Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update Galore!

Oh my goodenss it's been so long! Where to begin...
I think I'll try breaking this down person by person.

My eyes
are just about completely healed. The vision is slowly getting to be more stable and I can see the majority of the time. Night driving is getting a lot better too. I still have milk looking drops 4 times a day that taste awful (weird that I can taste what's in my eyes!) but other than that things are back to normal and now I can see! I still haven't been brave enough to watch the video of the surgery. Some day.
 I was just asked to be the PTA treasurer again. I did it for a year and half but found somebody to replace myself while pregnant with Liam. Oh I am so not good at telling people no but I just don't think I can juggle the responsibility with how little Liam is and how time consuming it is. So for all my "just-say-no cheerleaders" you will be proud...I said No! I'm trying to get more involved again but want to ease myself into it.
I'm also teaching art once a month at the school with the Great Artist Program. Such an amazing program and if your school doesn't have it I highly recommend looking into getting it or something similar! The kids love it and have so much fun learning about the artists, history and techniques. Then you get to have a big art show to show off all the recreated master pieces. Pretty cool stuff!
Lastly when I was released from the primary presidency I immediately asked to be put back in primary somewhere-anywhere! Well I am now a primary teacher! So happy to be back already! I love primary so much!

Ever since the slide at Kennicott we've been being extra cautious with our money and looking around at all of our options. Justin now has half his over time hours back and was just given a nice raise and the opportunity to get more training and more raises based on the training he does outside of work. It is such a blessing! He has felt topped out or stuck for a few years now and has been asking and asking for more training so he can continue to be an asset to his work rather than get behind on the new technology. Upper management never did anything though. Well he recently went and interviewed with Questar and one of the perks to the company was the training they offer. He told his boss about the interview and that same week his boss and his bosses boss went to him and told him how much they love and appreciate him and basically begged him not to go. They just got new upper management and he is big on training and were asking Justin to give it a few months and see how he liked things with new management. We were really on the fence with what to do but when his current job offered him the training and then the raise on top of that we just couldn't walk away. He's been with the company so long that he really didn't want to start all over and he enjoys his work and the people he works with so we are very grateful for this recent turn of events.

Karson -
The twins both got to go to an awesome birthday party over the weekend. It was a spy party and the invitation came in a manilla envelope and had a file inside with information and code names and was so cute! They got badges, disguises and all kinds of other fun goodies from the party. The mom that threw the party is a teacher at the kids school and she is seriously amazing! Such a cute family!

Ready to open the top secret envelope!


