Friday, March 28, 2014

Disneyland {5th and Final Vacation Post}

DAY 3 (I knew I could do it in 5 posts!)
Our last day seemed to be the busiest day but I think it just felt that way because we were bouncing between both parks and it was more crowded. We knew Saturday was going to be busier and more hectic at the parks, which is why we wanted to get through as many rides as possible on Thursday and Friday but there was no way we could've anticipated just how busy it got! I've NEVER seen anywhere so packed in all my life! Honestly it was hard to walk at times. It was CRAZY! Thank goodness we made it through all the rides when we did!

Luckily we had the early entrance passes on Saturday. So we went and did Autotopia, the monorail and the Matterhorn (things we hadn't ridden yet) before the park got too busy. Side note about the Matterhorn- I must be getting old because holy cow rough ride! I remember loving that as a kid but it was so uncomfortable. They need to pad those seats or something haha. Anyway once the park started getting busier we went over to ToonTown. We hadn't been there yet and I was dying to get a picture of everyone with Mickey.
After going through Mickey's house the kids rode the roller coaster a couple times and then Brooklynn went to find Tinkerbell and the boys and I stayed in Toon Town and played some more. They climbed the treehouse, played in the boat and then we rode the Roger Rabbit ride which was perfect timing because it was getting HOT and the ride was indoors and air conditioned. Oh it felt so good! We also got to see Pluto who gave Logan a big 'ol slobbery kiss!
Then we watched a Mickey show and Auntie helped me feed Liam while Justin went and got my Pineapple Dole whip! It was even yummier since it was in the 80's and we were melting! It was so crowded that we decided to head back to the hotel for lunch and let the kids do some swimming.

Grandma and the kiddos going in on our last day

My little family

It was SO bright!

Grandma and the kiddos

Liam playing while we were on the Matterhorn

Loving his freedom

Kaid and Brooklynn

Brooklynn and Kaid with Minnie

The whole gang with Mickey

Liam slept right through his first visit with Mickey

Grandma, Mickey and all the grandkids

On the roller coaster in ToonTown

Justin and Logan on it again

Kaid and Kar on the boat

My little monkeys in the treehouse

Playing inside the tree



Cheesey Logan

Justin and the big boys

Kar and Kaid being silly

One of my favorite pics ever

Big boys and Pluto


Working out so he can lift the weight next time :)

In line for Roger Rabbit

Logan being silly

the big boys on the firetruck

Logan trying to be strong

The girls

All my boys

Liam so happy to be free

All the kiddos

Kaid blowing up


Liam napped while the big kids swam and we had some lunch and then headed over to California Adventure. We missed the parade over there the day before and wanted to see it so we grabbed some Mickey Mouse Ears icecream and found another awesome spot to sit! Nearly every character came and hi-fived the boys including Liam! It was a good parade and we were in a good spot. Just before the parade started Justin went and grabbed fast passes for Screamin so that as soon as we were done with the parade we could go jump on the roller coaster. We did some souvenir shopping in both Disneyland and California Adventure and then we went across the street to Ihop for dinner. It felt so nice to sit down and eat a yummy meal after all the running around we had done that day. I was surprised that there was hardly anybody there since its right by the park and kids eat free but that just meant no wait time for us so I wasn't complaining!

That evening Grandma, all the boys and I watched a firework show that was incredible! I've never seen a firework show like that! The fireworks helped tell the story that was going on over the speakers and the way the castle changed colors totally changed the way it looked. At the end there was even a real Tinkerbell flying back and forth in front of the castle! I have a ton of firework pictures but am only going to post a few.

It was sort of bitter sweet realizing our vacation was at its end. We had so much fun and I really just didn't want it to end. As we made our way to the gates after fireworks one of the kids wanted to go into the Mickey theater so we went in there and watched a few of the cartoons before saying goodbye and leaving the park.

Mickey Mouse Ears Ice Cream

Woohoo! So excited to be here!

Justin making sure Liam gets a high-5

One of the cool floats

getting another high-5

Acrobats on the Woody float

Liam loving the parade

Do ya think the kids liked this ride or something :)

Liam and Auntie

Adorable Liam in front of the Castle

The boys with there glow necklace

"When you Wish upon a Star" firework

More fireworks

Tink flying on the right

Tink flying on the left

Last stop before leaving the park

Another surprise when we got back to the hotel!
Sunday morning we had to pack the vans back up and head to St George. We got into town at about dinner time and ate at Chili's. I think we were all ready to be home by that night. Something about driving is just absolutely exhausting. We went to bed early and were up by 7:00 the next morning to eat the continental breakfast and get the rest of the way home. Liam did really well traveling again. We were so happy to be home but then came the horrible task of unloading after the long trip. The boys brought everything in without even being asked but they dumped it right on the floor. Oh well at least they tried, right? The laundry seemed never ending! I did laundry all Monday evening and most of Tuesday! Tuesday was extra brutal because not only was it our first day back to work and school but the kids and I had early morning choir. Waking up that morning was so hard! It took a couple days to recuperate and adjust to the time change on top of coming back from California time but we finally got back into our routines. The trip was amazing start to finish and I'm beyond grateful and happy for the memories we were able to make!

Liam in his new outfit with his new stuffed animals

enjoying the last moments free from his carseat

Unloading the car

Karson's goodies

Kaiden's goodies

Logan's goodies

Liam's goodies

Souvenirs from Sea World and the Sand Diego Zoo

Disneyland Souvenirs

Coins from Grandma at Seaworld

The mountain of washed laundry

I loathe doing laundry!