Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baptism, Blue and Gold, Birthday


My baby boy has been baptized! I really don't even know what to say or think.
I'm so proud of that cute blue eyed boy!
Just like his brothers, Logan had to plan his baptism. He picked the speakers, the chorister, the music, everything and then he had to make the phone calls to invite everyone. He was so nervous to talk to people on the phone! Half way through the calling he said, "This is hard!" in a whiny voice but we told him if he wanted to have a baptism this was part of it, now that he's a big boy. He was brave and finished the calling.

Here was the program he planned:

I was so stressed about having enough time to set up the other room for the luncheon that morning! Turns out we had plenty of time though. When I got there and was frantically setting up tables and decorations the bishop told me that the font was filling slower than he had anticipated which gave me extra time to get everything ready. Once the water got to the second step we gave up on filling it the rest of the way and decided to make due with what we had. We had just enough and everything turned out great!

RaeLene gave a wonderful talk on baptism. She brought the Grandpa picture with her and set it right up front next to us and told Logan it was so that Grandpa would be there with us. I had brief moment of tears but was able to regain my composure before she was done speaking.

I knew I was going to cry anyway. The fact that my little boy is taking such an important step in life was enough to make me cry but not having Shawn there I knew would mean a few extra tears. It was an emotional roller coaster of a week leading up to the baptism. For some reason this has been the hardest milestone yet for me. Anything to do with Liam has been bitter sweet, but Logan...I don't know...this one had an extra sting to it. I guess maybe because we have so many memories of Logan and Grandpa. He picked Logan up from pre-k everyday for me and was just always there. Grandpa was there for every school performance, primary program, and any regular old day we wanted. It just felt so wrong not having him at this for my little Bear. The twins were lucky enough to get a card at their baptism with Grandpa's testimony in it so we read that which is so cool and it's something we'll always treasure but it was hard too. Logan cried a little knowing he wouldn't be able to get a special card like that from Grandpa for his baptism so we decided to give him Grandpa's hat. He LOVES grandpa's hat. Any time we were at a store and there was one like it he'd put it on and ask for a picture. It's been hanging in the garage at Grandma's and every time he sees it he asks if he can have it one day. He was thrilled to get that hat on his special day!

wearing the coveted Grandpa hat

After Grandma's wonderful talk, Logan was baptized. His belly almost didn't go under because the water was so shallow but Justin was able to get him down far enough that he was all the way covered.

Then Grandpa Great gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and gave Logan a book and a towel. He started by telling Logan he had taken off his dark suit jacket so he would look like a ghost and we all thought that was pretty funny.

Logan was confirmed a member of the Church and received the Holy Ghost. I was so happy for him!

After that it was off to the other room for the luncheon (soup, rolls and dessert). All the soups were delicious and it was great to spend time with friends and family who were able to make it out.

Thank you to our wonderful bishop who allowed us to do the baptism that day! Thank you to the friends, family and Logan's primary teacher that made it to the baptism! Seeing how many people care about him and his special day made him so happy! Thank you Emily for making the adorable sign in sheets! Thank you Lindsay for helping me frost hundreds of cookies again! Thank you Holly for letting me borrow the sticks she made for Great to Be 8 and thank you family that helped with soups and rolls! It's so wonderful to have such amazing helpers who love and support my little guy for his special day! I'm so grateful for all the many loving and supportive people we are surrounded with.

Sunday he was called up in Sacrament to be introduced as the newest official member and he was so nervous! When he came back down he practically ran and when he got to us he grasped his heart like he was gonna faint hahaha! So dramatic! Love this silly boy of mine!

Logan and Dad

Mom, Logan and Dad

cute sign in pages

Decoration sticks

Sign in table-can't do something this big without Animal!

Singing closing hymn at baptism


Yummy dessert table
Logan also had his first Blue and Gold Banquet. He was able to go the 2 weeks before the banquet to pass off his Bobcat so he even got an award at his first one! He pinned his pin on me and was so excited to find a good deed so he could flip it right side up.
It was a Western theme complete with wanted posters hanging up and a jail. Justin's mom and Grandparents were able to come and I think they enjoyed themselves. There was a slideshow from the past few months and it was so fun seeing all the cool things they do each week.
Logan is loving scouts even more than he could've imagined! His leaders are Awesome and he loves the projects. Wednesday nights are quiet at my house now and its strange but really nice! Justin is still in Young Mens and the three big boys are all in scouts now so I send Liam with Justin and get the house all to myself.
Look at this adorable scout I have!

