Friday, August 24, 2012

Wanna know what the sweetest thing in my world was today? Listening to my twins say goodnight to each other on the phone tonight :)

We are all supposed to be in Delta for our last cabin trip before school starts.
Poor Kaiden has been terribly sick all day.
Kaid and I are at home and the rest of the boys went with Grandma and Grandpa Allen to the ranch.

We just got a phone call from Karson to check on Kaiden. They chatted, said their "I love you's" and got off the phone so they could go to bed.

Before we got this phone call Kaid wondered out loud how Karson was or what he might be doing.

Their sweet bond is something pretty special to see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Broken Arm

So if you read my last post about Kanab you read that Karson broke his arm. You also saw that he drove 4-wheelers, played on the zip line and even learned to ride a motorcycle. So you are probably thinking one of these high risk activities broke his arm. Nope. Would you believe me if I said it was from playing on a giant metal spool?? That's exactly what happened!

Here is some video of him playing on this thing all day and there weren't any issues during the day.




Saturday night the boys decided to have a camp out under the stars.
Lindsay and I were having a girls night inside.
I found some cheap facial masks (like the ones we used when we were 13 haha) and got them for us to use. Ironically enough it was a "de-stressing mask" lol I think it works better if your kid doesn't break something while its on haha

So the boys were supposed to be going to sleep outside but Justin brought headlamps so that they could see in the dark in case they needed to go to the bathroom or something. But they were using them so that they could play in the dark instead.

The boys setting out the sleeping bags and playing with lamps

Four or five of the kids were on the outside of the spool (like in the second video) rocking it and playing on it. Karson didn't have a headlamp and fell off and landed goofy (I don't think not being able to see helped the landing). Because it was dark he couldn't see which direction the spool was rolling and he accidently rolled into the path of the spool when he was trying to get away. So the heavy metal spool wheel ran over his arm and rubbed up on his face and left a red mark on his cheek.

Justin came in with him while Lindsay and I were stuffing our faces with junk food and looked like this...

Silly Saturday girls night
This is what Karson's arm and cheek looked like. If you look closely you can see where the tire scraped up his arm when it ran over it. I think the fall is what broke it though because where the scraped up skin and bruise is isn't where it's broken. It broke right above his wrist where the dent is in this picture.

Justin bringing him in to tell me he was leaving for the ER

The stripe on his cheek from the spool
I actually didn't think it was broken because it looked fine where the scrape was. Justin had his Grandpa drive him to the hospital just to be safe though. Justin had to call the hospital first and let them know they were coming. Then they got there they had to call and find the x-ray guy to come in to do the x-rays. Sure enough he broke both bones in his arm. Neither of them went clear through luckily and they didn't have to set it because everything was still alligned properly. He called to tell me and I had Justin's grandpa come pick me up so I could be there when they cast it.

He was kind of excited to get a cast but was a little bummed that they only had white. I guess the colored cast stuff costs more so Kanab doesn't buy it. They told him he could have a copy of his x-rays though and that cheered him up again.

He has to keep the cast on for 6 weeks and the doctor told him to try to keep it elevated above his head for two days to help with swelling and throbbing.

getting the stuff that goes under the cast on

putting on the actual cast

almost done

riding in the back of grandpa's suburban on the way home

laying down trying to sleep with his arm elevated
They told us to give him Ibuprofen for swelling and pain the first few days then Tylenol as needed after that for pain. Of course this is the one trip I didn't pack medicine for.
In the small town of Kanab everything closes at night!
We went and drove through ALL the town looking for anywhere that might be open and have something! The only places open were the gas stations at the ends of the town and none of them had childrens medicine. The poor guy had to go the whole night with no pain medicine and was up most of the night :(

Sort of a funny story though. While we were out looking for medicine we put Karson in bed and told him if he needed anything to go ask Lindsay but that we would be back in like 10 minutes. He had to go the bathroom while we were gone so he went and asked Great Grandpa Allen if he would hold his arm up while he went to the bathroom! haha I guess he took what the doctor said very seriously and he didn't want his arm to drop at all so he asked for help just to be safe. He didn't fell comfortable asking Lindsay for that favor lol so he went and got Grandpa haha.

First thing Sunday morning we went and found some medicine and once we got that in him and it kicked in he was so much better! He didn't let his arm slow him down at all! He rode the scooter, climbed up the mountain sides at the skinny caves and played at the playground at the park. He wasn't able to drive the four wheeler but he still rode them. We made  a home made sling for his arm so his shoulder wouldn't get tired and he was able to enjoy the rest of the trip :)

His broken arm and the spool that broke it

riding the scooter

showing off the home made sling

ready for the skinny caves

made it up the mountain

He even caught a frog! :)
He was a brave little boy and didn't let it ruin his trip. I love that he wasn't whiny or feeling sorry for himself. He got on with our trip as best he could and says Kanab is still his favorite place to vacation :)

He will keep it on for 6 weeks which means he is going to start school with it but luckily it's his left arm so he will still be able to write and it shouldn't be too big a problem for him.