inside of invitation. Blurred out names and numbers though

Karson after the party


One of the cool badges

DRAMA in the Principals Office
There was a little bit of drama for Karson the week of the party and the poor boys were worried they wouldn't be able to go to the party. They actually ended up in the principals office! Can you believe it?! I was shocked...though some have said they aren't surprised given who their dad is :) Honestly I feel like things were blown a little out of proportion.
My boys and a couple of their friends (all good kids from great families. Honest) were playing a chase game with a group of girls. It's a game that is usually instigated by the girls. I've had to talk to them and tell them not to run at pick up near all the cars and traffic but at recess it seems like typical behavior in my opinion. A teacher told them to quit playing though and they didn't (this is the only reason I was okay with any form of punishment being given to my child).
Well when playing this time they decided to put the girls in "jail" (take them to one end of the playground). The girls were obviously okay with this game because when put in jail they stayed until somebody let them out. When one of the boys grabbed one of the girls arm to take her to jail it hurt her wrist. Later that day another child told the boys she got hurt playing. Karson went and found her and said sorry. Her response was "it wasn't you that hurt me so its okay". Karson thought that was the end of it. Well her parents took her into the ER that night and were told it might be a sprain. The next day the parents went to the principal and were upset that the boys were being so aggressive and was threatening to call the police on all the boys. When the boys were called to the office they all cried and felt bad she had been hurt by accident. Here was a conversation between Karson and another of the boys-
K-"Well I can tell you right now, I can't go to your party" as he sobbed
Other boy- "Well I can tell you the party is cancelled so it doesn't even matter" as he sobbed
The principal asked if they were chasing the girls and if they took them to jail. They answered yes and that was about the extent of the conversation. The poor kids worried themselves sick in anticipation of dealing with their moms because the principal told them he was calling their parents. In addition to calling parents the boys all lost their recess privileges and that means they lose lunch privilege as well. Karson now eats alone at an empty table on the opposite side of the lunch room from all his peers. We talked with Karson and felt like the punishment given at school was more than sufficient so he didn't have any further consequences at home. He was so relieved!
The no recess or lunch went on for a week. The end of the week I went in to talk to the principal to see how long they'd be punished and see if I was missing some info since Justin is who got the call. The principal told me that at the time he didn't realize it was a mutual game and that the girls had instigated the game many a time as well. I realize its unfortunate that somebody got hurt while playing but it was a total accident and the parents are wanting money from one of the parents and its just a bit ridiculous to me!  I talked to the other parent who assured me the party wasn't cancelled and voiced similar thoughts as my own. I assured her that my boys would still be at the party and thank goodness they had that party because it was a hard week for Karson! He got his privileges back this week and will be thinking twice about what he is doing and who he is with!
Other than that he's been being the fantastic helper he is at home and he's learned two new beats on his drums.

Geography Bee
Kaiden had a much better week than Karson. He luckily wasn't with the boys playing the chase game that recess so when he was called down to the office Karson made it known Kaid wasn't involved. I was so proud he stood up and said Kaid wasn't involved. The principal said he was impressed that he would do that too. Not only was Kaid not in trouble but he  also won the geography bee in his class! So Friday he got to go on to the school bee and compete against the other 4th, 5th and 6th grade winners. After seven rounds he was eliminated but he did really well. So proud of that smart boy!

Kaid being introduced

The contestants in front of the upper grades at the school

Turning 8
Logan gets baptized in a month! What?! At our house we have the rule that if you want to be baptized you have to read the Book of Mormon first. I don't want my kids to ever say they were forced into this religion. They are taken to church to learn and then given the choice. He has been so diligent about reading and is almost done! His favorite stories so far have been about Teancum and the wars. When Teancum is killed he was so sad I thought he was going to cry. He's such a good boy and is very excited to get baptized!
We went to Great to be 8 this past Sunday and he LOVED it! Listening to the scout person talk got several "Yes!" and "I can't wait!" We are going to do his pictures for his baptism announcement some time the end of this month. Still can't believe he is going to be EIGHT! He was my baby for so long!
So proud he is reading the scriptures and wants to be baptized!
He is also doing fantastic with guitar! His cord changes are getting quicker and he has one song down and is working on a second. Here is some video of him dressed as a knight (not sure why) playing his guitar :)



Oh Liam. That boy grew up so much the past few weeks! When he turned 7 months old a switch flipped and he decided he was no longer an infant. He is crawling like crazy! The kids have been yacking about him crawling for a few weeks already but every time he got up on all 4s I'd holler at him or swat him down. On his 7 month old birthday he just wasn't giving up though so I finally gave in and let him crawl. *sigh*
And then that same day started pulling himself up to his knees. He tries to get to his feet but he's wobbly and freaks me out. I'm scared to death he is going to fall and hit his face on what he's standing against.
Growing so fast
He also has a FIFTH tooth already and he says "da-da" all day long. He has an obsession with rugs (so gross) and constantly crawls to them and chews on them. I definitely have to watch him like a hawk these days. My doctor also told me that there is no research that shows introducing foods to kids over 4 month will cause allergies. He said before 4 months he's more cautious but at this point I could give him peanut butter if I wanted. He encouraged me to give him more table food so the other day I made some chicken pot pie and threw it in the baby bullet (not the biscuits on top just the rue with the potatoes, chicken and veggies) the kid loved it! It's a fave!

