Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some Funeral Pictures

Shawn Dee Allen

Shawn Dee Allen passed away Sunday, March 17, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shawn was born on May 21, 1966, to Fred Allen and Rebecca Gardner Allen in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shawn married his sweetheart RaeLene Young on June 15, 1983, in Kanab, Utah, and they had two wonderful children together. Shawn went to Kanab High School and later graduated from Utah Technical College in 1985. 

Shawn was a lifelong member of the LDS Church and has enjoyed serving in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple since its opening three and half years ago. 

Shawn was a 15-year survivor of leukemia and had undergone a bone marrow transplant. Despite the hardships he faced, he loved people and if you met him you got a hug. He loved giving hugs. He also loved his family and took great joy in his grandchildren, all of whom will miss him greatly. 

Shawn was preceded in death by his brother Eric Allen.
He is survived by his son Justin (Julie) Allen and grandsons Karson, Kaiden, Logan, with another grandson on the way, as well as daughter Emily Walker, and granddaughter Brooklynn. He is also survived by his wife RaeLene, parents Fred and Rebecca Allen of Kanab, siblings Dan (Karel) Allen, Shelly (Charlie) Leavitt, Brenda (Mark) Foy, Tim (Marcia) Allen, and Jeremiah (Jamie) Allen.

Funeral services will be held on Friday, March 22, 2013, at 11 AM at the West Jordan Utah Oquirrh Stake Center located at 5208 W Cyclamen Way in West Jordan, Utah. A viewing will be held Thursday, March 21, 2013 at that location from 6 to 8 PM, and again on Friday starting at 9:30 AM.  

Thursday night Viewing

First time letting the kids see Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandkids

Friday Morning Viewing and Funeral

Front and back of program

Inside of Program

The grandkids

Closing the casket

Placing the boutonnieres on the casket

Dedicatory Prayer

A couple of the pall bearers

Justin at the casket

Some of the kiddos in the limo

the girls

Logan and Justin rode up front

The Young side of the family at the luncheon

The Allen side of the family at the luncheon

My family
A few of the thoughtful gifts sent throughout the week

The Edible arrangements and meals brought over were all so helpful

Thank you so much to the friends and family who helped carry us through that week. Even looking back we are still so overcome with appreciation for the love, support and compassion that was shown to us by a simple call, text or stopping by to let us know we were in your thoughts. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

A piece of Grandpa for Baby

In the middle of the hectic week when we were making arrangements for Shawns funeral an old friend called and left me an amazing message. She said she wanted to do something for me but knew that really there was nothing that could make the situation better (so true and so nice to hear that she was thinking of us but understood things just sucked!). She went on to ask if I would gather some of Shawn's shirts so that she could make a blanket or some burp rags for the new baby.
I'm so completely heartbroken that this baby doesn't get to know and make memories with his amazing grandpa but she had thought of such a great way to give this baby a little piece of grandpa. I can't even explain the emotion I felt but it was accompanied by tears. I LOVE this idea and love her for thinking of it and offering to do it for me. My mother-in-law was kind enough to gather some shirts for me in the middle of all the chaos and grief so I could get them to my friend (who is pregnant and ready to pop any second!).
While I was out shopping for fabric for a carseat cover I couldn't make a decision and ended up buying 2 different fabrics thinking I could make some burp rags or something out of whichever I didn't use for the cover. I finally made a decision later that day on the cover and that same evening my friend asked if she could come by the next day for shirts to make a blanket and burp rags. When I pulled the shirts out to get ready for her 2 of them matched perfectly with the 2nd fabric I bought not knowing what its purpose would be. It was also the fabric that Justin preferred. I knew I had to make a blanket using this fabric and those 2 shirts. My friend came and got 2 of the other shirts and made some adorable burp rags for me and I worked on the blanket over the weekend. For some reason it was really hard to cut the shirts. I stared at them for a long time wishing things were different. I finally was able to cut them. After all is said and done I think it turned out pretty cute and am so grateful baby boy gets to have a little piece of his grandpa when he gets here. Thank you for the amazing idea Tecia!

Grandpa's shirts

Front of babies Grandpa blanket

Back and front of babies Grandpa blanket

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools and an Easter Belly

April Fools Day
Monday my cute little twinlets came bouncing into my room to wake me bright and early! They told me Dad had left me a surprise downstairs and I needed to come see it. They drug me out of bed, told me to shut my eyes and led me downstairs. Here is what my "surprise" was.

"Just kidding it wasn't dad! It was us! April Fools!!"
They were so proud of themselves and thought they were so funny and clever! They were busting up laughing and Karson even said "Man! That's the best prank I've ever done my whole life!" They went on to tell me that they woke up at 6 AM just so they could prank me for April Fools :) Next year they want to toilet paper the WHOLE house instead of just the kitchen. Every day they prove just how much like their dad they are lol.

Since we were out of town for most of Spring Break we never dyed eggs at our house. The boys did a few in Kanab so they didn't feel jipped at all but still it's tradition so we dyed them Monday night even though Easter was over :)

When we were done with that we let the boys do something a little different this year....
One year a long long long time ago (9 years to be exact) I was pregnant with twins at this time of year. Since my belly was big and round Justin painted it like an Easter egg all those years ago. We thought it would be fun to do it again with the boys help this time :) I would never have guessed that I'd be the same amount of weeks pregnant, at the exact same time of year, 9 years later and be painting me like an egg again :) The boys loved the idea and were more than willing to help!
Justin painted my belly white in the shape of an egg and then each of the boys were given a paint brush. They each got to add something to it one at a time and then they all did some polka-a-dots to finish it off.
Here is a couple pictures of my Easter Belly from way back then and from this year.




