are a bit confused and curious about this. I'm hoping they don't start asking too many questions because once they know the WHOLE world will know haha.

I'm praying this pregnancy isn't as rough as my past ones. I had forgotten how many issues I tend to have during pregnancy. Just a couple more weeks and I will be in my 3rd month and friends and family will know what's going on. It will be nice to not stress about hiding the vomiting or making excuses about not feeling well.
Sickness and all we are still happy and excited!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Finishing my month of Gratitude

23. Thanksgiving.
I'm thankful we have a holiday especially for sitting down with family and taking time to be grateful. It's a much needed reminder to us all that we are so blessed and can find something even in the worst day to be grateful for. My Thanksgiving was great and I'm thankful for all I've been blessed with.

24. My boss, Kathy.
Kathy is more than a boss she is also a friend and even like another mom to me. She is fantastic and I love that I've gotten to know her so well over the past few years. She is so good to me and I'm so appreciative of all she does for me.

25. Prayer.
I'm thankful for the power of prayer and that we have the gift of having prayers answered. I have been so blessed recently and am so grateful for the prayers that have been said on my behalf.

26. Christmas Lights
I love Christmas lights! They make me happy and excited! They are twinkling and pretty and people get so creative! I'm grateful we live in a place where so many people decorate with Christmas lights!

27. Music.
I have no musical talent what so ever (this is not an exaggeration at all!) I seriously don't even know how to lead music BUT regardless of my own talent I have such a love and appreciation for those who do have musical talent. I love how music can instantly change your mood, bring back an old memory or change your perspective. Music is powerful! I am thankful to have so many different tastes in music and for the effect it has had on my life.

28. Service
I'm thankful for the opportunities I have to serve others. I'm thankful my children are learning already how important service is and that they are developing a love for it. I'm thankful for my husbands example and the opportunities he has had to serve. I'm also grateful for the service that has been given to our family. The meals that are brought when needed, the prayers that are said and the willing hands that come to our aid whenever needed. Service is love and I'm so grateful to have been on both ends of it and for the role its played in my family's lives.

29. The seasons
I'm thankful to live in a place where I get to see all 4 seasons. Hot summers, beatiful falls, snowy winters and rainy springs. After having lived in a place that doesn't get to see the beauty of all 4 seasons I'm much more appreciative of this.

30. Lastly My blog.
I'm recording our memories, what we are grateful for and different things we've endured. I'm thankful to have found a place that I am able to keep up (for the most part) on little things that are going on in our life. I started scrapbooks for all my kids but am horrible at keeping up on them and haven't done anything in them for years! It's so hard to pull out all the supplies and take the time to make it all cutesie but I've found it easy to try to sit down a few times a month and jot down a few things that are going on. I already love looking back to see how we have grown or remember cute things the boys have done and said. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Gratitude

What did I tell ya? I knew I wouldn't keep up. Not because I'm not grateful. I most definitely am grateful every day for so much. I just have a hard time making time to sit down at the computer to type it. Here is another be-lated list of gratitude for the past week.

13. My mom.
My mom is in town visiting and I have been super sick. I woke up one morning and it looked like a laundry fairy had visited. ALL my laundry was washed, dried and folded. She stayed up all night to get it all done. She has been a huge help the past week and I'm so grateful for her!

14. Amazing people I've met through PTA.
I've made some awesome friends through PTA! My current president at the moment is especially awesome! she is so understanding and kind. I'm so thankful she is so understanding about my current situation and what my availability is. I'm blessed to know somebody so genuine and kind.

15. Thoughtful friends.
2 friends in particular have been so thoughtful this week. They each have so much going on in their own lives but they have taken the time to do some very thoughtful things.

16. My husbands job.
As more and more people are losing their jobs and it hits closer and closer to home I am reminded how lucky we are that my husband has a good job and is able to support us while I stay home with the kids.

17. Twinkies
I'm thankful to have grown up in an era with Twinkies! What will the world be like without Twinkies?? :) Better go stock pile some so my kiddos will know of the fattening deliciousness of a Twinkie.

