Friday, April 20, 2012

injured and sweet boys

Justin was leaving for Scout camp today and as he was getting ready to leave I noticed the garbage was heaped and needed taken out. I said to him"gee... I hope I survive the weekend without the trash can...." (hint hint take out the trash please) Kaiden happened to be in the room when I said that. He walked over pulled out the trash bag (without spilling might I add) and as he was walking out the door he said "don't worry mama you'll survive" he then gave me his sweet smile and took the trash out. I LOVE the moments where they are being good kids and helping out without being asked! It seriously made my whole day!! What a sweetie! I never knew getting the trash taken out could make me so happy :)

Last night Logan's head met Karsons face in a collision and resulted in Karson chipping one of his permanent teeth. He came inside crying, drooling and holding a chunk of tooth. Ah the joys of raising boys. We couldn't find a dentist open last night so we had to wait till morning to get in (It was a small chip so we weren't too worried).
Anywho this morning we were on our way to check Karson out of school to take him to the dentist when out of nowhere Logan says to me "mom, do you get babies from the doctor or the dentist?" I couldn't help but laugh out loud! I sometimes just don't understand how that little boys mind works! How he arrived to that question is beyond me! And luckily me laughing totally distracted him and entertained him and I didn't have to even give an answer!
OH and good news Karsons tooth will be totally fine. We go back in so they can fill in where it chipped.

Logan had his routine check up last week and of course it didn't go routinely. When the dr. was rotating his legs and checking him out he said it hurt one of his legs. She asked if he'd been complaining at all and I told her he has been having leg aches at night (as does most of my family) but other than that no. She decided to do x-rays to check if things were growing and lined up properly and get some blood work. The X-Rays were of his left hip and on one of them it was a full frontal view...well when he got a chance to look at the xray I was totally embarrassed at what he had to say! When we called his dad the first thing he told him was "dad I got to see something kind of embarrassing....and there are no bones in there!!!!!!!" He was so fascinated by that!
The blood draw was kind of cute. He closed his eyes, tensed up, gritted his teeth and said "Just do it fast! Just do it fast!" She stuck him and said "ok that was it now we are getting the blood and we're almost done". He looked down surprised and watched her take his blood. She had to remind him to breathe and once he did she got her sample faster. But he didn't cry or whine or anything. When she was all done he said "Hey! that kind of hurt!" haha. He is so silly.
Results are in and he was low on iron and needs to take a pill but other than that he's healthy! Yay!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baptism Announcement Photos!

My little twinlets are turning 8 in a month! Can you believe it??? I sure can't! I wanted to take some pics of the boys so we can make a cute announcement to send out to friends and family inviting them to the baptism. 

Saturday we had some free time and it wasn't storming so we decided to go ahead and take a few. The boys both picked the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for the photo shoot. I wasn't expecting to get very good pictures (it was more a practice run type thing because it was so last minute) but they had so much fun and we actually got some cute pics I think I'll call it good and use what we got! It's by no means professional quality but I think they'll do just fine. I love that they are so good about taking pictures! They don't complain and really know how to ham it up! We've always gotten compliments about how well they do for pictures :) 
Next to the temple is this big field with rock walls that looked so cool so we pulled over and got a few pics of the boys there too! Now we just need to narrow it down and make the announcement! 
YIKES it's all getting so real and coming so fast!!


Can't believe my Karson is going to be 8 soon!

Look at that stud!

This boy is such a good example to me and I love him!


Look at my sweet Kaiden!

Handsome boy!

My Kaiden is so thoughtful and sweet!

My Twinlets Together

One of my favorites! They are so handsome!

Perfect time of year for outdoor pictures with everything in bloom

Love how happy they are in this one!

They love this one! Kinda looks like Kaid is a superhero coming and grabbing Karson :)

Brotherly love! They are the best of friends (most days) :)

Goofing around having fun

More playing as the storm rolls in

Logan had a lot of fun running around while brothers took pictures

Getting ready to head for the car as the rain started to fall

One of the collages I'm messing around with for a possible announcement :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ding Dong the Van is Dead!

Well okay so technically it's not dead but it's gone!!! I have been wanting to get rid of that thing pretty much since we bought it! We had three kids in carseats though and couldn't fit in a car (believe me we tried) and we weren't in a position where we could afford anything but a van at the time. Everyone who knows me knows I never wanted a van! We were teased by our friends relentlessly because they knew neither of us wanted to be driving a van (don't worry most of them now drive minivans now too haha!). One of my friends saw a bumper sticker that said "I'm too sexy for this car" and immediately called to tell me she thought of me lol. Yep I think it's safe to say I won't miss that old thing.

I have to say that van was good to us though. We had it for years and it wasn't until the past 2 years or so that we had any issues with it but when it started to have issues it really started havimg them! We replaced the computer (ouch! Pricey!), injector, plugs, injector harness, wires, power steering pump, struts, battery and brakes after every road trip or stroll up the canyon. Obviously it didn't need it all at once but over the course of the past 2 years it was turning into one thing after another. The poor car wanted to die but Justin kept bringing it back to life! Most recently it had the check engine light stuck on (an evap code), needed power steering pump, power steering ram, cv axles and brakes and roders. We finally decided it was turning itno a money pit and was getting to be unreliable so we decided to start shopping for a new car. We have been looking since the beginning of the year on and off and we finally found the car we wanted for an awesome price (thanks to an internet type-o that they had to honor)!
They looked up our car with all the issues it has and it was only worth about $1400. They offered us $1100 and we decided to go ahead and trade it in and not deal with the hassle of having to sell it ourselves.