Everyone at once doing polk-a-dots

My cute boys and the Easter Belly

Justin painting 9 years ago
Easter Belly then and now

Kaid pretending to eat the egg :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break- Kanab

Kanab was amazing! We got into town about 8ish and visited with family for a while then went to bed. Saturday was packed full of all kinds of fun! The boys started the day by dying eggs with all the cousins and then we loaded up to head out to the sand. Its tradition to do an Easter egg roll race. You build a track in the sand and then roll the eggs down. Justin was telling the boys how cool you can make your track by adding jumps or tunnels and was getting so elaborate. Logan said "wait it's a race...then I'll just make a finish line!" haha that boys mind definitely works differently than mine but it was a great idea and made me laugh :)

The boys jumped from high ledges into the soft sand, rode the wheelers, built egg tracks and even hunted for candy. We were out there in the sun and sand from 9 to noon and could have stayed all day! By noon we headed back for some lunch and to rest though. I've added a couple clips of video that show Justin being wild on the wheeler, the kids jumping in the sand and a couple of the egg roll tracks.

dying eggs in the garage

running up the sand to jump in!

Justin showing off

2 of my cute boys

everyone getting ready for the egg roll

Logan and his eggs at the bottom

Looking down at Justins track complete with croquet arches to go through

Karson and his candy

Kaiden happy to have found some too!

Logan found his bag and an extra for mom

Brenda trying to do 2 hula hoops at once haha


After a quick rest and letting the kids roam around at Great Grandma and Grandpa's we went for a hike up to the K hill. Grandpa Allen loved to ride his motorcycle up that hill when he was young and Justin has lots of memories hiking it with his family when he was young. The boys had never done it yet though and after hearing some of the cool stories about it at Grandpa's funeral they were begging to do it. Before we even got to Kanab they were asking if on this trip we'd make time to hike it. That was the number one thing we wanted to do so we were very excited. It's a quick hike but pretty steep. My knees kept hitting my belly on the way up but I made it! Pregnant belly and all I made it clear to the K! The boys slid down the K and Justin told us about some of the times he'd gone up as a kid. It was nice to be together as a family in a place that holds such special meaning to Justin where he felt close to his dad. We made our way back down and were pretty hot so we decided to head down to the creek where everyone else was and cool off in the water.

The boys going much quicker than I was able to on the way to the K

climbing up the rocks

Yay! Made it to the K!

Justin and the boys just before they slid down :)

Family photo half way down

Family photo

Crossing the creek to get to some soft sand


Logan being buried

After sweating in the hot sand and playing in the water and sand we were all in need of a nice shower! We headed back and got cleaned up, had dinner and took the boys to get ice cream at the Three Bears Creamery Cottage.
We talked about our favorite parts of the trip while eating our ice cream and then decided to walk down main street a little bit to try to get a good pic of the K hill from far away. While on our walk Kaiden had the misfortune of being pooped on by a bird. He was totally fine at first and even joked about wiping it on Dad. I missed all that though and when I looked at him I asked what the huge stripe was down his shirt. When he said poo I couldn't help but laugh. Oh my did that upset him! He stomped ahead of us crying and telling us it wasn't funny he got pooped on! I laughed even harder at his reaction! He was so mad! I tried to calm down and make him feel better by telling him that maybe it was a sign from Grandpa since his favorite word was Poo (we have lots of stories about the kids cracking up about Grandpa's favorite word) well all that did was get the other boys and Justin to start teasing him about his "crappy" luck and we were just slap happy and hysterical. I finally apologized and got the whole car to calm down and leave him alone. There was about 30 seconds of quiet when Kaiden quietly said..."Dad...will you please hurry. I have poo on my pinky". Then started the laughter again. We told him we wouldn't tell anyone besides Grandma Allen...blogging about it doesn't count though...right? :)

mimicking the three wooden bears

Yummy ice cream!

The gorgeous K hill

Karson wanted a pic with the mountain

then so did the other two

Kaid throwing a fit as I try to take a pic of him upset with poo on him
I'm so happy we took one last trip as our little family of 5. It was a great trip. The boys were good about leaving because this year we didn't leave a note for the Easter bunny telling him where we were. So the kids baskets were at home waiting for them when we got there. They were excited to see what the bunny brought.

One last shot of the K hill as we head out of town

The boys and their baskets

While we were gone Grandpa's temporary marker came in and Grandma sent us a picture of it. We left Easter morning and decided to stop by and visit Grandpa and see the marker. We had the boys all go look for a piece of Kanab to take back with us to give to Grandpa. The twins each brought back a red dirt clod to break up and give him some red dirt and Logan found a perfect flat red rock that you know is from Kanab the second you see it. Grandma and Auntie met us at the cemetery and we gave Grandpa his piece of Kanab.

breaking up the red dirt

Logan and the rock he found for Grandpa

The boys with Grandpa and the piece of Kanab they brought for him