Monday, July 30, 2012

Still Day 4 The Beach

The rest of Saturday was spent at the beach! We saw haystack rock, played in the sand and splashed in the waves! The Oregon beach is so different because it's right next to such thick forest! It is gorgeous!

Kaiden collected sea shells, Karson tried to outrun waves and Logan built a castle. Even in the middle of July it was only 70 degrees at the beach. My family kept apologizing for the weather and telling me just last week had been hot (80's lol) and perfect for going to the beach but coming from 100 degree weather in Utah it was a welcome change :)

Relaxing at the beach was a perfect end for the vacation! We spent the rest of the evening with family then headed for the long 13 hour ride home the next day early in the morning. And I'm happy to report my flowers from the Farmers Market made it clear home and lasted another week at my house


OH and did I mention Kaiden left his flip flops at the beach?? That makes us down TWO pairs of flip flops this trip! Which is why I always buy extra's when they are a dollar at Old Navy! :)

The Ocean!

Forest and Ocean

Almost to Haystack rock

We made it to the beach!

Kar outrunning the waves

Kaid and one of his many shells

Logan working on a castle

All the boys in the water


Em and I doing a photo remake :)

Justin and David

In front of Haystack rock

Closer to the rock

cute boys enjoying the beach

mud ball fight

Mountains and Ocean

my boys

cute little house right off the beach

David built a tunnel

Goodbye Ocean!






Day 4 Tillamook/Astoria

Tillamook! Is it weird to say that I LOVE cheese? Oh well because I do! And Tillamook is some of the best!
To get to the factory and watch them make it and sample cheese to our hearts content we had to travel through the Tillamook National Forest. Did you know it's not just a cheese but a forest and town also?? The forest is packed full of giant green trees! There are probably more trees in that one forest than in the whole state of Utah combined! And they are big! So it's a really cool drive.

Once we got to the factory we watched an learned about the process then of course got some Tillamook ice cream from the creamery. Then made our way down to the sample line! We sampled every cheese (some not so good) and then of course purchased more cheese to take with us!

We took pictures in the Loaf Love tour vehicle and will be watching for it to come to Utah :)

Astoria is near Tillamook so we decided to go across the Astoria-Megler bridge. It is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America. Its is a whopping 21,474 feet long (that's just over 4 miles!!)! I couldn't even fit the whole thing in one picture it's so long so there are multiple pictures of the bridge while we were getting on, on it and getting off it :) Google it and you can see some amazing pictures from the professionals :)

We went on a double decker bridge on the way to Tillamook

Green stuff grows everywhere and the cities are so layered


Tillamook forest

Bear being silly in the car

So many trees!

Made it to the cheese factory!

Silly boys

cutting the cheese then packaging it

the kiddos watching

still watching

mmmmm yummy ice cream!


So much CHEESE!

My squeaky cheese and ice cream!

Justins new favorite cheese

little baby loafs for the kiddos

in the loaf love tour


first bit of the bridge

Still more bridge!

Heading up the ramp to the bridge

On the bridge

STILL on the bridge with A LOT more to go!

More bridge

coming off the bridge

More thick trees

Day 3 Seattle

Seattle is like no other city in the world. I absolutely LOVE the Farmers Market there! If you are after fish, flowers or fruit it's the place for you! If you want coffee, jewelry or bags it's the place for you! If you want antiques, pastries, magic junk or pretty much anything else in the world, guess what? Yep! The Farmers Market is the place for you! It's all local and original stuff too! The only chain store they allow in is Starbucks (for obvious reasons). It's multiple streets on multiple levels. You walk into a shop on one side and come out on a different street and different level. Crazy but so cool!

And of course anytime we do anything we have to add our own element of crazy or adventure....Logan's flip flop broke. We had to carry him around all over the streets of Seattle till we found a Walgreens to get another pair of flip flops! haha

While walking around looking for flip flops we came across the gum wall! You go down this kind of back alley place and there is a wall literally covered in old chewed gum! It is so disgustingly cool! The germophobe in me couldn't bring myself to add to the grossness but I did get a picture of it.

Then my sweet hubby got me flowers from the market (which made it all the way home!). Good thing too since later that night he spilled Dr. Pepper ALL over my lap while we were on our date ;).

And of course what trip to Seattle would be complete without a trip up the Space Needle?! Justin had never been so he was very excited. It was super windy that day so we went out on the deck just to take some pics then did most of our viewing up top inside. It was a busy fun day and when we got home the kids were ready to plop on the bed and pass out!

First glimpse of Seattle

Famous fish throwing market

LOTS of fish in Seattle

Pretty flowers

More berries and nuts than I've ever seen were here!

Old school Starbucks and old school band


Kaid and the gum wall (so happy the boys didn't want to touch it! haha)

Justin pretending to add to it

shoeless little boy

new shoes

Me and my flowers

My pretty flowers making the long journey home :)

creepy old palm reader we let the kids get their fortune told :)

Space Needle

Looking down at the gift shop while we wait to get on the elevator to go to the top

In the elevator

Water view

City view

family photo on the needle

my hubby and me

Kaid and I inside enjoying the view

Me and my kidlets

The boys showing off their penny souvenir

at the bottom of the space needle

Kaid helping Kar climb haha

When the maids made our beds they made sure to animal was comfortable :)

Kaid laying down and the others getting ready to pass out too

Free photo from the Space Needle

I have video from on top of the space needle that I'll have to post when blogger isn't being difficult.