Monday, June 10, 2013


A Baby Shower
My amazing SIL and MIL threw me a baby shower! To be honest where its my fourth boy I was a little hesitant and felt funny about it at first but they assured me it was fine since it has been 7 years since we had a baby and we'd gotten rid of everything baby we had. They did an amazing job! They decorated to match the nursery theme (jungle) with the cutest stuff and even did it at my house so that I didn't have to figure out how to get gifts home and was able to just relax at home until it was time for the shower to start. We played two games, had the most delicious slushy punch on the planet (which was perfect since I crave ice lately) and then of course opened presents. Everyone was so generous and we are so grateful, excited and feeling ready for baby now!

The delicious slushy punch and yummy treats

The awesome stuff my SIL and MIL got for the Price is Right game


Me and Lindsay

Heather and Justins grandma

Kay and Becki guessing whats in the bag

Playing the Price is Right

More playing

opening presents

Summer Vacation
School is officially out! Woohoo! The boys still wake up at 7 every morning but it's nice to not have to worry about getting them ready and out the door by 8. We are sticking with our school morning routine (breakfast, scriptures, getting dressed, cleaning rooms) and then they do their summer school work books and then its free time. They are loving riding their bikes and playing in the pool in the back yard and I'm loving not having to shuttle them around and just hanging out with them. OH and we went and got fabric to make the curtain for the boys bedroom. Their new bedroom is officially done! Grandma Allen got them their bedding and I made my first curtain ever for the window. We hung glow in the dark stars and they officially have a space themed bedroom :)
This week will be a crazy one because there are birthday parties, work parties and lots of running around we need to do all while we wait for the baby to get here which could be any second. But so far summer is off to a good start and I'm hoping the rest of the summer goes well once we bring home baby and adjust to a new routine.

testing out the new goggles from Auntie

Playing in the kiddie pool

The boys curtain I made

Baby Date
So now that the nursery is completely put together and finished we are playing the waiting game. After weeks of worry and medication to keep this little guy from coming too soon we finally hit the safe mark so of course now....NOTHING! At my 37 week appt my doctor said he couldn't believe he hadn't come yet. My cervix is almost completely thinned and I'm starting to dilate I just won't go into full on labor for some reason. I still get contractions but they aren't regular or to the point I've had to go in. This is now officially the furthest I've ever made it in a pregnancy. The twins were 6 weeks early and Logan was 3 weeks early. Even being 3 weeks early Logan was 7 lbs 11 oz and they are telling me this guy is pretty big already too so I'm not at all worried about him being undercooked. Luckily I have an amazing doctor who I love! He told me one way or another there would be a baby by the end of the week! Music to this miserable mama's ears!! I go in Friday and will be a few days over 38 weeks. If there is no baby yet the doctor said he'd bend the rules (ssshhhhh don't tell!) and go ahead and do my C-section. I guess the hospital won't let you schedule them further than one week from your due date but where I've had so many issues lately he said he's willing to do it. He says the hospital is kind of ridiculous with some of their rules and that each patient is different and things should be based on a patient by patient basis which is just one of the many reasons I love this doctor! This was all said in "unofficial hushed tones" of course but he told me not to eat or drink before my Friday appt so by June 14th (if not sooner) we'll finally get to meet the little man! I'm definitely ready to be done being pregnant...not so sure I'm ready to take care of an infant again but hopefully we all adjust well and quickly! Wish us luck! Here are a couple photos of the nursery now that its all put together and full of baby stuff. I took the pics with my phone (my mom wanted me to send her some) so they are crappy quality but you'll get the idea.

Crib with bedding and mobile that my SIL got for us!

Shelves are full of diapers, wipes, blankets, sheets and some toys

Changing table full of diapers, wipes, lotions, soaps, burp rags, butt paste and all kinds of other essentials

Put our stroller together
A couple more TKD photos
OH and lastly I mentioned in the TKD post the boys school took the overall first place trophy! Here are some pics of them with the trophy.

Just my boys and the trophy

Group photo

being silly