Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Festival of Colors!

A friend invited me to go to the Festival of Colors with her. I had never heard of it but I guess its some sort of celebration of Spring from India. Basically you become a giant walking tie-dye mess! There are count downs to throw colored chalk/powder type stuff in the air and in between the countdowns you throw it at each other. The more I talked to people and told them where I was going the more I realized I must be lame or something because a ton of my friends had gone before or were going this year too! Anyway all you Utah people should go at least once because it is quite the experience. If you have kids it's totally kid safe and they will love it! I was surprised how many kids were there actually (granted we went early Saturday morning..so maybe it gets crazier in the evening..). Anyway here are our awesome colorful pictures from the day and then a video from last years event!

We all started out so clean in our white t-shirts!

The kiddos

Dannette, Em and me

And ended up covered in color like this!

The powder is still in the air for this picture and it was SO hard to see

Not clean anymore!

This is Kaid already pretty colorful before the throwing

Logan before the actual throwing

The crowd getting ready

The chalky powder stuff

Look at all that color in the air especially in the bottom right corner!

Me and my sister

My boys (the 2 that went) and I

The camera guy

having fun throwing more!

Logan and his awesome hair!

We were covered front and back!

Kaid leaving his handprint

Logan leaving his handprint

The girlies

The Indian temple..can you see the hand prints all over??

What it looked like from the shuttle on our way back

All done and ready to go home!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brooklynn and Logan

The twins take piano lessons from my in-laws next door neighbor. Usually while they are practicing Logan watches a movie at Grandpa's or plays out in the sandbox. This time he got a special treat though-Brooklynn was getting babysat by Grandma and Grandpa. Meaning Logan got to have a friend to play with while he waited for his brothers to get done!
Logan and Brooklynn get so crazy together! They crack each other up and have so much fun! It is pretty entertaining to watch too! It was a nice day so they played out side and had so much fun together! Here are the pictures to prove it :)



Notice Brooklynn in the background looking so concerned :)

They were walking funny saying "I'm and old lady" and "I'm and old man" haha

racing each other to the fence from the van

Brooklynn chasing Logan
Brooklynn being silly and ferocious lol

Logan wanted a close up after Brooklynn was close up haha

Can you tell they are related?? lol
They thought the last two pictures were hilarious! They wanted to look at the two on my camera back and forth over and over. They were laughing so hard at how silly they looked. I love that they have so much fun together! Aren't they so silly and cute?!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something SUPER Exciting!!

Desert Star gave us the go on making a CD to sell! Meaning Kaiden got to go and professionally record the songs he sings in the play for a CD!! How cool is that?! His scheduled recording time was Saturday from 4-5:00 PM and he rocked it! There was only one song that gave him some trouble (he kept trying to sing it lower than he was supposed to for some reason) and he had to do several takes but the others he nailed right off the bat! Such a cool experience for him!

He wanted Grandma Allen to come with to watch and she was of course more than happy to come :) It was so cool to see the big mic and the recording equipment. He felt kind of silly at first singing some notes while they figured out the volume and some other technical stuff but once he got to sing his solo his nerves seemed to calm down and he sang clearly and awesome!
The only down side (if you can even call it that) is that because Kaiden's solo in the play is a spoof of Le Poisson (from The Little Mermaid) his song won't be able to be on the CD that they sell (Disney could sue Desert Star since they will be making money off the song). Buuuut Kelly (the AMAZING lady in charge of the kids production) let him go ahead and record it and she is going to give us a copy of his solo recording so that we can have a copy for friends and family! How cool is it that he gets to record ANYTHING at all and then on top of that she is gonna go ahead and let us have a copy of his solo! I am so excited to hear it! :)

After recording his solo he sang the other songs he is part of and did awesome on those too! I can't wait to hear the finished CD with everyone's voices meshed together and see his name published on the CD!

Outside feeling good after his recording session!

Going over some things before they record!

He's so little next to the mic he needed a stool

look at that smile sneaking across his face!

finishing up
I love the experience this play is giving him and I especially love that he is loving it so much!
Opening night is in 2 weeks! Can't wait to see the play!

...in with the new!

WooHoo!!! The new carpet came! 
Of course I LOVE that our carpet is in because it feels so soft, looks so good and smells so wonderful but I love for another reason too...I love that I get to put my house back together and be done with remodeling for a while! The change is great when it's done but in the process having to move things into other rooms and feel like chaos and messes are everywhere was driving me nuts!
Take a look at our house put back together!

The boys were pretty excited about the new carpet too!

Before the guy showed up to put in our carpet Logan took advantage of having that big cement room with nothing in it and did a little roller blading :)

The guy came and was awesome! He let the kids watch and ask questions without seeming annoyed by them and he loved our art work :) He worked quickly and we love the finished outcome!

So happy it's in, done, and so soft to walk on!

Out with the old....

Ripping up the first of the carpet!

We ripped out our carpet Friday night! The boys did as much as they could but that stuff is heavy!!

trying to roll it up to carry it

getting another strip

Hauling it out of the house!
Once we moved all the furniture out and got all the carpet and padding pulled out we decided to trace our body outlines on the cement floor. Sounds fun, huh! I wish I could take credit for the awesome idea but I actually stole it from my best friend and her family. When we were younger her parents replaced their carpet and let everyone put there body on the floor. 
It's a great idea for multiple reasons. 1. If we ever move the next people who ever do anything to the floor will find all our bodies and be left wondering if there was a massacre or just a bunch of crazy's that lived here before them. Or 2. if we are living here in the far future and change the flooring again we will get to see all our bodies again!

Justin and Julie

Kaiden being the morbid little guy he is asked if he could do half his body in one spot and the other half in another! Logan then decided that was so cool that he wanted his in two halves also! Weird little boys haha.

Karson and Kaiden's morbid outline

Logan (notice his face while we trace) and his morbid outline

Since I stole the idea from my friend I of course had her come put her body on the floor too! She's pregnant so she laid on her side so we could get the baby bump and it's awesome! (Sorry again for the elephant bird Linds but don't worry I'm not posting a pic of that LOL)

Lindsay, Baby McKay and James

Em and David

our floor covered in bodies!
 We are ready for new carpet now!!!