Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six Pack

While driving around delivering treats the boys got bored and discovered something new about themselves. So here is how the conversation went.....

Karson: Hey Look! I already have a six pack

Kaiden: Hey me too

Logan: How do you make it so you can see your six pack

Kaiden: Logan, You just pretend you have to poo

Logan: (grunting with all his might)

Me: (glance back and see that Karson really does have a six pack...couldn't see Kaid because he was behind me but I'm sure he really does have a six pack also)

Logan: (sounding a little disappointed) I only have a two pack....

Karson: Mom, did dad have a six pack

Me: A long time ago...he probably still does it's just hard to see under all (heehee)

Logan: (sounding happier) I'm like dad!

The next day when Evan was in the car the boys were kind enough to educate him on how to see your six pack too. Luckily "I gotta feeling" came on the radio and distracted them all from "pretending to poo" in my back seat :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thinking of Carter and his mommy...

Today I am remembering a precious baby boy named Carter. I'm remembering how in his short life I was one of the few lucky people who got to babysit him. His mommy and daddy went to the temple for a family function and I was able to feed him, hold him and even showed him off to some family that stopped by. The boys were so fascinated with him. Logan wanted to hold him the whole time. I let him for about 30 seconds and snapped a picture then went back to hogging him all to myself.

Carter's mommy posted this on her facebook page and I love it so much I wanted to cry when I read it.

That goes along perfectly with THIS story that I read. Life is hard and we don't always understand it or like it- but life is good. It's unpredictable, exciting, puzzling, silly, fun and often hectic. Life is SO good.
As I watch my best friend remember who she was before heartache and start to enjoy life again all while keeping Carter in her heart it truly inspires me. She will never forget her baby. She will never "get over" the heartache or loss. She will never be the same as before. But she is finding a new  self that can still live and experience and laugh. She. Is. Amazing. And we will never forget her sweet boy. Happy Birthday Carter!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brooklynn's 1st Dance Recital


My adorable niece had her very first dance recital and she was SO cute! She did such a good job! :) So proud of her! (Side note: In my SIL's words "just ignore the spaz next to Brooklynn while watching the video haha)

I made her a yummy cookie boquet

Brooklynn and her cookies

Some of her fans congratulating her :)

Happy girl and a silly boy having fun after the recital.


Look how big these boys are getting! Scouts?! Already?! Aren't they just the cutest little scouts ever though! :)

Kaid and Kar being silly

My cute little scouts
They love that they get to go to scouts now! They have been twice now and each week they get their uniforms on hours before its time to go and can't wait to leave. They jump out of the car and come back so excited to tell me all about what they did. I hope they keep their enthusiasm for scouts as the excitement of it being new wears off.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stitches. Darn that lunch lady!

The last day of school Kaiden got stitches. He was so upset...not that his head was split open and bleeding but that he was going to miss the last day of school!

How did this happen? I blame the lunch lady! It's a long story.

We woke up and were in a hurry to get ready so we could stop at Macey's before school. We made it to Macey's, rushed through the store to the card aisle and were hurrying to the check out line. As I stood in line to check out I turned to check that all the boys were with me and that they weren't fingering all the candy that sits in the check out line (whoever thought that candy at the checkout line was a good idea is an idiot...or a genius...or hates moms!) and that's when I saw Kaiden.

He was walking slowly with his hand to his head doing that silent cry thing. I braced myself for the scream. Actually it never came though. Looking back I'm quite impressed. When he finally caught his breath he just kind of whimpered. I had him and his brother run to the bathroom and get paper towels while I paid (I know horrible mother...but what I was buying was for the kids teacher and it was the last day of school...don't judge me haha). He came back calm but pretty bloody (I guess once you hit your second or third time needing stitches and have seen all your brothers get stitches too the shock or worry isn't as bad...remember we're not judging me lol).

When I looked at it I knew he would need stitches. I told the boys we were going to drop Karson off at school (with my Maceys purchase of course) and then Kaid would have to go get stitches. Holy cow! End of the world! He was crying and begging me to let him go to school! "Please mom! Just take me after school! It's a short day! It can wait! I want to see my teacher and my friends!"

We got to school and his teacher was out helping the crossing guard kids that day. She told Kaiden to hurry and get stitches and then he could come have fun at school. Sandy (the office lady) put gauze and tape and all kinds of stuff on it for him (she is so sweet). The giant gauze on his head actually made it look worse than it was so we received prompt medical attention at the InstaCare when we got there haha. The nurse came right out and put some numbing stuff on it then a cotton ball then she wrapped tape all the way around his head to hold it on...weird. He looked pretty ridiculous while we waited for it to go numb and he was not happy about missing school and not happy that I took pictures. lol.

doesn't he look thrilled! lol

ready to stitch

All stitched up

He was all numbed, stitched and back at school within 45 minutes! Once we got to school he skipped off to class as if nothing happened. I love how resilient kids are.

How was that the lunch lady's fault? Well I'll tell you but it's going to make me look like a worse parent than I already do (hard to believe what with checking out at Maceys while my child bled and admitting my kids have all had stitches multiple times haha).

At our school rather than sending out a note that says when your kids lunch account is getting low or a bi-weekly or monthly statement the lunch lady waits until your kids account is empty and has eaten then sends out a note that says how much your kids account is in the negative. I'm one of those horrible parents who always waits until I get the note that says they ran out of money before I pay again (sorry. lunch money is not on my brain. It's not like they ever go without eating. I know. I'm sounding better and better by the minute haha) I'm not the only one so don't judge me! Most of you reading this do the same thing and I know because we talk about it! haha.

