Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family pictures

We got our family photo's disc today! I love family pictures and this is the first real family photo since Liam was born! They ALL turned out so cute but here are a few of my faves!

My Family

Auntie and Brooklynn


The whole gang

Grandma and the Grandkids

A couple silly's






Friday, November 8, 2013

Liam Laughs!

These two videos are guaranteed to make you smile!
Justin and I have gotten Liam to give a little giggle a couple times, which has been awesome, but nothing gets Liam laughing like his brothers! He absolutely loves them and thinks they are hilarious!
The big boys take turns holding Liam and making his legs pretend kick or punch each other and fall down and he finds it so funny.
This morning Logan was counting and then jumping and I guess in Liam's world it was the greatest thing EVER!  It definitely kicked our day off on a good note!
Enjoy some happy baby giggles :)



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween and Happiness!

It was Liams first Halloween! Which makes the holiday that much more exciting and fun! After how badly he hated being stuffed in the real pumpkin I was a little worried he'd hate his costume but much to my delight he loved it!

Wednesday night we took the kids to a kid haunt that an old dance friend of mine does at her house. I think this was the first year they did a kid haunt and it was pretty fun. There were games and treats and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I hear the real haunted house is Amazing though! So maybe when the kiddos are bigger we'll see if they want to brave the big kid haunted house :)

Outside the haunted house with their cans of food to donate

Liam and Dad

Logan and mom

Halloween Day and Night were great!
Justin took the day off since he'd been gone working all month and was going to leave the next day for 4 days. It was so nice having him around to help get the kids ready and then he went to the Halloween parade at the school with me.  I always love seeing all the cute and creative costumes and of course everyone LOVED Liam and his cute little costume. After the parade Justin watched Liam while I went to help with Logan's class party.

That night the big boys were so cute wanting to take him and show him off everywhere :)
We took Liam to my dad's and a few houses in our neighborhood but other than that he stayed home because I didn't want him out in the cold or get him off his schedule.

The big boys on the other hand went crazy this year! They hit Aunties neighborhood, my dads neighborhood our little neighborhood and the one across 3200 from us. They were loaded! There was no whining about being tired or being cold and they honestly just loved it! So cool!

Justin and I decided to come up with costumes at the last minute. My brother is currently enrolled at UTI and we happened to have a UTI shirt so I threw that on and grabbed one of Justins giant wrenches and went as Josh! Justin carried a picture frame and went as a self portrait. We're both pretty lame haha but considering we threw them together Halloween night in 5 minutes I guess it could've been worse.

Card from Grandma Great

With his bucket at Grandpa Durfey's

My big boys

Karson and Liam

Auntie and Liam

Me as Josh

Justin as a self portrait

We seriously had so much candy it was ridiculous! We didn't have many trick or treaters so we had a bowl of left overs and then the kids all got at least 3 pumpkins full of candy! I was asking for suggestions on fb of what to do with it all and I got some pretty great suggestion! My favorite was to donate it to the troops serving over seas. The only downside to that was mailing is done by weight..do you know how expensive it is to mail 30lbs of candy?! But then somebody else told me about the dentist buy back program where dentists will buy back your candy. The one I found actually sends it to troops! So we are doing it that way instead. Here is the ridiculous amount of candy we had laying around at our house.

dumped and ready to go out again!

I went OCD on the candy and sorted it all haha

the friends and family keep pile

the gallon ziplocks of give away
The Sunday after Halloween we also got our first snow fall! It didn't stick for even a full day but it was still fun and got me excited for all the coming holiday fun! Justin was out of town Friday-Monday and I already blogged about all that craziness (HERE)! So we were extra excited for him to come home and we made a banner for him to welcome him home. My favorite part is that I tried to trace Liams hands and feet (he was squirmy so it turned out interesting haha) so Logan decided to add his hand and foot to the poster too! So big and so funny to me hahaha. He is home now though and I am so happy to have my hubby home!

