Sunday, January 29, 2012


For Christmas my dad gave Justin and I tickets to go indoor skydiving, indoor surfing and rock climbing!
We used them Saturday and will definitely be going back!
On our way to Ogden!

Suited up and ready to go!

I wasn't at all nervous until we got there and saw where we do it. I thought you were standing on solid ground to do it and then kind of floated up a few feet but actually you start out about 2-3 stories high with just some mesh netting below you and then you can go up about another 2-3 stories on top of that so you are looking down really far!

We watched a little instructional video, suited up and then went to the tunnel. To enter it's the same as if you were leaving a plane your just supposed to fall forward and the wind catches you and you float! Once I was in there it was seriously so fun and not at all scary! We weren't able to take a camera in with us but luckily there was a sweet couple there who took pictures for us with my camera. There was a glare because of my flash on some of them so she also took photo's and video with her phone and then e-mailed it to me (SO nice of them!). Then on top of that we were hanging around talking to the instructor afterwords and he gave us a free dvd!

Me flying!

getting the hang of it!

Up past the glass and really high!

Loved it!

Justin's turn!

figuring it out!


Up high!

Here is some video that the strangers we met were nice enough to get for us with their phone!



The dvd had all 7 of the people in it but we chopped it down to just Justin and I for your viewing pleasure :) We both get to go in twice. The first time is to kind of figure out how to position our bodies and learn and then we get to go in a second time a little longer.
At the end the instructor does some crazy tricks and its so cool so definitely watch the whole thing so you can see him!

After skydiving we went and did the surfing. Also a lot of fun and we were told it feels just like the real thing. After those two activities we were tired and starving and didn't want to wait around to rock climb so we called it a night and stopped at Chili's before getting the kids.
Here are some pics and video of the surfing.




We will definitely be going again but as a family so the boys can give it a try! The twins would love the skydiving and Logan is crazy with water and would have so much fun trying to surf! Such a great date night! Loved it!

Catching up

You know it's gonna be a busy week when there is no more room to write on the calendar and you've run out of magnets on the fridge! Because of all the fun we've been having I have gotten a little behind on the blogging so here are a few things we've been up to.

The boys and the giant snowman!

We finally got enough snow that the boys could make a snowman! We had a bunch of rain storms right after this snow came so the snow man kept shrinking and leaning. At night it would refreeze. Before it was all the way gone it was completely sideways and had icicles hanging from it. It was a pretty funny snow man :)

Logan and his Grandpa

Karson and Mr. V

Both Logan and Karson have received the Principal's Pride Award at school now (Kaiden is getting his next week). Logan is such a shy little guy in front of big groups of people he doesn't know. He was brave though and went up and got his award anyway. His teacher said he is great at following the rules, is a good friend and a great helper with cleaning.
Karson received his a few weeks after Logan for being the top of his class in math and in spelling. It also went on to say he has great character and talked about his high expectations of himself. I was happy as could be about all the wonderful qualities his teacher sees in him!

The kids had hat day at school. They were asked to wear any kind of hat. Silly, baseball, cowboy, whatever they had so that's exactly what we did all did! (Thanks again for the awesome souvenir Linds! I am getting way more use out of it then I bet you thought I would! haha)

Karson reciting his poem

Kaiden reciting his poem

The boys had a poetry reading at school. It was sort of a coffee shop themed thing only instead of serving coffee they served hot chocolate and cookies. The boys were given their poems when school got out Thursday for the long weekend but we were so busy I didn't even go through their backpacks until they went back to school. Which means I didn't find the poems until 3 days before the reading! Whoops! BUT the boys are awesome! They worked on memorizing them everyday for about 20 minutes and the day of the reading they did awesome! They didn't need help once! They spoke clearly and made it the whole way through without forgetting anything! I was especially impressed with Kaiden becuase he has been going to rehearsals at Desert Star and is memorizing a script and some songs at the same time but he was somehow able to keep everything in that awesome brain of his!

Speaking of rehearsals they are going great! He is loving the kids he is with and the teacher is seriously so awesome! She is teaching them so much and making it so much fun at the same time. I was a little worried with everything we have going that Kaiden might feel overwhelmed or that his school work would start to suffer but he is doing a great job multitasking and I am so proud of him!

Karson and Logan have had some more games and are both improving and having so much fun! The boys have also been spoiled with several birthday parties this month and they have all had a prayer or talk in primary this month.

Lastly but not least. The twins had a Faith in God meeting/party. We went to the church Sunday night and they talked to us about what to expect when getting baptized and confirmed, how to prepare, the Faith in God program and a little about scouts. The twins are so lucky and have an awesome group of kids their age! Their are about 8 boys and they are gonna have so much fun with the scouting program. They served root beer floats and it was a lot of fun.

I have to tell a quick cute story about Kaid. His teacher was talking about baptism and showed a picture of a stop sign. She asked if the sign Makes us stop. Kaid raised his hand and said no. She said, "good so what Makes you stop?" She was looking for him to say that we Choose to stop but instead he said "The brakes!" haha it was so funny! He was totally serious and thought that was what she was talking about! Love that kid!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're doing the Happy Dance!!!!!

We're doing the Happy Dance at our house because.......HE GOT IT!!!!! 
We got the call today telling us Kaiden will be a lead in Desert Stars Production of Jack and the BeanDip! 
WOOHOO!!! First rehearsal is Thursday and he will be learning the part of Mr. Pipsqueek! 
We are so excited and so proud of him!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Musical Audition!

