Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This little first grader of mine is having quite the week! He is the class VIP and he is most definitely feeling like a very important person!

He got to bring the class pet Willow the Armadillo home Friday and can keep her the whole week!

Inside the bag that Willow came home in was some books about Armadillo's and a notebook for Logan to write about his time with Willow and draw a picture of what they did together. He wrote about jumping on the trampoline with Willow and his cousin Brooklynn. The picture he drew is so funny! It only shows the bottom half of Logan and he said it's because he is jumping in the air and he jumped so high the top half of him wouldn't fit on the page haha

Picture of Logan's bottom half, willow beneath him and Brooklynn

Monday he took his VIP poster to school that we made. He had fun picking the pictures to go on it and telling all about himself.

Tuesday happened to be Grandparents Day at lunch. So Grandma and Grandpa Allen came to the school and ate lunch with the boys. Logan's favorite part was the treat they brought for him :) It made his VIP week even more special. My boys are so lucky to have such great grandparents!

Grandparents Day at lunch

Wednesday is Johnny Appleseed day. Not sure what that is yet...he hasn't come home to tell me about it but I'm guessing they are learning about Johnny Appleseed and/or about apples. He was asked to bring an apple from home with him to school and he brought one that Grandma and Grandpa gave to him fresh from an apple tree. It's so tiny and perfect looking that it looks plastic. Logan was laughing so hard that he was going to trick everyone today at school about it being fake haha

Logan and his apple
He also took the "me in a nutshell" bag back to school today. He got to put three objects in the bag to take that would show something special about him. He chose checker pieces because he is a good checker player and loves to play grandpa. He took a wrench because he loves to "fix" things up and help his daddy and he chose his wrestling medal and basketball trophy because he's athletic and loves being active.

Ready to take the bag back

He also gets to invite his parents to each lunch with him at school this week so we will be doing that tomorrow. He wants Chic-fil-a and I'm so excited to eat with my little guy! He also gets some other special privileges and jobs because he is the VIP.

He is a pretty awesome little boy and it's been so fun to see him excited to share with his class some things about himself. We love first grade!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

80's Movie Night

So my sister and I have been on an 80's movie kick lately.
Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, you know all the big hair, bright colored, cheesy classics :).

Well when the boys all left for the night we took it to the next level. We went on a DI shopping spree and 10 bucks later we had bright colored shirts, shorts, sweaters and leggings (probably actually from the 80's) and we were ready for a girls night!
We cut and altered the clothing and basically just made each other look ridiculous (My leg warmers were the sleeves from a giant sweater). Then we moved on to the hair and makeup portion of the evening. Blue eye shadow and hot pink lipstick. Yep we were hot. haha.

All this went down while dancing, stuffing our faces with mexican food and watching more fantastic 80's movies. It was a great night!

I don't remember much of the 80's (being that I was born in 1980 something) so what did I learn from our 80's night?
1. My naturally large and frizzy hair would have made me fit in wonderfully.
2. Bright colors make people energetic and happy. Maybe that's why they danced like "maniac's" haha
3. When sharing a pair of pants with somebody do not attempt to make it look like you are one set of legs doing the splits. Somebody Will get hurt. (not really necessarily an 80's thing but still a good fact to remember)
4. Lastly I am not missing out on much by not remembering the 80's. More than ever I'm convinced that the best thing to have come from the 80's was me (though those movies give me a run for my money lol)!

Em getting her makeup on

Ashley, Emily, me

doing her stallion pose in her outfit

Me and Ashley

our make shift leg warmers

We heart the 80's (or at least mocking them)

putting on the same pair of pants...not an 80's thing just me and Em being us

we made it!

crossing our legs

trying to get into splits was painful

still trying! Talk about a work out!

Ta-Da! I'm doing the splits with my very large legs

watching the video of us trying to do the splits


I laugh so hard every time I see this!

Heather, Em and me

Watch out for the light!

It's exhausting pretending to be in the 80's

My sister brought this to me and it is so true! Love our "therapy" sessions :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Cast is off!

The Cast is officially off!
The doctor in Kanab said to keep the cast on for a month and then follow up with the pediatrician to get it removed. When I called our pediatrician they told me they don't remove casts.
What?? It's a pediatrician! Wouldn't you think they see broken bones all the time?
They then went on to tell me I would need to contact an orthopedic specialist at Primary Childrens Medical Center to get it removed.
Ya. I don't think so. We removed it ourselves.

We started with scissors. That didn't work out. So we pulled out the dremel. Karson got a little nervous when we pulled out a power tool but we assured him we wouldn't cut his arm off and we put a spoon in to protect it haha.

