Thursday, October 24, 2013

corn maze, carvings, critters and other cool happenings!

That's a lot of c's! I love when titles for a post work out nicely like that :)

We made it to the Crazy Corn Maze! The boys had so much fun last year that they were really looking forward to it this year! We invited Auntie, Brooklynn and Grandma to come along and it made it all the more fun! I think the highlight for me was Karson crouching in the corn trying to pop out to scare us (like his dad) and when he was trying to jump out the corn stalk hit him in the face and he kind of got stuck. Pretty funny stuff! It was a good outing.

Brooklynn, Kaiden, Karson and Logan

Punching the answer to help us through the maze

Liam and Brooklynn

Me and my hubby

Logan and Brooklynn

Kaid and me

Kaid and Karson





Family photo

Silly family photo

Happy baby at the corn maze

Brooklynn the Astronaut hahaha

Kaid and Brooklynn

Everyone at the maze

Sunday we were able to carve our pumpkins! All the boys picked a pumpkin and we found a cute little one for Liam. We also got a big giant one to put Liam IN. Back when Logan was a baby we put him in a pumpkin and he couldn't have cared less. He ate and smiled and had a great time in the pumkin so we wanted to do it again with Liam. Liam did NOT love it! Hahaha He was so mad! He screamed and cried and looked at us like "what the heck are you doing to me?" Other than traumatizing the baby it was a nice Sunday afternoon lol

Ready to gut

Carved and lit for the first time

Karsons ninja eyes

Kaiden's vampire

Logan's motorcycle

Liam's first pumpkin

In my last post I mentioned the boys went to a birthday party with all kinds of critters and that more pictures would be coming. Well here they are! This is one cool mom and such a great party idea!




Looks like it's nibbling his finger

Other Cool Happenings
An awesome friend I know through PTA made Liam the cutest little sweater and hat! She is amazingly talented at knitting and crocheting. Looking at the tiny sweater and fat Liam we were worried it might not fit but it definitely does and is actually a little big so it should last all winter long!

He likes it!

Karson scored his first touchdown last week! He has found his sweet spot on the field and is doing fantastic! Corner and Running Back are where he shines! The game he scored his touchdown in was on a Tuesday meaning Grandma Allen was at the temple, Grandpa Durfey was at scouts, I was at TKD with the other boys so the only person who saw was dad! Darn it! This last game I took him while Justin took the other boys and made sure to get a few pics. He ran the ball from the opposite end zone almost all the way to a touch down. I snapped the picture just as he was getting his flag taken. It's so fun to see him dart in and out and make some awesome plays. I'll definitely get more pics at the next game too.

in the huddle

getting ready to dart through the whole and come clear down field

made it right near the end zone and then they were able to score on the next play
I have to brag for a minute about what a good boy Kaiden has been lately.
This conversation happened on facebook the other day:

Ward Member: I wanted to tell you I was so impressed with one of your twins (sorry I didn't figure out which one before he ran off!) for coming and apologizing about accidentally nicking my car door at church. (Btw: I didn't notice anything...i guess it helps when you already have lots of scratches to begin with:). That takes guts. I pointed out to my kids that I hope they are honest like the Allen boys!

Me: Was it this Sunday? I had a primary meeting right after church and Justin wasn't there so I'm thinking it happened when I had him run some things to the car before he walked home. So sorry! I had no idea anything happened but I'm glad to hear he did the right thing.

Ward Member: yes it was this last Sunday. No worries abt the car...I definitely didn't mean to bring it up to make you worry! Like i said, i didn't notice any major or minor damage. Just wanted to let you know that I thought that was so good of him to do. I figured you had told him to do that but now I'm even MORE impressed that he did that on his own! Way to go, raising such good kids.

I asked all the kids if anything happened at church the other day and Kaiden told me what had happened and that it was him. I was so happy that he was honest with me. My kids are far from perfect! In fact they are wild and often in trouble :) So it's nice to hear about them choosing the right and doing the right thing on their own. Maybe they'll turn out okay after all haha.

Right after the car ding incident Kaiden received Principals Pride at school. His certificate says "Kaiden did an excellent job of helping a new student get to know our school and classroom while I was not here. He has done a great job of befriending him and helping him feel welcome. Thank you!" So proud of that cute guy!

I don't think I mentioned that Logan and Justin are doing guitar lessons together! Logan has been wanting to learn since he was about 5 years old (because good cowboys play guitar haha). We decided he is finally old enough to learn and we found a place that does father son classes. He's picking it up pretty well and is super excited to learn his first song in a couple weeks. Having Justin go with to learn has been nice so that if he needs help at home while practicing Justin will know what is going on. They are both loving it!