6 months old

look at that big silly face

Learning to use his sippy

Logan shared his sucker

What chicken pot pie baby bullet style looks like

foot popped out in the night
 Video of Liam crawling. He's only gotten quicker since this video. *sigh*


Some Randoms-
Sacred Gifts
We went to see an exhibit called "Sacred Gifts". Amazing! If you have an ipad you can get the app called Sacred Gifts and look at the art and read about it but if you are near the Provo area you should really go see it in person at the BYU Museum of Art. It is amazing Christ centered art from churches and cathedrals all over the world. They are pieces of art that have never left before and probably never will again. So cool to see hundred year old paintings like this up close in real life. Such a great family outing! We took grandma with us and she seemed to really enjoy it as well. Love when she comes with on sun little outings.

No pictures were allowed inside so this is outside

Me and the hubs


Baby Liam

Grandma and the boys

The boys have been playing around with different ways to tie their ties. Justin was so excited to let his buddy in the ward see his tie because this young man is so stylish and compliments him on his sweaters so he knew he'd be proud of his tie haha. This same young man and his family joined in the fun and did some fun knots as well and last week another young man did as well. Pretty fun to see all the cool knots!

Cool Ties

another one the next week called the hourglass

Logans favorite

Not sure what else to say. We've been super busy but not with anything terribly exciting so I guess I'll close. The next post will probably have to do with Logan's birthday and baptism!!

Worried Hubby
OH! Wait! One last thing that I found so funny! When I went to the geography bee (those things are LONG!) I left my phone at home. I also didn't get a chance to call Justin that morning before school because it was my turn to drop off carpool (instead of pick up) so he hadn't heard from me all morning. He called and texted and didn't get a response. When I got home (Finally!) I had a million missed calls, missed texts and a note waiting for me! He was so worried he actually left work to come check on me. As he was writing his note it dawned on him where I was. Made me laugh so hard! Such a sweet hubby I have though :)


Note from my sweet worried hubby

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not an announcement....just a scheme :)

I have THREE Sr. Primary kids! That's right Logan is now a CTR 7 and is in Senior Primary with his big brothers, who are now Valiant 9 BTW! So weird having zero Jr Primary kiddos! How and when did they get so old and so fast?!

Logan will be getting baptized in a couple weeks and the twins will hit double digits in May when they are 10!

As I thought about this today it made me laugh. Three Sr Primary kids and then Liam who isn't even Nursery age yet! Not a single soul in between to break up the gap.We knew their was a huge gap between him and the others the second we learned of his existence but there isn't much we can do about that now. When milestones and things like this pop up, it puts the gap into a whole new perspective :).

It got me thinking.
In 2 years the twins will be Deacons (AAHHHH!) and will be getting the priesthood.
Meanwhile  Liam will be in Nursery .

In 8 years the twins will be leaving for their missions (Double AHHHHHH!! I can't even imagine! Lets don't talk about that yet!)
Liam will be getting baptized! He won't even have his entire immediate family their because there is such a huge gap!

In 10 years ALL three big boys will have graduated High School, the twins will have finished their missions and Logan will be out on his.
Liam won't have even graduated from Elementary school to Middle School!

This poor kid is going to be an only child! Horrible planning on our part (or lack there of haha).

So I've come to the conclusion that Liam needs a friend.
We've already started completely over at this point. Might as well have one last one so Liam has a friend, right?

No, this is not an announcement.
This is however an invitation to all who know Justin to voice your vote in favor of one more :)
Or you can tease and harrass him to get him on board with this plan!
Hahahaha! Maybe I can talk him into letting me start a public poll....hmmm....any other suggestions?

PS if nobody hears from me in the next few days it is probably because my wonderful, sweet, handsome husband has killed me for this post! Love ya babe!