We got it off no problem after that. His arm feels great but he says it feels lighter haha.

Be glad I can't post the smell! So gross!
Here is some pics and video of the big unveiling!

Spoon in and ready to cut

Cutting it off

Karson nervous and excited to see what his arm looks like

The disgusting cast


Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of School

School started! Already?! I remember the last day of school so clearly...perhaps that's because we had to make a quick trip to get stitches that seems like it was just a week ago! This summer flew by!

Monday was back to school night. I was busy with PTA stuff all day and then got to meet all the kids teachers that evening.

Tuesday the twins started school.
They are at such an awesome age. They are getting so responsible and so helpful but are still so cute and innocent.

This summer we got to go and do a lot of fun things together. I love that they are past the toddler or tantrum phase but also that they are big enough to have opinions and fun conversations with. I am loving have 8 year olds!
I really miss them when they are gone.
They both wore their brand new outfits they picked out and grandma Allen bought for them. They got out of the car and ran to where they were supposed to go and totally left me behind! I chased them down though so I could get a picture :)

Karson 1st day of 3rd grade


Kaiden 1st day of 3rd grade

Kaid being silly :)

My cute 3rd grade twinlets

So excited

at the school when I hunted them down

Logan had a meeting with his teacher Tuesday and wore his brand new outfit too. He has been begging to wear his new shirt and shoes since Grandma bought them for him! I told him that he couldn't until school started so when the twins got their new outfits on he did too! :)

Wednesday was his first official day of 1st grade.
He was gone ALL day.
It was rough.
I walked alone to my car. Sat in the quiet. And cried. A lot.

He asked "Mom, your coming with me and staying until Mrs. Schaefer comes out, right?" He held my hand tight but as soon as we got to the his line and he saw familiar faces I could tell he wasn't nervous any more.
He was ready.
He has the absolute best teacher in the world.
The thought of my baby eating lunch without me broke my heart so I snuck back to peek and make sure he could open everything and was ok. He was with his friend and fine of course. And he has lunch at the same time as his brothers which is super cool.
Thank goodness I know his teacher well. And thank goodness I knew he was ready but still. I guess I just wasn't ready. I was a mess. It was seriously ridiculous. I just sent my first ones off to school and now my baby is gone. Sigh.
I know. I'm irrational and crazy haha.

I am excited for First grade though. The first grade team is fantastic! I am certain it will be fun to watch Logan learn and grow and I'm already looking forward to the fun programs that he will participate in. Ready or not First we are!

Logan's new outfit on the twins 1st day of school

My little first grader

Logan first day of first grade

showing off their lunch boxes

waiting outside finding our line

Logan got to be the door holder

Logan at lunch

Me and my babies!

I was seriously bursting with joy when they got home from school! I love hearing about their day and just being with them! Look at those cute silly faces! Who couldn't be totally in love with these boys :)

Last cabin trip of the summer

Grandpa and Grandma Allen decided the boys needed one last fun trip before school started so we went up to the cabin.

Justin, Logan and Karson rode up with Grandma and Grandpa and Kaid stayed home with mom because he was so sick on Friday. Luckily by that evening he was doing much better and by Saturday he was well enough to meet the rest of the family up there.

We got there just as everyone was coming back to the cabin from town. Grandpa and Dad were telling Karson how to fix his 4-wheeler.

helping Karson make a quick repair

 And Logan hopped right onto a 4-wheeler and took off with a grin.

Happy little bear

Once Karson fixed his 4-wheeler he said "I'm gonna go play with Kaid, I've been missing him!" I love how much they love each other.
Kaiden was happy to be at the cabin and playing ping pong.

After lunch Grandma taught Logan how to play War. They went 4 or 5 rounds of having the exact same card and Grandma finally won with a 3! It was pretty funny. He loved it!

Logan and Grandma

Justin's grandparents came and spent Saturday with us at the cabin too. While they were up at the cabin all the boys went out back and shot the bullets that Grandpa made.

loading the bullets that Grandpa made himself

Kaid shooting

Grandpa shooting

That evening we all went on a ride. Logan was brave and went off the gravel the road and followed us on a trail up and down some hills. Grandpa raced the little boys and had fun watching them ride. Kaid wasn't quite 100% yet so he rode with dad. Karson is getting a little too brave and showed off a new trick...


I wonder who he learns to show off from...

Justin showing off one of his tricks

Grandpa following 2 of the boys out to the gravel road to find a trail

All my boys

Sunday we loaded up and mozied home. It was a quick relaxing trip and I'm so happy we were all able to go.