Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Months!

Guess who is 2 months old already?! So actually he is 10 weeks now but today was his 2 month appt. which means he got the dreaded shots. I always feel so sad when they get poked and are looking up at you like "why are you hurting me?!" but the timing worked out perfectly that he would need to eat right at shot time. So immediately after getting his shots I fed him and he calmed right down and then slept for a good 2 hours giving me time to run errands.

I have to admit I feel a little guilty making him get shots so soon after being sick. We went from dealing with this on an hourly basis....

...liquid poop seeping out everywhere (carseat, swing, bounce chair, clothes) all the time along with all the other crummy symptoms he had to finally feeling better for about 2 days and now the poor guy had to get shots. Thank goodness for Tylenol!
It wasn't all bad though. We got to see how much he's grown.

Here are his stats:
8/29-  23.5 in (45%)
6/26-  20.5 in (51%)
6/14-  20.0 in (68%)
8/29-  11 lb 3 oz  (10%)
7/17-  7 lb 8 oz    (2%)
6/26-  6 lb 10 oz  (9%)
6/18-  6 lb 1 oz    (8%)
6/14-  6 lb 15 oz  (35%)

There are actually 10 dates with weights already (yes we've been to the dr 10 times in 10 weeks) but here are 5 giving the jist of his loss and gain since birth.
We've been supplementing with formula and now he is finally putting on weight good and is just all around happier.

Here are a few cute pics of my little man from the past few weeks.

Snuggling after shots

playing outside w daddy

He got to hang out w the big boys on the couch

Logan begged to take him in the pool but I just couldn't let him

my snoozy boy

just hanging out in the bumbo while mom gets ready :)

And lastly I posted this on facebook but have to do it here as well. We have a jacket from when Justin was a baby that is still in perfect condition after being passed on to multiple babies. Liam loves being outside and just smiles and smiles. it was actually a little chilly the other evening so we decided to try the jacket on him. It was a little big but still so cute! His smile is so much like Justins I had to do a side by side and here it is :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bench, Sick Babies and First Day of School

It has been such a long and eventful week and a half or so!

Grandpa Bench
The first big thing was that Grandpa's bench was finally placed. Shawn and RaeLene had talked about getting a bench headstone and Shawn had even mentioned to me that he wanted a bench so RaeLene and the grandkids and anyone else would have a nice spot sit when they went to visit the cemetery. RaeLene was able to make it happen and friends and family chipped in a little to help make it happen too. The bench looks amazing! The quote on it is perfect and it is the gorgeous Kanab red colored stone to match the headstone. I love it and so do the kiddos!

"Our Guardian Angel lives in Heaven... We call him Grandpa"

All the grandkids names

The boys sitting on the bench


Family photo at the cemetery
Sick Baby :(
After visiting the cemetery on Wednesday we came home in time for Justin and the twins to go to scouts. At about 7:00 that night Liam started vomiting. He puked up everything he ate over the course of about an hour and a half or so. Then that night he had a runny nose but sounded super stuffy and wouldn't eat. He acted hungry and would latch on for a couple seconds and then pull off and fuss and wouldn't want to latch back on and just had a really rough night. After missing a couple feedings I checked his temp early Thursday morning and it was 101. It totally freaked me out! He's 9 weeks old and that seemed so high for an infant that young. My doctor office doesn't open till 9:00 so I wasn't sure if I should wait or go to an instacare. I sent a text to the 2 friends I have that are nurses to ask there opinion and asked my best friend for her opinion as well. The majority thought it would be fine to wait till 9:00 as long as I could get right in. We went to the doctor and he was still puking and then had horrible diarrhea on top of it. The doctor said she thought it was this nasty summer virus going around. She told me to keep him away from people and if he was puking to give his belly a rest from milk for 2 hours and try to give him an ounce of pedialyte to keep him from getting dehydrated.