Anyone who has been around Kaiden knows he LOVES to sing! We have had a couple people comment on how well he sings and recently a teacher at his school mentioned I should try to get him into some sort of theater. He was in the school musical the Wizard of Oz and loved performing but the thought to get him more involved with theater just never crossed my mind until somebody suggested it to me. I looked into a couple local theaters and it just so happened Desert Star was having auditions for children right when I signed up for e-mails.
I talked to Kaiden and asked if it was something he was interested in and I thought the boys was gonna explode with excitement! I got all the info we would need and took him to a workshop they offered to help prepare you for the audition. He had two choices of lines to pick from to memorize and then needed to bring sheet music and sing. I was so stressed about the song! First off we don't own sheet music! Secondly I had no idea how to help him pick a song to sing! Once he picked a song I knew I would be totally useless in helping him perfect it. I know nothing about pitch, tone, timing, other random music lingo I've heard others use or pretty much anything musical whatsoever!
Thank goodness we have a wonderfully talented family in our ward who came to the rescue! I can't thank them enough! They helped Kaiden pick a song, taught me how to find music for the song and even came and patiently worked with him for a couple hours to help him with his volume, timing, memorization and overall stage presence! They were amazing!

I wish I could have recorded the actual audition but only Kaiden was allowed in. He was brave and seemed pretty calm. The production manager came out to tell us how cute he is and how excellent he did. We won't know anything until around the 17th. I really don't know what his odds are considering the youngest part they were looking for was an 8 year old (Kaid is only 7) and he doesn't have a lot of experience but regardless I think this was an awesome experience just getting the opportunity to audition! Keep your fingers crossed and we'll keep you all posted!

Here is some video of him going over his song before his audition. I made him get on the counter to pretend it was a stage haha but then he was nervous about falling off. I'll have to get video of him in the family room sometime when he's way into it and acting it out :). I'll also have to post video of his lines sometimes. I helped him memorize them but he decided how to act them out all on his own and he is so funny and cute! Enjoy!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Boys Night

Karson and Logan are both playing Jr. Jazz and each got 2 tickets to a Jazz game. Since there were 4 tickets and we have 4 boys in our family it worked out perfect for them to have a guys night! Which means I got a quiet night alone!

They rode trax.

I ran a bath.

They watched the Jazz play.

I read a this (Warm not cold a half hour later because somebody needed me) bath.

They had a great time bonding and spending time together.

I enjoyed the peace and the warm bubble bath.

It was a win win for everyone! What's funny is all the kids have been to a Jazz game with Grandma and Grandpa Allen and have had some awesome seats....this game there was ONE row behind them...they were top of the nosebleed section...and they LOVED it! They thought it was so cool being up high haha!

The view from their awesome seats haha

having a good time

Happy boy

It was a school night so they had to leave at half time so they were a little bummed about that but aside from leaving early they had a great time and want to go back soon!

The last of the boys evening.

so tired after the game and trax they passed out when they got to the car

The last of my quiet alone night for a while.

I love that they had a boys night out and enjoyed being together! I also love that I got a nice relaxing night of peace and quiet. Truth be told though. While I do LOVE getting a couple of hours to myself once in a while I was ready for the noise and my funny boys to be back by the end of the evening and was happy to hear all about their boys night!

Festivus for the Rest of us!

We took down our Christmas decorations and lights outside on Monday since Justin had the day off of work. To get rid of the tree (which quit being watered long before Christmas and was definitely dead) Justin decided to cut it up in the house and take it out in pieces. Karson jumped in to help and look what became of our tree!

It became a pole! Being a Seinfeld fan my first thought about a Christmas pole in the house was Festivus! I had to get some pictures of our Festivus for the rest of us celebration even if it only lasted about 5 minutes (that's how long it took to get all the branches and the pole outside) :).

The airing of grievances haha

A few of my silly boys :)

Happy New Year!

We don't usually do a whole lot on New Years Eve. We eat tons of junk food, play games with the kiddo's and at about 10:00 PM do a fake countdown and put the kiddo's to bed. Justin and I stay up to watch the ball drop or we sometimes even just go to bed ourselves. This year we did pretty much the same thing as usual but we did it with some of our favorite friends :)
We had lil smokies, gooey chex mix, muddy buddy's, cheese ball, nearly every cracker on the planet, candy and soda! To justify all the junk food we did some Just Dance on the wii which is always so much fun! We even tried a the new Black Eyed Peas experience for the wii but quickly learned it's for much more talented or experienced dancers and that we better stick to the first 2 or 3 Just Dance games that came out :) We played board games and kid games and laughed so hard liquids were coming out of somebody's nose! We decided to let the boys try to make it to midnight this year and did NOT do a fake countdown but only 2 of the kids made it (Kaiden and James). We toasted with our Sparkling Apple Cider and let the kids bang on pots and pans. It was nothing fancy but it was so much fun!

A few of our snacks :)

Doing Jin go lo ba...or whatever it's called haha

Boys turn doing Black Eyed Peas

Shortly after dancing and jumping on the trampoline he passed out

Scattergories...SO funny!

Gotta play Twister at a party

Headbanz Fun for adults too!

helping the kids

Toasting at midnight

banging on his pan

Making sure all the neighbors hear

We rang in the new year with a lot of laughter and I hope it carries on through out the year! Happy New Years everyone!