Monday, December 30, 2013

Sledding and Surgery

School is still out and I have to be honest...I'm LOVING it! The day after Christmas we pulled the tree and all the decorations down, cleaned up all the Christmas stuff and I even had time to blog all because I had my awesome big boys to help with chores or help with Liam so I could finish what I was doing. I'm ready for it be summer already! We kinda didn't get much of a summer together so I'm more than ready to be done with homework and schedules and be able to play with my kiddos!

Here are a few cute pics of Liam with Karson. They seriously love each other and it is so fun to watch! Karson is already teaching Liam how to make silly faces and the other day I had to wake Liam from his afternoon nap to go to my eye appt and he was so good because he got to hang with his big brother.

Liam and Karson making silly faces!

Happy hanging with his brother

We finally found time to go sledding! It's a favorite winter activity of ours, but with all the holiday things we had going, we haven't had time to go until Saturday. We let the boys bring one of their favorite friends who lives in our neighborhood and we went to a nearby hill. The boys found a place where somebody had built a double jump on the hill and just couldn't resist! They went a few times with no problem but the last time Karson and Logan went they biffed it big time! And yes I was a bad mom and laughed...actually I still laugh every time I see it! They were both fine so it's okay :) Here is some video from the day and a few pics.






Even I got to go :)

Me and Kaid before smashing into the fence haha

Preston and Kaid

Liam bundled up!
I also pulled out the Baby Bullet over the weekend. It was as easy and awesome as I had hoped it would be! We went and got some organic fruits and veggies to make up a few batches of wholesome yumminess for Liam. He is ready for some variety instead of just the baby cereal. I've only given him Banana's so far but he LOVED them! I have some Avocado and some Carrots that we will try over the coming weeks too.

Sunday after church we went to Lindsay and PJ's for a BBQ to watch the Packers vs. Bears game...unfortunately Utah is one of like 4 states in the country who wasn't airing that game! We ended up watching the 49ers vs Cardinals and still had so much fun. The kiddos had fun and the grown ups laughed a lot. We love our awesome friends! :)

Becca and Liam

Lastly I mentioned that Karson helped me with Liam at an eye appt the other day. Well I'm scheduled to get PRK surgery on the 31st (tomorrow!). Its something I've looked into before but never followed through with. A friend of mine mentioned she was getting LASIK as part of a study one of her friends is doing up at the University of Utah and she told me I should see if I qualify. I went in and sure enough I do qualify for the study! Only not for LASIK. I have to do PRK.

The surgery itself isn't the study part (or I'd be to sceered to do it! lol). So what is the study? Before the surgery they blow a puff of air in your eye to test the strength of your eye (which they do whether you are part of the study or not) But with the study they will blow the puff of air in my eye again a few months after the surgery to see if it changed.

I've talked to a couple people who have done PRK instead of LASIK and they all say the first week or two is horrible BUT they also all say they would do it again and in the long run it was worth it! With PRK, rather than cutting a flap on your eye and then repairing it and putting the flap back down, they will just scrape the top layer of skin completely off your eye. The lady says it will heal the same way as a skinned knee, meaning your vision takes a few weeks to improve. With LASIK your vision is better by the next day usually. Because they remove that skin and it has to heal it is painful and a longer recovery. I'll be blind, on painkillers and have 5 different eye drops for about a week!

Justin's sister is going to babysit the day of the surgery while Justin takes me and then my sister is coming in town and I'll have the big boys around to help. I've made the kids lunches for the week so that is one less thing I'll have to worry about but there isn't much I can do ahead of time as far as Liams needs go so I'm very grateful that I'll have my big boy helpers and my sister! I am super excited for it to be done and over with but also very anxious about the next week or two so wish me luck!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas has come and gone already and what a wonderful Christmas we had!

Dec 23
I was given a bunch of free Zoo Light tickets from my good friend Tecia. My other good friend Meagan was in town so we went to Zoo lights together. It was our first time but all the kids seemed to really like it. We picked a great night to go too because it was very calm outside and aside from being cold was great weather!
After the zoo my little family headed over to the Grand America to see the giant gingerbread house they have on display. It was HUGE! They also had a window display game we did and after you finish you get two pieces of chocolate. It was fun to be inside and the see all the fun Christmas decorations. The hotel was beautifully decorated and it was a nice family outing.

We also got a few last Christmas cards that day including a cute one from Great Grandma and Grandpa Young for Liam.

The kiddos at Zoo Lights

Looking at the Sea Lions

Me and Meg

Family photo with the giant gingerbread house made from real gingerbread cookies!

Loving the candy shop in the hotel

Mirror in the elevator makes it easy to get a family shot :)

Liams Card from Great Grandma and Grandpa

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve I was again champion of Christmas Eve Gift over all my siblings. Brandon swears he will dethrone me next year...we'll see :)

In our little family Kaiden was the winner! Logan went with his same strategy as last year and went to bed early thinking when he woke up at 5 or 6 he'd be the winner. Kaiden and Karson decided to try to stay up again. They both made it to midnight but Kaid was paying attention to the clock and "went to the bathroom" and came and shouted "Christmas Eve Gift" to me and Justin! We heard Karson down in the family room yell "Dangit!" and he came running haha.