Thursday night was terrible too! He was exhausted but wouldn't (or couldn't because he felt so crummy) sleep for more than 20-25 minutes at a time, his fever kept spiking, he wasn't eating well, he was congested, exploding out of his diapers and miserable in every part of his body! My doctor called the next morning to see how the pedialyte was working and she had us come in again on Friday to check him out and make sure he wasn't getting dehydrated. Luckily he wasn't but he had started coughing. She told me the cough was probably from all the head gunk and wasn't anything to stress about as long as he was breathing okay and not wheezing. He was sick all through the weekend. Today is the first day he is starting to show some improvement. He still has head cold symptoms. I'm getting over a head cold and sinus infection myself though so maybe he had an actual cold on top of the virus and it just hasn't cleared up yet. But his vomiting isn't as bad and I'm hoping the diarrhea clears up now too. His fever lingers around the 100 degree mark but hasn't spiked very high for almost 2 days now.

I don't think any of my other kids got sick that young. I feel so bad for the poor little guy. I love that even when babies are sick they still try to smile and be happy when they can though. I'm really hoping he's completely back to himself within the next day or two and really hoping we both get a decent nights sleep some time soon!

Took him outside to calm him down. He loves outdoors and it calms the fussy boy.

We go through about 25 bibs a day lately. Poor kid.

Some Baby Vicks and socks before bed to help him breathe better

First Day of School
Today was a very exciting day for the big boys! It was the first day back to school! I've never been excited for them to get back to school because I love hanging out with them so much but this year I was VERY excited! My day started at 1:30 AM to feed Liam and by 2:30 I had changed bedding twice and at 3:00 was scrubbing the puked up milk out of the carpet. I was finally laying down by 4:00 and then up again before 6:00 with Liam. The alarm was set for 7:00 to wake the boys. I still love to hang out with my big boys but I'm so tired (more so than normal since Liam got sick) and just don't have the energy it takes to devote to all 4 kids 24 hours a day. I'm sure I sound like a terrible parent at the moment but I'm so excited for them to be in school to give me a little bit of a break. I'm not the only one who was were they! They woke up and got dressed before I went down to wake them! They are ready to see friends again and run wild at recess and not be at home with a sleep deprived mom. I'm sure once Liam is feeling better and I'm not stuck at home and am getting more than 2 hours of sleep a night I'll wish they were home again to help out and go do fun things with but for today we were all doing the happy dance! 

I of course took pictures at the house (thank goodness) and then took them to school. We stopped behind the school and I started to get out with them. They said "no pictures mom!" "How embarrassing mom!" then they all shouted "RUN!" That's right my sweet adorable babies literally ran away from me! I snapped a photo of them as they were running across the cross walk but didn't have the energy to chase them down. Don't year they'll pay and I'll really show them embarrassing! haha! 

Grandma Allen gave them all money to go back to school shopping with and they were able to get quite a bit of stuff! They all got 2 pairs of jeans and about 6 shirts. Justin and I got them their backpacks, shoes and socks. Their very favorite thing would be the new jackets though. They have all been begging for these zip up jackets for over a year now and we found them on sale and went ahead and got them.

While the big boys were at school I got to hang out with this poor sick little guy. I'm looking forward to the boys school year to see all the fun things they do and learn and am looking forward to having this little guy around to keep me company just hopefully no more sick days in the near future!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Liams Photo Shoot!

So I mentioned in one of my last posts that my mother-in-law got me a gift card to a picture place for my birthday. Well we took Liam and the big boys in Saturday to use it and ended up with some super cute pics!
Liam was super wiggly and hard to pose (he really wanted to do his own thing haha) and near the end of the hour we'd been there he got fussy but the lady was great and we'll definitely go back! We took his blessing outfit so I could use one of the pics for his blessing announcement. We also took the grandpa blanket and another outfit. The big boys loved it because they got to pick their own wall for their photo and got to pick their own chair or prop too. We got a disc with 80 pics and here are my narrowed down favorites (they were all pretty good though!).

Blessing outfit photos

Photos with the Grandpa blanket

Liams big boy outfit

All 4 of my boys


Kai Bug

Logi Bear