18. Laughter.
More specifically my ability to laugh at myself! If I weren't able to laugh at myself or the things we are sometimes dealt in life then I don't know how I would survive. Laughter is the best!

19. My Health
Overall I don't have any real health problems and am able to do whatever I'd like. It's nice to feel good enough to keep up with my kids or even just do simple tasks like cleaning the house or making dinner. After having been sick I am always more grateful for little things I'm able to do and for my overall health.

20. Modern Medicine.
I don't typically take medicine because I don't usually need it for anything. It's such a blessing to live in a world where there are helps though for when we are sick. Not to mention without modern medicine my father in law wouldn't be with us today.

21. No homework days!
Some days I feel like I spend all my time nagging my kids and I hate it! They come home from school, I give them their spelling test make them do another sheet of homework, make them all read for 15 minutes, rush them off to an extra curricular, come home eat dinner and go to bed! It is so nice that on short weeks they get to come home and relax and hang out with me for a while. It is so nice to not stress about getting their homework done with them. I as a mom definitely hate homework as much as my kids :) I appreciate it and want them to do it but man it is sometimes time consuming.

22. Short weeks at school
I love when the boys have a day off from school. I love hanging out with my kids. I love not rushing them out the door in the morning. I love having their help during the day. I love everything about short weeks!

That will get me through to Thanksgiving :) I have so much to be thankful for I could sit down and completely finish out the month right now but it's been really nice to sit down at the end of each day and make a mental note of what I am thankful for that particular day. So I'm going to continue doing that and then writing down (even if I'm late doing so).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Girls Night

I was lucky enough to have made friends in my childhood that were so amazing they are still my friends today. We grew up together and have been there for each other through good times and bad. I am truly blessed!
Each month we do a girls night. This month we decided to dance. It was great except for the fact that I built a fire during dinner and then when we were dancing we were sweating to death :) But Oh it was fun to be childlike again with my childhood friends! Most all video was banned from facebook but I've decided to put the less incriminating photo's and video on my blog :) Unfortunately nobody got video of the bird dance which is by far the best one haha
I love these ladies!

Sarah, Melissa, Tecia, Lindsay, me and baby Becca

Sarah, Tecia and me

Tecia, Melissa and Lindsay

Melissa and baby Becca



Sunday, November 11, 2012


I haven't been on facebook much the past few weeks but the one or two times I have decided to get on I've noticed a lot of people posting what they are grateful for. I love it! I have thought about joining in the fun myself but am a total slacker and never get around to it and am now almost 2 weeks behind. But today I'm bursting with gratitude and love and just have to join in. But I am going to do it here on my blog.

So Today is the 11th and I'm going to name 11 things I'm grateful for and then hopefully be able to keep up on it.

1. I am thankful for Primary. Mostly for my calling in Primary. 
We've been working hard writing the program and helping the kids prepare. Today was the big day and it went great. We heard a few stories from the kids own lives. One about a burned cake and a prayer, one about a broken picture frame and telling the truth, and one about choosing the right by not opening presents early with a friend. It was great for the whole congregation to see these simple but true testimony's. I am extra lucky though, because I get to hear awesome stories like this every week! I get to see the simple truths of the gospel in action. I watch these tiny kids start gaining their own testimonies and then see them mature as the kids grow. It is amazing and I never want to leave Primary! I love all those cute faces and fun personalities!

2. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with such awesome ladies.
While I'm on the subject of Primary I can't help but mention how awesome the women I work with are. I am definitely the weakest link in our presidency but we make it work :) The women I work with are so passionate about their callings and I learn constantly from them. It has been a blessing to work with them, learn from them, have my own testimony strengthened by them and get to know them better.

3. I am thankful for great neighbors who watch out for my family!
Today while at church one of our non-member neighbors came and poked his head into Justins class. He motioned for him to come out. Justin was worried something was wrong with this neighbor's family and quickly went to talk to him. The neighbor asked if anybody was supposed to be at our house. He said there was a woman with dark hair outside who went around the back of our house and then never came back so they assumed she got in the house. Justin explained that my mom is in town visiting and it was probably her he saw go in through the back door. The neighbor then called his wife and told her she didn't need to call the police. I'm so thankful for such a good neighbor who would take time to come to the church, find my husband and warn him that somebody might be burglarizing us. We have awesome neighbors!