Justin worked that day and Meagan and I made plans to go do some shopping. The big boys went to Grandma's and got to bake bread and yummy treats and Liam came with mom. We had a fun outing and he did so good.

That evening after dinner we talked about our gifts in the Jesus stocking one more time and then let the boys open their Christmas eve jammies (Kaiden first of course). We had a bit of a hickup though...I accidentally grabbed the wrong size jammies for Logan. I went by the color on the hanger (I know...rookie mistake!). Everywhere else I shop Medium is Orange and Red is Small. Well apparently at Walmart Orange is Small. So we decided to run try to swap them. Oh boy. They had no Larges. They had a zillion smalls. And they had one Medium. Woohoo! Never mind! The set had the shirt but no pants. Why? Who knows! It's Walmart! (I try to never shop at Walmart because one, I hate them and two, every time I do its a horrible or ridiculous experience). So we decided to run to the one up by my MIL's house that is only 5 minutes away. They only had smalls as well so Justin decided to have them call and see if either of the other 2 Walmarts nearby had some Medium or Larges. 45 minutes later and the Customer Service lady hadn't been able to get any answers at either of the other two stores (one even hung up on her!). We finally gave up and let Logan pick different jammies. So in the end it was fine, just a little annoying but Justin was good about trying to spread some Christmas cheer to the poor employees who had to work that evening.

After the jammie fiasco we made Santa's cookies and then called it a night. The kids all had a sleepover in our room again and this year was a record! Santa had everything set up by 10:30!

Stockings all hung by the Chimney with care

The Jesus Stocking

Kaiden gets to go first this year!

Logan and Karson

Little Liam

All my cute boys in their adorable jammies!

Santa is done!

Each of the boys piles from Santa

"While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads"
Christmas Day
Logan was up at 5:00. Tossed him the ipad and went back to sleep. The other two were up at 6:00. Told them to sit with Logan and share the ipad. At 7:00, right on schedule, Liam woke up. FINALLY the boys could go downstairs. Oh the cheering! "BEST Christmas EVER!!" They were all thrilled! They all got the things they asked for! Karson loved the drums, Kaid was stoked for the electric scooter and hammock, Logan was strumming his electric guitar within seconds of seeing it! Liam ate and then played with his new toys too :) After going through stockings we moved on to the presents that were under the tree. More cheering and excitement. It was great! The only down side was it seriously looked like Christmas vomitted all over my house! My dad stopped by with more presents and RaeLene came so the boys could show her all of the fun things Santa brought them. We were able to lounge a little, watched the Nativity DVD and let the boys play with their new stuff till about 3:00 and then we loaded up to go to Grandma's for a family dinner.

Happy Baby

Playing with his blocks

I think they like it!

Electric guitars

Holy Mess!

Where is the floor?!

Opening more presents




My little bean passed out from all the fun!

Liam's First christmas and his cute outfit for the day!

This is how Kaid took care of his toothbrush haha

Me and my happy baby

Karson in his new boots lounging on the hammock

Grandma's house smelled delicious when we walked in the door! Dinner wasn't until about 5:30 though so we let the kiddos open presents before dinner. They got some more awesome Disney stuff for our trip in March, awesome throws with their name printed on them, bags, puzzles, a calendar with all our plans written in on it and Auntie gave them all gift cards for laser tag and a DS Game. Liam got some cute toys and I got a bunch of Piano Guy CD'S (Love them!). Justin got a music stand and we got a cute ornament with all our family names on it and a new game that looks so fun! Auntie gets to go to Ikea and Grandma got a Family Tree necklace with little bird initials and birthstones of all the grandkids. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but as cheesy as it sounds it was just nice being together having fun! The boys have so much fun with Brooklynn and we really just enjoy each others company.

Auntie also had the awesome idea of filling Grandma's stocking for her now. We both got a few things but they wouldn't all fit! I ended up stuffing the scarf we got for the stocking in with our regular gift! Auntie did the majority of the things that were in the stocking and I made some coupons for her from all the kids to put in it as well. It's been a year of new firsts and new traditions and this is one I think we'll continue for her.

More presents

They like it!

matching blankets :)

Love Brooklynn's face in this one

Liam loves his giraffe from Brooklynn

Grandma's coupons

One Last Gift...The Best Gift
We had our yummy dinner and visited and then Grandma surprised us all with one last gift.
It was by far the best gift for all of us. She gave us all a bear. Each bear was made out of a shirt that was Shawn's and would have some special meaning for that person. Justin's was Shawn's scout shirt. Karson's is the shirt he wore when teaching him to drive the boat. Kaiden's was the shirt he wore to baptize him. Logan's was one of his favorites that looks like a cowboy shirt. Liams was his favorite soft shirt and he wore it at the 15 year celebration party. Mine is the brown shirt from family pictures a few years ago. With each bear was a sweet card with a message about grandpa and that individual. Made me cry. We all LOVE our bears. So thoughtful! So special! We will all cherish them forever!! Such a wonderful Christmas! We definitely felt the Christmas Spirit this year. I love our family so much!









All the kiddos

The big kids
Liams Grandpa bear in bed with the Grandpa Blanket