First snow fall

The boys with their banner

Liams little hand and feet

Logan's big hand and foot

Grandma Allen also came home from her weekend in Kanab and she brought fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Great and Shelly. Liam got a cute pop up book, a mit and velcro baseball and a cute little toy he loves to chew on! The big boys got a book, their own jar of honey, a ball and a little toy. I saved the best for last though! On her way home Grandma stopped in Beaver and picked me up some squeaky cheese! The past couple times I've tried to get some in Delta the shop has been closed! I've been wanting some for SO long! I love that stuff and its just not the same as cheese curds you get at Harmons or other grocery stores. It's gotta be the real deal :)

Liam's surprises

The big boy surprises but they had already ran off with some of it when I took the pic

I was finally able to get a pic of Liams 2 little teeth! Unfortunately every other time I've tried to get a pic when he is smiling or just hanging out and his tongue is in the way. I noticed when he cries though you can see his little teeth. So the next time he cried before comforting him I hurried and snapped a photo (I know bad mom award). He's been getting cranky again in the evenings (I hope he's not getting more teeth already!) and has started taking a nap around 7ish too. He's still sleeping through the night even with the added nap so it doesn't bother me. And he will only nap in my arms at that time of day so I really enjoy it actually. There is nothing better than a sleeping baby in your arms!

first teeth..sad boy :(

napping on mama

Randomness and our Family party (Finally!)

I never posted any pictures of Logan with his medal from reflections so I thought I better do it. He is so proud of this medal and wanted to sleep with it the first night he got it :)

Happy Boy

Getting a picture with Mr. V at the awards assembly

Still wearing it! haha

The painting he entered

We also got to babysit Brooklynn the other night and we love when she comes to play! For some reason she has a fascination with our rearranging our couch cushions lol. They build forts, bunk beds and all kinds of things and just have so much fun. This is Brooklynn and Logan being silly watching a movie on the newly improved couch :)

Now that Liam is getting better at steadying himself in standing position we've started putting him in his exersaucer. The first few times I tried it he didn't really like it because the seat was big enough he could flop forward or backward in it. Now he really likes it though! He is really getting good at bringing things to his mouth but the excersaucer pieces are too big to fit in his mouth and he gets so mad and yells at it! Totally hilarious to me. I've got to try to get video of it!

He is also getting somewhat mobile. Before you get all excited, he is no where near crawling! But when I put him on the floor he somehow ends up clear across the room and facing a different direction. He is really good at rolling both from front to back and back to front now so I'm sure that plays into it but he wiggles and scootches and can really move so now we've got to be that much more cautious with him. The picture below he was originally on the blanket with his head toward the fireplace and as you can see he ended up at the fireplace with his feet towards it! I don't think we'll be doing any fires for a couple years just because I'll be so nervous about him!

He'll find a way to get around

Hanging out in the saucer!

We had our Family Halloween Party a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to blogging it! That Saturday was such a busy day! Justin got home from working a night shift at 7 AM and then had to be back in at 5 PM for another all nighter so he was trying to get as many cat naps in as possible so he could survive that night but we had Karson's last football game, the family party, our ward party and I had a lunch date that was planned over a month ago so were pretty busy!

I went to my lunch date and then met up with everyone at Karson's game. He did awesome again! And he is so bummed the season is over already. He's counting down to spring when he can sign up again.

LOVE this picture!

Playing hard

Trophy and certififcate

Kar and his coaches

Right after the game we went to my MIL's house for the party.
We got the kiddos in their costumes, ate some BBQ (she brought home some good stuff from her trip down south!), played a game, ate yummy treats and then decorated pumpkins to take to the cemetery. The kids all wrote a letter to Grandpa to take also.

First time in his costume

He likes it!

My boys

All the kiddos

Decorating pumpkins

Liam giving it a try

Daddy helping

Grandma reading a story

Dad napping on the couch

Liam napping on Grandma's bed

showing off a craft

Karson's mouth




Karson's letter

Kaiden's letter

Logan's letter

Grandma Allen and her grandkids

Right after the cemetery it was off to the ward party and then home for baths and bed.
It was definitely a go-go-go type of day but it was a fun one! I'm actually very grateful it was such a busy day because this was the first of the big Holidays without Shawn (unless you count the 4th of July...but that's not a big holiday..and I was still on percocet at that time.. so I don't). I was sad that night thinking of how it must have been hard for my MIL to reach another milestone without Shawn. But she is amazing and is doing such a good job of continuing to make new fun memories with the kiddos. We found a way to have fun AND remember Grandpa.