Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catch Up....Again

It hasn't even been that long since I blogged last but already so much has happened!

The program

The twins had their very first piano recital! There were 3 highlights I want to mention.

First would be when Karson got was doing his first song Kaiden leaned over to Becki and said "he doesn't always get this part right...I hope he does good!" He was so nervous for his brother. When Karson was done Kaiden was so excited for him and gave him a big high 5! I love how special their relationship is. They care for each other, encourage each other and yes sometimes try to kill each other but mostly they love each other.

Second would have to be listening to Karson mutter under his breath. I sat on the front row and as he played he would whisper "shoot" or groan like he was messing up. It was so funny! To my untrained ear I honestly couldn't hear any mistakes but he kept going and I think he was proud of himself for doing it.

Lastly would be that Grandpa Allen was able to come. He is still not feeling 100% and the treatments he's doing are making him even more sick but he surprised us and was able to come watch. The boys were so happy! They love spending time with him and miss him when he's not feeling well. We are so grateful for his good days and continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Kaiden, Sister Tarr (their piano teacher) and Karson


Kaiden playing Book of Mormon Stories (his favorite) from memory

Grandpa and Grandma Allen

Grandma and Grandpa Durfey

Karson and Kaiden also turned 8 years old! It still hasn't sunk in all the way that they are eight years old! Because they are getting baptised and we had a ton of family coming in from out of town we didn't do a Birthday party with friends this year (even years family, odd years friends). They still had plenty of fun celebrating though!
Auntie came over on Wednesday and gave them presents. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking as far as wether or not they enjoyed their gifts haha But I think it's safe to say that a.) they loved their gifts and b.) my children are total hams!

Karson excited before he even opened it lol

Kaiden loving the Ferb Pez

Pure joy!

He LOVES this hat! He wanted it so bad and auntie got it for him :)

Notice Brooklynn's cheesy smile haha it must run in the family :) Auntie spoiled them rotten! They got Pez dispensers, Lego stuff, models with model paint, whistling darts (I think as payback for the nailpolish we got Brooklynn heehee) and of course the hat.

Sunday we had a BBQ with Grandma and Grandpa Allen.
We gave the boys their presents and they seemed happy with everything they got. They each got a new suit, scriptures w/their name on it, scripture case, scripture stickers and most impressive (to them) a real tie! Justin showed them how to tie it and they practiced over and over! They love feeling so grown up! Shawn and RaeLene got the boys their Scout shirts and all the badges and things that go with (thank goodness! Suits, scriptures and all the other "8 year old gifts" are not cheap and times that by 2 was not fun! haha).
They were actually more excited about all their gifts than I thought they would be. They wanted to try on and model their suits right then :) After practicing tying ties for a while we finally decided to make them change so we could have dessert.
Karson asked for Peanut Butter spiderman cupcakes w Peanut Butter frosting and Kaiden asked for Vanilla shark cupcakes with Strawberry frosting. I'd never made Strawberry frosting or any part of the peanut butter request but they turned out pretty yummy. Especially the peanut butter ones (delicious!).

ready to open presents



Dad showing Kaid how to tie a tie

Dad showing Kar how to tie a tie

My handsome boys showing off their new suits and scriptures

Peanut Butter Spiderman cupcake

Strawberry shark fin poking out of strawberry frosting (thank goodness it dyed blue!)

OH I almost forgot! We got them pogo sticks too! They count how many hops they get before they tip over and they are both up to ninety-some-odd jumps now. I'll have to get pic.s of them actually using them :)
The other day I saw one of them dragging the pogo stick onto the trampoline! I know exactly what he was thinking..."If I can jump this high on the ground think how high I'll get on the trampoline!" Thank goodness we caught it before he actually jumped and put a hole in the brand new trampoline! They never cease to amaze me with the crazy ideas they come up with!