I also got a call last night inviting me to the Reflections assembly this afternoon. They aren't allowed to tell you if you won or not but as a general rule they invite the parents of kids who win so that they can be there to take pictures. So hopefully this afternoon I'll have some pictures of him with his winning entry! (fingers crossed!)

Justin and Logan with their guitars

Silly photo

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Galore!

We've been having SO much Halloween fun! I almost forgot how fun it is to go hang out with my awesome kids because it had been so long (what with being huge, recovering from a c-section and having a new baby, we didn't get out much over the summer). UEA was awesome and best of all everything we did was free or cheap as can be!

Thursday we went to Gardner Village to see the witches and do the scavenger hunt for a cookie (Free!). But before Gardner Village we went to Zumba! I've been going to free Zumba every Thursday for the past few weeks with my friend and since the kids were out of school I was able to talk another friend into joining us (it's kind of a far drive for the second friend) but we had to bring ALL our kids since school was out! I had my 4, Tecia had her 4 and Lindsay had 3 with her. Did ya do the math? Yep that's 11 kids between the 3 of us! Really it's 12 if you count Carter's sweet spirit who I'm sure is hanging around his siblings :). They all found a way to entertain themselves though (they are all great kids!) and then it was off to Gardner Village! We go every year but it's always fun to see the witches new hiding places. While we were there we ran into Aunt Brenda too! So we were able to snap a picture with her kiddos!

All my boys with the hula hooping witch

Karson dancing on stage

Another witch

Tecia's mom is probably one of the coolest Grandma's ever!

The big boys enjoying a cookie

and Liam enjoying his hand

Hey we know you! Brenda's kids with the boys

all the boys with the pumpkins

Having fun at Zumba

Liam doing what he always does during the blaring music...sleeping!

Friday was Scarecrow Festival Day (everything but food was Free!)! I went to the Scarecrow Festival for years when I was a kid and performed with my dance group. I remember it being at Gardner Village and having a corn maze, tons of scarecrows, booths and all kinds of other things. It has definitely changed since I was a kid but the boys had fun and that's what is important. Friday it was a zoo though! We seriously only did two things (rock climbing and tower of terror) and we were there like 3 hours!

The boys with one of the scarecrow's

Karson at the top

Kaiden at the top

Logan did this like 5 times instead of the tower of terror

Good little baby boy

All the boys with another scarecrow

Liam and dad with the giant pumpkin

Spinning the prize wheel

Fast asleep
While at the Scarecrow Festival there was a guy there playing music and giving away prizes. He gave us a flyer to his Haunted house in Herriman. He said it was a kid-friendly-non-chainsaw-chasing haunted house. So we decided to go check it out. Justin was working graveyard overtime over the weekend and the haunted house just happened to be like 2 minutes from auntie. Auntie was nice enough to babysit Liam for me while I took the big boys. I invited 2 friends and their kids to come. My kiddos thought it was pretty cool! At the end before you leave there were pumpkins filled with different things you touch (zombie scabs, witches fingers, Frankensteins heart, etc.) and then you get a dum dum. It's only $3, adults are free and you can go through as many times as you want so if you're near the area and have small kiddos I think it's a fun outing. While trying to get this picture I accidently almost kidnapped a child! It was dark and there was a strobe light going and fog and I thought I was grabbing Karson and shoving him into the picture...nope total terrified stranger child! Whoops! I made his haunted house experience a little more scarey haha.

All the brave kiddos who survived the haunted house!

inside the haunted house
Since Justin worked all night Friday and needed to sleep Saturday I took the boys back to the Scarecrow Festival so we'd be out of the house. SO glad we went back in the morning! The boys got to do the bungee jump thingy (Kaid was the king of backflips) and then were able to rock climb 4 or 5 times in a row without waiting in line. They did the inflatable things and we finished the outing off with caramel apples (not a stick though, bummer!) and cotton candy. They had a lot of fun!

Kaid getting strapped in

mid flip



Kar mid flip

Logan getting strapped in

The get pulling him down and letting go to fling him up higher

My rock climbing boys

Logan got brave enough to try and made it about half way

Yummy treats

eating their caramel apples


After round 2 of the Scarecrow Festival the boys all had a Birthday party for a friend in the neighborhood. He had a reptile person come and bring snakes, scorpions, bearded dragons and all kinds of critters. They LOVED it! The mom texted me a picture of Kaid with the snake around his neck! She said there were more and she'll post them on facebook but for now this will have to do :)

That was our fun packed UEA weekend! And there is still so much more! We have pumpkin carving, the corn maze, possibly another haunted house, our family party and then of course actual Halloween! So excited to dress Liam up in his cute little costume for his first Halloween :)