Saturday, July 14, 2012

Car Conversations

On the way home from Brigham City we had some fascinating conversations!
This one had both Justin and I laughing pretty good!

Kaid: "Hey mom. When your old. Like 43. You won't be able to see well. And you'll have to put your hands out and feel around so you don't run into things. And you'll be like 'Hey this feels like wood' and you'll be like 'Hey this Tastes like wood'

Me interrupting him: "Okay where is this conversation going??"

Kaid: "Nowhere. I just wanted to let you know."

Yikes! I had no idea I had so little time before becoming old, going blind and eating wood! lol

On this super long (1 hour) drive the boys decided their new life dream is to have a tree house! The conversation about what it should look like and what it should have inside got pretty elaborate by the time we reached our driveway!

Kaid: "Lets have a bridge!

Kar: "And a slide"

Logan: "And a latter that we can pull up!" And a secret door so nobody know's how to get in!"

Kaid: "And a diving board! We can jump from our treehouse to the trampoline!!!"

All: "YA!"

Then there was all kinds of excitement and they all started to spew off different tricks or ideas that involved the plank.
I quickly vetoed that idea!

Then of course Grandpa's name got thrown out there. Grandpa loves giving the kids different odds and ends for them to build with or play with. They were certain they could get grandpa to help them with a diving board/plank.
After a quick text to Grandpa (and Grandma just for good measure) I informed the kids he would not be helping with that plan.

After they tried to find every loop hole they could imagine (including getting  a horse to install and test out the plank lol) they gave up on that and went to more realistic plans.
Like a loaf of bread and a toaster so they can snack on toast whenever they want.
Or air conditioning! haha

It was a very amusing conversation. We got home and agreed that we could look into building a tree house (with OUT the plank or whatever else I veto). The kids and Justin are out back with a tape measure right now though and I'm getting nervous about which idea's may come to be......wish me luck with all these crazy boys!

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