Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Delta Trip

Memorial Day weekend we went down to the cabin in Delta (much to my doctors disliking) and I'm happy to report it was an excellent trip and I didn't give birth on the side of the road!

I have been absolutely miserable the past 2 weeks with horrible back pain that gets to the point where I can't stand, walk or even sit. After 3 doctor visits in a row and an ultrasound they have determined my gallbladder, kidney and liver are all good and that it must be a pinched nerve. My guts were all super squished because of the baby and hard to find (she never could find my spleen) and the lady said it looks like my ribs have had to shift. Basically I was told the next couple weeks will just suck and was given some muscle relaxers and pain killers to take sparingly. My doctor was already hesitant to give me permission to go out of town because I'm in pre-term labor and am getting very close to my scheduled c-section date so after my back started acting up he warned me very sternly to listen to my body and just lay down as much as possible. He did not like the idea of me leaving town. But if I was going to be miserable regardless I figured maybe a change of scenery would be nice so I went with the fam and just made sure to take my now growing list of medication with me.

I wasn't able to do much of anything other than lounge around the cabin like a bum but it was so fun to be able to watch the boys ride and feel like I was part of the fun even if just by watching it. Justin took me out in the Rhino a couple times and made sure to go nice and slow for me and it felt so good to be out in the fresh air with my hubby. Logan rode and rode practically the whole time! Every time he came in the cabin it was just to ask Justin if he'd go ride some more with him :). They also got to shoot the BB Guns again. They love those guns so much and I'm so grateful Grandpa was able to see them enjoy them (even if it was just once) before he passed. It was great to be in a place where we have so many good memories of Grandpa for memorial weekend. The boys loved every second of it and of course left asking how long till we could go back! :)

Brooklynn, Logan and Karson in the back of the Rhino

Logan driving the Rhino with Justin's help

The boys all lined up shooting while Brooklynn watches

Logan and his BB Gun

Karson and his BB Gun

Kaiden and his BB Gun

Logan's boots and 4-wheeler

Going out for a ride in the Rhino

Logan leading the way on his wheeler

First TKD Tournament!

All three of the boys had their first Tae Kwon Do tournament Saturday the 18th. They have been practicing hard and preparing but were still pretty nervous! They were all competing in three events. First was patterns, then sparring and last was breaking.

Happy Boys at the first Tournament!

My tough TKD boys!
Logan was especially nervous and he of course had to go first haha. Once he got out there and got the first event over with he felt much better! They have an awesome teacher who made them test exactly how the tournament was ran so they had a little bit of experience of how things run before they got out there. All the boys did great! Karson took first, Logan took second and I thought for sure Kaiden had third but it came down to one judge is all and Kaid came in fourth so he didn't get a medal. He was pretty upset but his teacher gave him a little pep talk and by the next event he was over it and ready to go.

All the competitors lined up ready for patterns

Little Logan scared to death and ready for his patterns

He did awesome!



Logan getting 2nd place medal

Karson getting first place medal

Kaid and Miss Barnett
Sparring was a little hard to watch because our boys are all so close in age and size that they all had to compete against each other. It's hard to cheer for one kid to beat the crap out of your other kid and then vice versa! Kaiden gave Logan a bloody nose nearly right off the bat and we had to stop to get that all cleaned up before we could go on. They each went against one of their brothers and then they each went against somebody else as well. In the end Karson took first, Kaiden took second and Logan took third! Woohoo!

Logan fighting for 3rd place

Karson and Kaiden fighting for 1st and 2nd place

Receiving their medals
Breaking is my favorite to watch. There are some super cool ways to break the boards and its fun to watch the kids improve and move up in board color. (They start out with different colored plastic boards to train and then move on to actual wood later). The older kids at the boys school who can do multiple pieces of wood or fancy breaks are so entertaining to see! They each had to break by hand and then by foot at this tournament. And once again my boys did awesome! Kaiden took first, Karson took second and Logan broke both his boards but didn't place.

My happy boys at the end of their first tournament
The final medal count at the end of the day was:
Karson- 3 medals (1st place, 1st place and 2nd place)
Kaiden- 2 medals (a 1st place and a 2nd place)
Logan- 2 medals (a 2nd place and a 3rd place)

They went in a little scared and not so sure about it and left saying they couldn't wait for the next tournament! Their school took the overall First place Trophy too!! I'll have to get a picture of them with the trophy at the next practice to post. I also have some awesome video on the ipad that I need to post later as well. Very proud of my brave kiddos!

