Monday, February 27, 2012

Home remodel part 1

Here is a before:

Dirty carpet by my back door

I've always hated that when you come in my back door you walk right onto carpet. With three little boys running in and tracking snow, water, dirt or mud in it is always looking so dirty and gross. Not only that but our third garage is out back which is where Justin works on vehicles. So then he tracks in grease, oil and all kinds of other stuff too. Ssoooo we decided to put tile in by the door!

Actually, first we decided to change the linoleum to tile over by my garage entry way and bathroom on the opposite side of this room but then we thought while we're at we should put tile over by the back door too. We started with the back door because it was a smaller area and would be easier.

I found my tile for .66 cents per 13x13 piece! Justin borrowed a cutter and the other tools he would need from his uncle and he was able to do it himself. It looks so good! I LOVE that he is so handy and can save so us so much money on labor with pretty much anything around the house.

Ripped up the carpet

Tile set and spaced


Here is after:

Washed and all done!
Looks pretty good! Well except for the torn up carpet edges all around the tile but don't worry we're taking care of that hopefully within the next 2 weeks or so! Love changing up the house!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New(ish) couch

Check out our new (to us) couch!
It has a chaise on one end and the other end reclines. It's microfiber which means super comfy! And it is HUGE! It almost doesn't fit in our family room! It's so wide that Justin and I can both fit on the recliner or chaise or wherever at the same time haha. So now the family room couches are in the living room and the living room couch that Justins parents gave us (that was already like 15 years old) when we first got married is going bye bye! I love finding bargains like this!

Our newish couch

recliner opened

couldn't stand far enough back to get the whole thing in the shot lol
We have been wanting a sectional ever since we bought our house. We went looking at some (again) over the holiday weekend because there were a lot of sales. We were undecided on if we wanted a reclining sectional or one with a chaise and looked at probably 50 couches. The absolute cheapest we found was $1200.00 and they went clear up to the $3000.00 range. I am just not willing to spend that on a couch while I have 3 young boys. We've looked on KSL on and off over the past few years but haven't really seen anything good. I decided to look one last time before giving up again for a few years and happened to find one that looked great and they were only asking $500! I love ksl!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Date with Auntie!

Before I get to the date I just have to post two pictures from Logan's birthday.

Logan and Brooklynn get so silly together and are such good friends!

I LOVE this picture of Justin and Brooklynn they are both so cute!
I just stole them from my sister-in-law and they were too cute not to share!

Now back to what this post is actually about :) The boys didn't have school Presidents Day. Brooklynn was gone with her dad. And Auntie didn't have work..ssoooo she decided to come take the boys on a date! It was such a fun surprise! They had so much fun! She took them to a place called Sub Zero. I've never been before but by the way the boys keep going on and on about it I think we'll be going soon! If I understand them correctly you pick your ice cream flavor and a candy flavor and they mix it up for you and then freeze it right in front of you! They kept talking about the "cold steam" and the "cold smoke" and how cool it was haha. They are pretty spoiled boys and have such an awesome auntie! Here are a couple pics of them at the ice cream place I stole from her!

watching it get made

pretty cool!

Enjoying the yummy treat (notice Karson still watching where they make it lol)
Thanks Em!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Logan is 6!!

WOW! I can not believe my baby is 6! He is the sweetest, funniest, quirkiest, most stubborn, most forgiving child I know! Sometimes it feels like he should still be just a baby because time is going so fast and other days I feel like he can't grow up fast enough :) Life is never boring with Logan around and I'm so lucky to have this amazing little guy in my life!

When I asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he picked ice skating! I wasn't surprised since he's been begging to go again since the last time we went months ago :) then I asked who he wanted to come and he said "my family!" he said it kind of in a duh tone :) So that is exactly what we did. We invited his 1 cousin his age that lives by us and that side of the family over (and his practically cousins) for some cake and then went ice skating!

His cowboy hat cake

6 cowboy themed balloons

Happy boy!

Grandma Great reading him his card

ready for cake!

Love my happy boy!

The mama and the baby boy!
Logan is such a funny little skater! He only goes one speed on the ice and that is full speed! He fell several times but was right back up going again! His favorite part was when he finally got to race dad! All the kids seemed to have fun and when I took a break to get some pictures it was definitely entertaining to watch all those little ones out there!

ready to go!

Maren, Nathan, Logan and Kaiden

Karson, Justin and Brooklynn

Kaiden making faces and talking to grandpa

cute little Kai-Bug

Justin and James

Bear FINALLY stopped long enough for a picture :)

All my boys
It was a great outing. We finished his birthday with some meatlove and let him play with his new things. I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that my youngest needs two hands to show me how old he is! So happy he had a great birthday though! Love you Bear!

The results are in!

As you can see Picture #1 is definitely the winner with 66.7% of the votes! The other two weren't even close! The 6 or 7 texts I got were also for #1 so it's being sent off with the bio today and will be printed in the playbill! Thanks for your input and help!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Guess what?? Kaiden is going to have a picture and bio in the playbill at Desert Stars production of Jack and the Bean Dip! So cool! We wrote his little bio (there is a 2 sentence max) and now we are trying to decide on a picture to go with it! I have three pictures that are pretty much all the same but can't seem to decide which one to use ssoooooo I'm taking a vote! Which picture should we use to be published the night of the performances????




So I have had a lot of people ask if the picture is going to be in black and white or color...and to be honest I'm not sure. Here are the three pics in black and white though for those of you who were asking...not sure if it will change any votes or tell me :)




Monday, February 6, 2012

boys will be boys

I have decided that when my kids are grown and gone The noise I will miss but the smell I will Not! I decided this a long time ago actually and I've said it before but am saying it again, as I was just reminded once more while driving in the car full of boys :)

The twins were so sweaty when they got in the car today but they got there much slower than usual. When I asked what took them so long they told me they stayed after to help put up chairs (at this point in the day I was thinking "aren't they such nice boys") then to make up time they ran full speed the entire way from the school, through the playground and into the neighborhood where I park. They were both sweating bullets. They got in the car and took advantage of the fact that they were sweaty and began to work on their armpit farting because as any gross boy knows "they sound so much cooler when they are wet" (YUCK!) I quickly put an end to that so they moved to burping instead which led to other gross gaseous noises! (At this point in the day I was NOT thinking "what nice boys" but more like "what disgusting little creatures!") I dropped one of the twins off at his destination and talked to the 2 boys left about it not being funny or appropriate to be disgusting...just when I thought I was getting them to calm down  my youngest decided for some unknown reason to peel off his old, worn, stinky cowboy boots! Much to my horror he hadn't been wearing socks! Apparently the face I made was a hilarious reaction to the new smell combining with the sweat and gas because they erupted with laughter. He explained that he took his socks off after school and didn't have time to put them back on when we were leaving to get the twins so he just threw on the boots.
I rolled down my window, turned up the radio and gave up on any kind of proper behavior for the rest of the ride home.
Yep...the noise I will miss (maybe...) but the smell I will NOT! :)