His first pin for mom

All FOUR (yes Liam too) of my kids are up there :)

Singing a silly song

Lastly I don't know that I ever posted pics from his birthday. On even years we do a family party so it was small but fun. He asked for pizza and grandma made delicious cheesy breadsticks. We also had a yummy dessert with a basketball on it and opened presents. Auntie sent him on a hunt with clues for her present and it was a skateboard! He loves that thing! Later that week on his actual birthday we went to 5 Guys (one of our Faves!) with Grandma and he got his new bedding he picked out. He LOVES it and hangs out reading in bed all the time now.
I think he had a good 8th birthday! I'm still having trouble believing he is baptized! But am so proud of the silly boy!

Blowing out the candles

Playing with the new basketball hoop for his room

Reading his clues that Brooklynn helped write

Sweet mustache! haha

Left a note for the board

Loving the new bedding!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Logan is EIGHT!

Today is my baby boys birthday! He's not technically the baby anymore but after holding that position for SEVEN years I think it's safe to say he will always be "baby boy" to me :) I still call him baby boy and he still loves it so why change it up after all these years.

Some things about Logan:
*He is learning guitar and getting quite good at it.

Dad and Logan

*He is still super shy in front of large groups or around new people but he is warming up to new people quicker these days. Once he knows you or is comfortable around you- watch out because then you'll have hard time getting him to be calm and quiet again!
*He LOVES to make people laugh! He is super dramatic and he is definitely a class clown and is very rarely serious. His personality is so big he just can't contain it at times.

Silly boy!

"everyone smile!" aaaand Logan turned into Hulk for no apparent reason haha

And then is sweet as can be right after that

"How you doin?" haha

*He has a tender heart. His feelings are easily hurt but he tries to hide it and is quick to forgive.
*He loves all things chocolatey or sweet.
*He is a dirt magnet! He is by far my dirtiest boy and has food or dirt smudged on his face 90% of the time.

chocolate smeared face eating cotton candy

*He loves to be outdoors! Come rain or shine he is out there on a bike, with a ball, on the trampoline or building something and getting dirty.

"Look at my snow man! Can I keep him??"

Wild at heart

*He still loves and takes his ratty old "Animal" everywhere with him.

Animal had been in our family as long as Logan

*His favorite places to go are Delta and Kanab. He loves his 4-wheeler and rides for hours and hours at a time.

Slowed down just long enough for a picture and went right back to riding

*He loves spending time with his brothers and with Brooklynn.

Cute kiddos

Swimming with Brooklynn

He loves his brothers

*He is the very top of his class for Math but he hates homework and does it very quickly and sloppy so he can go outside. We are working on slowing down to do our best but he doesn't understand why he would do something boring, slowly when he can do it quickly and be done :)
*He is definitely an outside of the box thinker and oh so smart!
*He has a huge imagination and is in his own world sometimes. I tease that if I could go anywhere in the world I'd go inside his head because I'm sure its the weirdest but most fun place ever!
*He is curious and asks millions of questions in a day.
*He is also my most cuddly boy and loves to snuggle with me still.
*Lastly he is beyond excited to be a real scout! He's been going to pack meeting with us for the twins over the past couple years and always has so much fun! Now that he gets to go weekly and will get to go to camp he is just bouncing off the walls with excitement!

being made into a mummy

Blind face painting

I'm having a hard time believing my baby boy is turning 8 already! He still seems so much younger than the twins did in my eyes and it came so quickly! He only has 15 pages left of the Book of Mormon and his baptism interview with the bishop is next Sunday. He will be getting baptized on the 22nd and I sent out the announcements on Monday. He loved his new suit and had so much fun taking pictures for the announcement.
I love this Logan bear of mine so much! Life would be so dull without him around and I'm so thankful he is part of our family!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

Here are a few of our favorite pics in his new suit.