4. I'm thankful for my kids school teachers.
I say it all the time but my kids really do go to the best school in the world. It's a special place filled with amazing people. I can honestly call my kids teachers my friends. I love working with them, talking with them and seeing the love they have for my kids. They are understanding, caring and I love them!

5. I'm thankful for snow.
Snow can make grown ups feel like kids again! It's magical and means sledding, hot chocolate, snowmen and Christmas is coming!

6. I'm thankful for the example my kids set for me. 
Kaiden broke his toe. He was using a baseball bat as a cane to hobble around with lol. Monday I told him he couldn't take the bat with him. Karson said "don't worry Kaid. I'll help you get around today" He then put Kaiden's arm over his shoulder so he could help him walk :)

7. I'm thankful for my friends.
My friends are the absolute best! A lot of them I've been lucky enough to have known practically my whole life! Others I've met just in the past few years. All of them old and new love me and help me whenever I'm in need! I love my friends!

8. I'm thankful for technology.
I made a video for my father in laws 15 year celebration of surviving cancer. I loved looking back over the years and seeing old pictures. I also recorded the kids saying a message to their grandpa. It will be a treasure forever. When they are grown it will be so wonderful to look back and see their cute faces and hear their cute voices thanks to today's technology.

9. I'm thankful for my in-laws.
My father in law is a spiritual giant with the funniest personality ever. My mother in law is a perfect example of being selfless and compassionate. I've learned so much from both of them and love and respect them both so much!

10. I'm thankful for my siblings.
My sister is the most insane person I know yet somehow she is the one person who keeps me sane. We laugh till we cry and confide everything to one another. My brothers are also so amazing! I love knowing I can call any of my siblings at any time for advice, for a laugh or to vent. They are the best!

11. I'm thankful for thoughtful ward members.
One of our fantastic ward members brought a delicious treat to us out of the blue. It was so thoughtful and so delicious and made everyone in my family smile. When we were rushing this morning that particular treat made the perfect breakfast :) We live by some amazing families. 

12. Last but certainly not least. My husband.
I could go on and on about how amazing my husband is but for the sake of space I'll try to be brief. He picks up the slack around the house when I'm not feeling well (the past week or two in particular). He makes me laugh EVERY day of our life. He loves me unconditionally (no matter how irrational I'm being). He takes such good care of me and the kiddos. He is a hard worker and always finds time to do something with me and the kids. I could not have been blessed with a better husband than Justin.

That is 12 not 11. Well that is because I know myself and I know I probably won't post anything tomorrow so this buys me an extra day so that hopefully I don't fall too far behind again :) 

Monday, November 5, 2012

A little more Halloween

We gutted our pumpkins Sunday, carved them Tuesday and Halloween was Wednesday. We cut it a little close this year but Halloween night they were out glowing and awesome!

Monday night was our Allen Halloween family party. I took some witches fingers for a creepy snack and we ate a delicious dinner. It's been such nice weather the kids all played in the back yard while the grown ups made donuts. We were able to bribe them inside with the donuts and did a craft then Grandma and Grandpa loaded them up with treats, coloring books and coloring supplies. They had so much fun!

witches fingers

making/eating donuts

cousins in the leaves

having fun throwing them in the air

enjoying the warm donuts

Logan and his pumpkin

Karson's pumpkin

Kaidens pumpkin

the cousins with their pumpkins and cute treat boxes
Wednesday came around and the kids got to wear their costumes for the parade at school. I always love seeing all the kids costumes. Some are so creative and some are just stinkin cute :)
The day was filled with class parties and all kinds of fun then that night it was trick or treating time. This year was freakishly warm! It was so nice not worrying about wet weather or coats. Unfortunately it was a school night so the boys couldn't stay out as late as they would have liked. They still brought in a ridiculous amount of candy! We'll be giving candy away for weeks now! All in all Halloween this year was a fun success :)

Logan at the parade

Kaiden at the parade

Karson at the parade

The boys in character and ready to go trick or treating!