Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Costumes!

We finished Halloween costumes just in time for the Trunk Or Treat tonight!

Logan wanted to be a clown. We already had the nose and tie from when it was clown day at school so his was pretty easy. The jumper was way cheap (like less than $10 if I remember correctly).

Karson decided on being a knight. We found his costume super easy and decided we would build him a shield out of cardboard. We totally forgot about the shield until today but luckily those are easy to make and we whipped one up just in time for the party tonight.

Kaid wanted to be angry bird slingshot. Not an angry bird. The slingshot. We thought and talked about a couple ideas and finally came up with one we thought would work. Luckily it did! At the Trunk or Treat he won Most Creative Costume :)

We are officially ready for the school parade and the actual trick or treating now!

All ready for the trunk or treat!

Logan my clown

Karson the brave knight

And Kaiden the Angry Bird Slingshot

Kaid and his award

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big change for Bear!

Look what my little guy is sporting!

Isn't my little bear so cute in his new glasses! He picked two pairs and was kind of nervous at first but because his brothers were so jealous I think he's excited about having them now :)

He'll be wearing them until December (possibly longer) and then we go back to the doctor to see what's next.

Here is the dealio for those of you wondering. We go to the eye doctor every 6 months and have since he was a baby because of his Gunn Jaw-Winking. For those of you who didn't know he had it it's nothing to worry about. How it manifests itself is the eyelid droops a little and when he chews or sucks the one eye winks. It is basically his nerves that control his chewing or swallowing are crossed with the nerves that control his eyelid. They could do surgery to uncross them but surgery has many risks and on top of that there is a chance that the nerve to the eye doesn't work on it's own and his eye lid would permanently shut. It's not a risk we or the doctor thought was worth taking. So we go in every six months to make sure it's not affecting his vision and to check that the drooping hasn't worsened.

The last visit we had wasn't as routine as the ones in the past. They pulled out new weird machines to take pictures of the insides of his eyes and did a lot more testing. One of his pupils is now smaller (or larger...I forget which one they said) than the other and there might be nerve damage. What that means or would do as far as his vision is concerned, I don't know. After 2 long hours they decided they don't think he has nerve damage at this time but that I need to keep an eye on the size of his pupils and go back in December to check again for nerve damage.

On top of that they are worried he is going to develop a lazy eye because the vision in the one is not as good as it usually is. They are having him wear the glasses with prescription in just the one side until our appt. in Dec. at that point they will see if his vision has improved. So we'll know more in December about what the future holds for my cute little blue eyed boy.
In the mean time he will be looking cute with his little glasses :)

His blue glasses with black frames

His blue frames with bright orange on them

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Mommy Shawn!"

Last Friday when the twins were gone at a birthday party and Justin and I were running errands with Logan we decided to let Logan pick dinner. He of course picked pizza.

We went and picked up the pizza and I peeked in the box and was teasing Logan about what is inside. He asked "are you kidding" I didn't answer and just continued with my tease. He asked again "are you kidding me??" I didn't answer again. Usually at that point he would say "your teasing me!" and then giggle or start his own tease.

This time went a little different.
He pointed his finger at me and his fake scolding voice he said "Mommy Shawn!....."

Wait what??
Mommy Shawn??? LOL

I know Grandpa is Grandpa Shawn and Justin is Justin Shawn and Logan is Logan Shawn but I'm pretty sure mom is not Mommy Shawn! hahaha
It was either that all the above mentioned people have the same middle name he came up with it or because whenever he is in trouble he is Logan Shawn but either way it made me laugh good and hard! :)

Witches at Gardner Village

We recently went to see the witches at Gardner Village and invited Brooklynn to go with us! We did the Ride to a Witch and got to see the witches houses, make potions with them and even dance with them! The kids all seemed to really enjoy it. Here are the pictures and even some video of the one kid who was brave enough to go dance with the witch! :)

The gross ticket to get on the tractor was a cockroach!

cute cousins!

riding to the witches

Kar with a potion in the house

checking out the witches cool stuff

This one was a sweet witch with a southern accent who just wanted to dance

casting a spell

Kar got to throw a mouse into the cooking pot

bath tub with a snake

My oh so cute boys with a witch

Me with my kidlets

Logan and Brooklynn digging up the cockroach

Logan and Brooklynn

one of the witches for the scavenger hunt

The boys with another one of the scavenger hunt witches :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun stuff with my twinlets

Look who got to help at lunch for the very first time! This job is for the 4th graders but because the 4th graders were gone a field trip the third grade teachers got to pick the most responsible 3 graders to help out and my cute little twinlets got picked! They loved it and were so excited to tell me all about it! Lucky for me I am friends with somebody who works in the lunch room and she texted me the pictures of them which totally made my day! :)


I was lucky enough to be able to go on two field trips in the last week with the twins class! The first was a walking field trip to City Hall where we met with the mayor and went for a tour of the building and then went to Veterans Memorial Park where we ate lunch. It was fun but man was I sore the next day!