In the mean time he is loving all the art work and signatures he is getting :)

his cousins in Kanab all signed and so did Great Grandma and Grandpa Allen

Dad drew some pictures and mom and brothers signed too

He saved a spot for Gma & Gpa Allen and Gma & Gpa Durfey and when we got back had them come sign


We've started a tradition with one of my friends where every other year we do a trip with just the adults and the opposite years we do a family trip. This year was the family year and we decided to take all the kiddos to Kanab. I still am in awe every time I go to Kanab! I forget just how gorgeous it is! And my pictures don't do it justice. It was fun to take some friends and watch them see it for the first time. Justin's grandparents own a motel on their property so they were kind enough to let us stay with them for free.

We got into town late Friday night and just unloaded and went to bed. Saturday morning we hung around the house. The kids went straight to the zip line and played on it for several hours and then rode around out back by the barn on the ATV's and the tractor. Once we could finally talk the kids into leaving the zipline we went up to the sand caves. It's this huge cave with different layers of sand inside. You scrape the walls of the cave to get the colored sand then put it into a bottle and then you'll have a colorful bottle of sand art!

Logan in the zipline

sitting on the tractor trying to make it go :)

Daddy giving him a ride

A few of the kiddos in the cave

Me with my sand outside the cave

my sand

climbing up to a ledge

playing in the sand

A few of the kids climbing up the mountain outside the cave
After the sand caves the kids put on their swim suits and played out back in the pond. It turned more into a mud pit than a pond but they loved it! While the kids were getting muddy the grown ups rode around on the ATV's to get Lindsay and PJ used to driving them so they would feel comfortable out on a trail the next day.

Playing in the water/mud

I love this picture haha

cruising around at the house

Baby Becca was held pretty much the whole time by all of Tim's girls :)

The most exciting part of the day was that the boys drove a motorcycle for the first time! There was a little tiny motorcycle up there that had an automatic clutch so they just had to let off the throttle to shift and we decided to let them give it a try. They have been begging for bikes for 2 years now so we thought we'd see how well they did before we buy some. They did really well!

Kaiden went first and just took off! It gave Justin a heart attack haha! He hollered for Kaiden to slow down so he could run along side him to help if need be. He slowed down and still did really well.

Then Karson went. He also did really well. He stopped without Justin though and was short enough he couldn't stand with the bike so he fell over sideways with it. He just hopped right back up and started riding again :)

Logan was next and he was super nervous because he couldn't reach the ground at all. I think he liked it but he still needs at least another year before he would be comfortable on it himself.

Kaid on the motorcycle

See how hard he is concentrating :)


Kar on the motorcycle


Logan on the motorcycle


I couldn't let just the boys have all the fun so I hopped on too! I actually went before the little boys did and was surprised at how fun it was. Last time I was on a motorcycle it was super nerve wracking but that was probably because it was big, heavy and had a clutch. This little thing was fun to zip around on and was so light it wasn't scary at all.

Lindsay (who in the video of me riding, swears she won't get on) was even talked into riding and she loved it too! It was a great first day!

Me on the little motorcycle



Tough guys on their sweet hogs haha

Big boys on little bikes

Justin mocking Lindsay
Saturday night Karson broke his arm...that is going to be a whole other post though.

Sunday (once Karson's pain meds kicked in) we headed up to the skinny caves.
It's my favorite spot in Kanab.
All the grown ups drove a four wheeler out there and between the four of us we were able to pack the 6 kids. It was a nice little trail ride out. There had recently been rain (which floods the skinny caves) so there were lots of little frogs and toads along the canyon walls as we walked through. The kids thought it was pretty cool to catch them. We ran, walked and climbed through the skinny caves till we reached the end. We made our way back out and Justin ripped around on the 4-wheeler showing off for a minute then we headed back.

ready to head out

All the boys

walking through the slot canyon

One of the many toads we caught

Justin climbing up the walls

Crazy hubby

Traditional family photo in the cave

Once we made it back we all took a much needed nap, went to the new park and we were able to visit with Justin's old friends which is always fun. I heard some new stories that were hilarious! And we met their new babies who were so cute! It was a nice relaxing day.

Monday we loaded up, went shooting and made our way back home. It's always nice to be home but we are always sad to leave all the family behind and say goodbye. The boys were talking about how they wished Tim's kids could come home with us :)

So we made it home in one piece (most of us at least haha) and all in all (minus the broken arm) it was a great trip!