Monday, February 6, 2012

boys will be boys

I have decided that when my kids are grown and gone The noise I will miss but the smell I will Not! I decided this a long time ago actually and I've said it before but am saying it again, as I was just reminded once more while driving in the car full of boys :)

The twins were so sweaty when they got in the car today but they got there much slower than usual. When I asked what took them so long they told me they stayed after to help put up chairs (at this point in the day I was thinking "aren't they such nice boys") then to make up time they ran full speed the entire way from the school, through the playground and into the neighborhood where I park. They were both sweating bullets. They got in the car and took advantage of the fact that they were sweaty and began to work on their armpit farting because as any gross boy knows "they sound so much cooler when they are wet" (YUCK!) I quickly put an end to that so they moved to burping instead which led to other gross gaseous noises! (At this point in the day I was NOT thinking "what nice boys" but more like "what disgusting little creatures!") I dropped one of the twins off at his destination and talked to the 2 boys left about it not being funny or appropriate to be disgusting...just when I thought I was getting them to calm down  my youngest decided for some unknown reason to peel off his old, worn, stinky cowboy boots! Much to my horror he hadn't been wearing socks! Apparently the face I made was a hilarious reaction to the new smell combining with the sweat and gas because they erupted with laughter. He explained that he took his socks off after school and didn't have time to put them back on when we were leaving to get the twins so he just threw on the boots.
I rolled down my window, turned up the radio and gave up on any kind of proper behavior for the rest of the ride home.
Yep...the noise I will miss (maybe...) but the smell I will NOT! :)

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