Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Was I naked for the UPS guy??

Something you should know about me...I live in stretchy pants these days. That being said let me tell you a story. Monday started out like any other Monday. The kids got off to school, I threw in a load of laundry and was deep cleaning my kitchen. The Fed Ex guy came and brought Justin's new toy (an ipad) and a friend stopped by to borrow a loaf pan. I went about my day as normal.

It was getting close to time to pick up carpool from school and the hubby and I had planned to go to Lowes when he got home so I decided I should change and get ready for the day. By get ready for the day I mean change from my scary bright yellow stretchy pants into my classy going into public gray stretch pants and a fresh t-shirt. Btw how awesome do I sound about now? Getting ready in more stretchy pants at 2:00 PM haha.

So as I'm "getting ready" I look in the mirror and have a total panic attack! I'm wearing my lovely yellow pants, no bra (not a surprise since I hadn't gotten ready yet)....but  NO shirt! I have on an undergarment top that is pretty much see through and that you really shouldn't be showing off to strangers like the fed ex guy! Surely I started out with a shirt! Right?? I can't remember! My mind can not recall whether I had taken off a shirt at all! I texted my friend that came by and asked "Was I wearing a shirt when you came by?!?" I was totally going to chew her out for not saying anything to me if I wasn't :) She thought it was hilarious but much to my delight informed I had in fact been wearing a shirt! PHEW! Since she came AFTER the fed ex guy then I must've been wearing one when he came by. My friend said "Don't worry I'm sure he's seen worse if you weren't wearing a shirt" haha still not sure if that was meant to bring comfort or if it's an insult lol.

The only thing I can think is that I took it off earlier to get dressed (I remember thinking once earlier in the day that I was going to get ready) but the phone rang and I answered it and started wandering around the house while on the phone cleaning something else (I can't sit still while on the phone) and totally forgot. Still don't remember actually taking off my shirt but its such a mindless task I guess it's okay and doesn't mean I really need my brain checked haha.

I called my hubby who laughed very hard at me but then reminded me in past pregnancies I was just as absent minded. I would leave our keys in the car door or the house door all the time and was just plain spacey.
So friends and family I apologize in advance if I show up somewhere not decent. Please just kindly inform me so that I may go home in shame and change into more stretchy pants :) And if anyone see's my brain let me know!

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