Okay this post is getting enormous so I'll wrap it up with some Mothers Day love.
I have some awesome kids! I got spoiled with all kinds of cards, books, drawings, food jewelry, hugs and kisses!
My hubby gave me the greatest gift ever...he washed, dried, folded and put away all the dirty laundry! For those of you who know me well and know how much I LOATHE doing laundry you will understand how awesome a gift that is :) He also took me out to dinner, made me breakfast in bed and cleaned the entire house. I'm one spoiled mama and am so grateful for my family!

Some of my Mothers Day love

Justin took his mom to a concert for Mothers Day & I love this pic of the 2 of them & had to share it :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Karson and Kaiden

Mommy and my twinlets

Remember when you were little and chubby and squishy?? We lived in Arizona and you were tanned little roly poly babies :) I think your favorite stories are about when we lived in Arizona and the adventures we had there.

"if I can't see you, you can't see me! Right?" haha
You've both been so mischievous, curious and energetic since the day you were born! I think your other favorite stories are about the crazy things you do together!

climbing up the air mattress that our guests sleep on when they visit

What one doesn't think of the other does. You are each others partners in crime :)

you loved this toy
Remember when you kept trying to slide down the slide on this toy? We all laughed so hard! You loved that toy and we loved watching you figure it out!

Karson being just like Grandpa

Kaiden and Grandma
We moved back to Utah which meant you were able to spend lots more time with Grandma and Grandpa. They spoil you and love you! You love it and love them :)

Silly boys
Kaiden brave enough to poke his finger in with the bird :)

You've both got so much personality! I LOVE hanging out with you two! There is never a dull moment when you two are together.

Team work

You are intelligent and creative which is great....most of the time :).

Kaiden found an arrow on his early morning walk

You are early risers. So is Grandpa. You loved early morning talks with him when we lived with him. Remember hanging out with him when it was "blue dark"? :) I loved listening to you jabber with each other when you were babies and then carry conversations once you were older.

At Pre-k graduation
 You went to pre-school and loved singing A Tooty Ta at graduation.

First day of Kindergarten

Then came Kindergarten. Remember the first day of school? You weren't at all nervous! You were in different classes and it was your first time on your own. Daddy stayed home and went with us to the school. You were brave. You were the smallest in your classes. You marched right into class and didn't even look back. Mommy cried.

sunburned and cheesy boys!

The giant watermelon you grew!

School got out and we had vacations and lots of fun. You're all still so little you can curl up on each other in the car and nap. You helped grow the garden. You were so proud of your watermelon! It was delicious!

first day of 1st grade
being silly while getting fire wood in the winter

climbing a rock on our hike
Then came 1st grade! You were gone all day. Mom cried even harder that day. The year flew by so fast though! You learned so much.

first day of 2nd grade
Now here we are in second grade. Your'e in the same class and are doing fantastic. Karson you are top of your class in math and Kaiden you are top of your class in Spelling. You tricked your teacher and switched places this year. Mom and Dad tried to scold you but we mostly laughed. Mrs. Rowley is your teacher and she says you have stolen her heart.

Kaid on Kar

Kar on Kaid
 You are still the best of friends.

Silly boys

making fishy faces at the fish
 You are silly and so much fun to be around.

being a good big brother
 You are both so sweet and thoughtful.

Grandpa helping them find trouble

striking matches

climbing the poor tiny tree
working on the roof
You are (if possible) even more mischievous then ever! But you love hard work and service. You love being with Dad. You love the Book of Mormon and are so diligent about reading it. You are good Valiant boys. You are forgiving. You are loving. You are smart. You both have many talents. You are so similar and at the same time you are so different. And lucky for me you are mine! Mine to watch after and care for.

I love our special little birthday morning tradition. I love that even though this year was the eighth time you've heard my silly story mingled with tunes you still giggled. :) I am so lucky to be your mom! Happy 8th Birthday to my Karsa-roo and Kai-bug! The past 8 years have been the quickest but best 8 years of my life! I love you!

Love, Mom