So the whole year long their accounts went negative probably 5 or 6 times for however much school lunch costs for a day or two depending on how long it took the kids to show me the note. Two weeks before school got out I paid the boys account and actually figured the math on how much to pay for a week and then planned on just packing home lunch for the boys the last week.

The day before the last day of school I forgot to pack a drink. They went through the line to get a .25 cent milk. She would not let their account go negative .25 cents because it was close to the last day of school. My kids then decided to go to their teacher and whine that "the lunch lady didn't let us go through the line because my mom didn't put money in there..." yada yada yada. I think the teacher thought the kids didn't have food and that they were going to starve so she gave them each lunch money! (super grateful she is awesome like that but not loving how crappy I'm looking lol).

So the kids tell me the story and all I can think is "Oh great! It looks like I'm starving my kids! Thank goodness she knows me and probably doesn't really think I'm as crappy a parent as I look!" We went and got a gift card to an ice cream place (she likes ice cream) to thank her and got money to repay her. Then we were stopping at Macey's in the morning to get a card for the gift card and money to go in.
So we get to Macey's.
Find a card.
We hurry to the check out line.
As Kaiden rounded the corner on the aisle, to get to the check out line, he ran smack into the corner of one of the metal shelves.
And I blamed the lunch lady for not just letting their account go negative .25 cents.

Now I know it wasn't really the poor lunch lady's fault. Don't worry. I didn't actually go blame her. I just vented my frustration to my husband, while telling him what was going on, by irrationally blaming it on a poor unsuspecting lunch lady. After the night I had before the stitches (different story for a different day) It certainly made me feel better about the situation :)

Twins Baptism

The boys planned their entire baptism. They picked the speakers, who would pray, the songs, who would lead, who play piano, who would baptize them and even the program paper we used. They made all the phone calls to ask. Thank you to everyone who participated. You were all so cute with them when they called. They were so excited about all of it!  

Next I have to publicly thank the awesome people who helped me get things ready and helped keep me sane that week! Thank you to my awesome friends and family for everything!! Lindsay, staying up late frosting 120 CTR shield cookies and "it's great to be 8" cupcakes the night before the baptism while laughing our guts out, you are the best! She kept my sanity and was a huge help! (Thank you to Lindsay's mommy for letting us borrow her trays at the last minute too!) Both Emily's helped a ton and so did my MIL. My mom and brother got into town while we were frosting and helped play with kids and provide us some entertainment. I had so much help and things went so smoothly thanks to all the helping hands I have in my life. LOVE my family and friends SO much!

Baptism Day came.
Karson and Kaiden were both bursting with excitement!
The boys told us the story of Mr. Stephenson falling in the pool at his baptism. They laughed so hard telling us the story. We took a picture of them pretending to fall in.
Josh gave a great talk that compared Christ choosing the right, leading the way and showing us by example to Karson and Kaiden choosing the right and leading the way by example for their little cousins.
We sang "I'll seek the Lord Early". Kaiden sang loud enough for nearly everyone to hear him over the congregation.
When it was time to go to the font they both literally jumped up from their chairs! They were dunked. For what seemed like a really long time to me.
Grandpa was well enough to baptize Kaiden.
RaeLene spoke and gave the boys a wonderful book to help teach them to recognize the Holy Ghost. They were confirmed.
The circle of grandpa's, uncles and the boys buddy from church was so big I had to move my chair back.
We have a ginormous supportive group of family and friends so the room was packed. I wish I would have taken a picture of everyone in the room for the boys to have.
I'm not the most eloquent speaker and I've been procrastinating this post because I keep waiting for the words that will describe that day and do it justice to come to mind. They still haven't come. How do you describe the many wonderful feelings from such an important day? I don't know.

I do know that I have A LOT of pictures from that day. I won't post ALL of them (I seriously wanted to document everything! haha) but here are a bunch!

Some of the cupcakes. Forgot a pic of the cute shield cookies.
cool plaque from uncle Josh and Aunt Kelsey

Opening gift from Grandma Cindi


Dad and Kar

Grandpa and Kaid

Mommy and her twinlets

Kar pretending to fall in the font

Kaid pretending to fall in the font

Mrs. Rowley (their school teacher) who they love! She played piano for us :)

"Mr. Stephenson" and Sister Stephenson their primary teachers

Grandma Allen had lei's made for the boys

Lindsay and most of our boys


Family photo...Logan being a goof :)

The boys, Great Grandpa Young, Great Grandpa Allen, Dad and Grandpa Allen

Seeing who can smile bigger :)

The boys and Grandma and Grandpa Allen

Great Grandpa and Grandma Durfey

Grandma and Grandpa Durfey

Uncle Bran and Aunt Heather

Uncle Josh

I am one proud mama!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Just wanted to post this pic as a reminder to myself that maybe in between all the things I haven't got figured out about parenting, just maybe I am doing something right...or maybe it will serve as a reminder to the boys that they can be sweet when they want to be....either way this is proof that in between all the wrestling, yelling, rough housing and fighting...they really do love each other :)

Kaid wasn't feeling well and Kar took care of him on the way home.
Kaid all snuggled up to his brother and Kar rubbing Kaids back to make him feel better.