We weren't able to stay till the very end unfortunately (it would've been cool to see the more advanced kids do sparring and breaking) but Kaiden had his piano recital right after the tournament. Grandma Allen, Grandma and Grandpa Durfey and us all had to go straight from the tournament to the recital. We were super rushed but got there just in time! Kaid did both songs very well and one of them he even was able to do from memory. It was such a long day but such a rewarding and fun day too!

Kaid playing at his recital


May 17th
My little twinlets are 9 years old! I can't believe this is their last year in the single digits! It's crazy how quick they are growing up! I just love how cute, funny and helpful they are. They are awesome!

I kept the tradition of checking them out of school for a lunch date on their birthday. In years past they have chosen to go eat at Five Guys, Chick-fil-a and Wendys (typical kid places). This year they talked about Five Guys again or even Subway. When I picked them up I asked where we were going and much to my surprise they asked for Golden Corral! Where that came from I have no idea! It made me laugh so hard that two 9 year olds who could go anywhere to eat picked an old person buffet! It's what they wanted though so we went :) Nobody was there at 11:30 AM except a few senior citizens and the boys sat us right next to the chocolate fountain. They were telling me all about the time they got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Allen to Golden Corral and how much they loved that chocolate fountain! Suddenly it made more sense to me why they chose that restaurant haha.

They were both good and went and got a plate of real food without me even telling them to and as soon as it was gone it was straight to the dessert bar. Kaiden must've gone to the chocolate fountain at least 8 times! Karson enjoyed cotton candy, ice cream and made several trips to the chocolate fountain as well. Then just before leaving they each topped off with a plate full of hushpuppies! They each probably ate 20-25 hushpuppies! Sometimes I look at them and think "oh what funny little boys I have!" and sometimes I look at them and think "oh what funny old men I have!". They enjoyed lunch and went back to school stuffed!

Karson loving the cotton candy

Kaid on one of his many trips to the chocolate fountain

Karsoroni enjoying his plate of hushpuppies

Kaid and his plate of hushpuppies and a mini burger
That night we went to Grandma Allens and had some yummy Navajo Taco's for the twins and Shawn's birthday dinner. RaeLene's friend made the best indian fry bread we've ever had! It was so delicious! We also got to FaceTime with my brothers family in Arizona. I love technology and how much easier it is to stay in touch with people. The twins got all kinds of phone calls and cards in the mail too. They felt very special. I hope they know how loved they are!

We finished the evening by letting the twinlets open presents and then eating some cake. We kept it sort of low key this year but the boys were good about it and didn't seem to mind. We planned a trip over memorial weekend to Delta and told the boys that would take the place of a friend party. They love spending time at the cabin so they were just fine with that plan :)

We got them big boy camp chairs now that they've outgrown the little ones

More presents

More presents

Auntie spoiled them with swim/outside stuff

Grandma got them their new bedding they wanted

Kaiden's Earth Cake

Karson's Skylander Portal cake

For those who don't know, this is a Skylander Portal

ready to light the candles

Making a wish and blowing the candles out

Kaiden's turn

Money from the card Grandma and Grandpa Rojer sent

After cake and presents we were all just hanging out and Justin decided to play with Emily's cat. Justin and cats do not get along. Emily's cat always hides from him. He decided to grab the kitty and force it to like him! lol! He had to keep hold of his claws the whole time and their was quite a bit of hissing but it was super funny! I have like 20 pictures of Justin making this cat "like" him haha. Then to top off the evening Brooklynn's ball popped and it was turned into a hat!

Yep that's my hubby

Justin and Brooklynn being silly

Kaid giving the hat a try

Justin and his new best friend
May 21st
A couple days after the twins birthday is Shawn's birthday. We went to the cemetery and had a picnic to celebrate. It was nice being together and having fun reminiscing about all the good memories we have of him. Paul came and joined the fun and had some great stories to share with us. We sure do miss Shawn lots! It was nice to spend some time remembering all the fun times we had with him.

Paul and Justin telling old hunting stories

Grandma and the boys

Emily, RaeLene and Justin