The second field trip was to This is the Place Heritage Park. We got to ride a bus for that one but I'm still trying to decide if I liked that better or if I preferred the walking...the bus driver may want to start considering retirement. Just sayin. He nearly rear ended a semi and then had to slam on the brakes so we didn't run a red light which sent everyone slamming into the seat in front of them. The perk to that was that the girls quit singing One Direction You don't know your beautiful but it was only to scream. Once they got all situated in their seats again the singing restarted. Don't get me wrong I'll admit I've sung along to One Direction when it's on the radio and might even enjoy it but 40 minutes straight of the same song is a bit much! haha Then on the way home the driver hit a curb. Twice! I never actually feared for my life but man it was probably just as exhausting being on that loud bus full of kids with a crazy driver as it would have been to walk :)

The actual field trip was actually so cool! Everything was very hands on. The kids touched all kinds of animal pelts and skins, ground their own corn in a hogan, rode the train and learned more about the Native Americans and Pioneers who lived here a long time ago. I got a few pics on my scratched crappy phone camera.

replica of a navajo hogan

Kar inside ready to grind some corn

Kaid ready to grind

grinding it up to powder

going in the teepee

Looking at one of the many monuments at the park

Grandparents Celebration

This year the twins are learning about different writing styles (poetry, essays, etc.) and were given the assignment to interview a grandparent and write about them.

Kaid picked Grandma Allen and Kar picked Grandpa Allen. They did the interviews and learned some new fun stories about each of them. We were also asked to e-mail a picture of the grandparent and a picture of the student with the grandparent to the teacher.

Today was Grandparents Day Celebration. They displayed some of the facts that the kids wrote about their grandparents on the walls along side a picture that the kids colored of the grandparent. Some of those grandparents didn't have very flattering coloring jobs! haha One had orange and green skin! Luckily for Grandma and Grandpa Allen they had a pretty good looking picture.

Grandma with her picture

Grandpa and his picture

They sang fun songs and Karson had a special part. In Grandma's Featherbed he got to stand up and say "Well maybe I should reconsider about the gal down the lane" then a little girl stands up and blows him a kiss. It was so adorable but man was he embarrassed! lol!

After the fun songs was a slide show and it had the pictures that parents e-mailed. Karson and Kaiden's were all right in a row at the beginning and I wasn't prepared and couldn't snap fast enough to get them all :(
Luckily we got video which will show them all though :) and after the slide show the kids all did the Twist with their Granparents.

Kar was down at the other end

Giving kisses to grandma and grandpa

Kar saying his part. It was hard to get a pic :(
Grandma (aka Mr. Yospe) brought some feathers from the feather bed :)


ready to watch the slide show

One of the pictures

another picture

I only got the tail end of this one as it was switching :(
This is the first photo from the show that I missed

This is the other photo I missed

The celebration ended with donuts and hugs from Grandma and Grandpa. My boys hit the jackpot when it comes to grandparents and we are so grateful for them and all they do for us! We love you Grandma and Grandpa Allen!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

What we've been up to..

Just thought I'd post a few new things that have been going on in our world.

Grandpa Allen has been in and out of the hospital again. That poor guy just can't seem to catch a break lately. Through it all he keeps positive though and we are grateful he is home again. He really is an amazing guy and I'm so lucky to be able to call him for advice or a good laugh. I love that he's such a good grandpa to my kids no matter what is happening in his world. We spent the day with him at the hospital (he's home again now. Yay!) and he showed the kids off to his nurses, went for a walk, chatted and laughed with us.

Giving Grandpa the art they made for him

Breakfast of champs

Kar being silly

Mom being silly

grandpa being silly

Looking up the Russian town the candy we ate was from

The boys spruced up grandpa's room

the art the boys made for grandpa

writing him a message in the hall



taking grandpa for a walk
Earlier in the month we were able to walk through the Brigham City Temple. Because the city is famous for Peach Days there were a lot of paintings of peaches and the peach blossom was incorporated throughout a lot of it too. It was gorgeous!
The twins were also old enough to take part in the dedication. It was pretty cool that they were able to participate in a once in a lifetime ceremony like that. I hope it's something they will remember.

Brigham City Temple

Some of our group on the bus ride to the temple

Logan wearing his shoe covering as a hat

another of the temple
The other big thing the twins got to do was participate in the Raingutter Regatta. They painted and built their boats with Dad and Grandpa Allen then race at pack meeting. The boys boats definitely weren't the fastest and one of them had to be repaired before the first race even started! haha But it was still fun and they both won an award anyway :)

Kar and Grandpa working on the boat

Kaid and dad working on the boat

Grandpa built Logan a boat so he could decorate too

Kaid and dad with his finished boat

Grandpa and Kar with his finished boat

Logan and the boat Grandpa cut and built for him

They got to race each other one round!

All the little scouts

Kaid and his award

Kar and his award
We happened to be shopping at Macey's the day of the BYU vs. Utes game. Macey's was doing a big tail gate party with blow up bounce houses, games and face paintings. When we went out to the car to leave nobody was there yet so decided to stay and give the games a try. The boys won everything! The ring toss Logan ringed 2 two liters of soda with one ring and got to keep them both! The twins won t-shirts and they all got tons of chips, cookies, footballs, fans and all kinds of good stuff! By the time we played all the games and ate our hotdog and snocone it was starting to get busy and we left. It was a spontaneous and fun afternoon :)

gotta love free stuff!

Happy with our winnings and face paintings
The other fun thing we did in September was take the kids to a corn maze. We went to dinner Saturday night with some of my family to celebrate Heathers birthday and then we all went to the corn maze. The kids loved it and we all won a prize! The highlight was probably Justin hiding in the corn and giving Becki a heart attack! lol It was so much fun I think we might have to go back before the end of the season :)

family photo

My cute boys ready to go!

Leading the way

Heather, Lilly and Bran in the maze

Em and David after making it through

Heather and Bran

Dad and Becki

Justin and I

Kar and Kaid

Mom and Logan

Group shot

me and half my siblings
 So those are a few of the highlights and big things that we've been up to the past few weeks. It's getting to be that busy time of year so I'm sure I'll have lots more to post and very soon!