So what did we get???? A Nissan Pathfinder! It had third row seating (my #1 requirment) and will be able to tow our toys (Justin's #1 requirment). It is pretty and decent on gas (for an SUV) and I LOVE it!!
Take a look!
YAY No more van!!!!!!!

Interior. I'm still trying to figure out what everything does. I do love the back up camera though!


Every single seat can lay down (even the two still up in the pic)

Sun roof...not really a big fan of sunroofs but the kids sure love it!

Happy Easter

So real quickly before I get to the Easter festivities I have to write this story down so I don't forget it and it's so appropriate for Easter.

While sitting in Sacrament meeting on Sunday one of the people sharing their testimony was talking about the atonement and how Christ wants us all to return home and live in Heaven. Kaiden was sitting next to me and asked "Mom do you think you'll go to Heaven?" It made me stop and think...hmmm Would I go to Heaven?...their are A LOT of things I still need to work on and improve...I quickly answered "yes" though thinking this would appease him and I could quietly contemplate to myself while listening to the other testimonies. Much to my surprise he started crying and said "I don't think I'm going to go to Heaven mama" I was shocked and wasn't sure I heard right through the tears. "What?" I asked. He was sobbing and said "I don't think I can go to Heaven mommy because I said a naughty word and didn't repent" Then I was even more surprised. "When did you swear?" "Remember mom, at the store a long time ago I said a naughty word and you told me not to say it and I forgot to repent when I got home and now I remembered!" (I honestly am still not sure what he's talking about but he remembered quite well!)
He was seriously so distraught over this! If it wasn't so sad seeing him cry I might have laughed!
I was able to calm him down and assure him that he could still go to heaven and it wasn't to late to repent. When we got home we talked some more about it and he was able to pray. It was like a weight was lifted off of him! It was a great testimony building experience for my little guy and I'm so grateful he was able to learn about something that will be so important throughout his life at such a young age.

It was great to be reminded that there is nothing to small or to big in life that should stand between us and our Father in Heaven. Now that he is feeling good about making it to heaven again I can go back to that original I think I'll go to heaven?....I hope I keep that question in my mind throughout my daily activities to help me make progress towards making it.
I LOVE my kids and I LOVE the lessons they teach me daily!

As for our festivities we kept it mellow and simple this Easter. We had an egg hunt and dinner with family on Thursday. Then Sunday the bunny came and we spent the rest of the day together at home. We also dyed eggs but I didn't get any pictures of that :(. I did get some pictures at the egg hunt though and of the baskets. Enjoy :)

all the kiddos getting ready to go egg hunting

Girls went first then the boys :)

Logan finding some eggs

Kaiden and Karson

teamwork to try to get the one out of the tree

still can't get it

Brooklynn and the twins finding some eggs

enjoying the candy

happy boys!

All the kiddos and their baskets

the bunny came!

hiding behind their baskets so we can't see their underwear lol

Friday, April 6, 2012

Closing Night/Cast Party

Look at that cute boy hamming it up! :)
Closing night was by far the best performance! By that night the kids were extra cheesy because they had gotten so comfortable with everything and the technical stuff moved much quicker. Kaiden got sick backstage (I think from over heating). He had to wear a turtle neck and that big red sweater and under the lights and backstage is SUPER hot! They came and grabbed me to go backstage and check on him. We went outside and it seemed to help and he calmed down. He went out on stage and you would have never known anything was wrong when he sang his song and performed. He is so cute!!

We had more family and friends come Saturday and one of my friends kids even asked for an autograph as did some family! (Thanks Tecia your kid made my kid feel like a rockstar! And Jenni Kaiden already loves you to death but asking for his autograph I think made him love you even more if that's even possible!)
Kaiden is already asking when he can do another play! So happy he had so much fun! We loved our experience at Desert Star! Kelly taught the kids tips on auditioning, proper terminology and technique all while keeping it fun for the kids. She is amazingly patient and such a good teacher! We love her!

Chef Pipsqueak and Jack scared of Mrs. Pipsqueak approaching

Solo in the Olio


Lovin the tambourine! :)

Final Wave

Flowers for Kelly from the cast

Group Hug
A few more of Kaidens awesome fans :)

Kaiden and Jenni

Uncle Bran, Kaiden and Aunt Heather

Kaiden and Grandma Cindi

Emmy and Kaid

Emmy and Kim with Kaiden

Hailey, Abby and Kaiden

Brooklynn and Maren liked it so much they came again! :)

Showing off his closing night gifts from Auntie, Grandma Cindi and Mom and Dad

Kaiden gave Kelly some flowers and made her a cute card. He had so much fun working with her and we are so grateful for the awesome opportunity she gave Kaiden.

Kaiden and Kelly with her flowers

Opening his keepsake gift from mom and dad

Opening his gift from Auntie

The following Monday there was a cast party for the kids and their families. They got their T-shirts, played games, told funny stories, ate pizza and ice cream and signed each others playbills. It was a lot of fun! All the kids seem to really like each other and have great families! Everyone is really supportive of one another and it was just such a positive fun experience overall!

Parker and Kaiden
Cyra (his wife) and Kaiden