Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Annie and a Birthday Girl

We've been preparing for the school musical for a couple months now and I'm happy to say the performance night has come and gone!

The week of the performance was the week we came back from spring break. After all that vacation it was a rude awakening to suddenly have to be up early for before school practice and then go to the middle school after school each day for dress rehearsal. Rehearsals were ending at 5:00 but then we had to stay with all the kids till the parents came and then work out the kinks we'd encountered that day. We were getting home around 6 PM each night and then had to worry about dinner and homework and all the other fun things that needed done. Luckily Justin has learned over the years that the week of the performance is crazy and he brings dinner home with him or takes us out to help with my stress level :). He's such a good hubby.

Thursday was the day of the actual performance and we got there at about 5:00 to set everything up. The show was at 7:00 and Allyson of course called us out on stage to embarrass thank us for our help. This year I didn't mind so much because while thanking me she made sure to show off my adorable Liam who was our "Choir Mascot". He's been there every single practice and crawled over all the scenery. He helped lead the music and kept everyone smiling during the stress so it was fun to show him off.
Kaiden was Bert Healey and did a fantastic job! He was cheesy like he was supposed to be, sang superb and was just plain cute!
Karson was stage crew and also did so well. This year we had the stage crew on stage some of the time as props and that was a fun change.
Last but not least, Logan was in the choir and didn't get terribly nervous. He sang well and wasn't terrified being in front of the crowd.

Overall I think all the kids did well and I think the parents really enjoyed the show.
Funny moment. There was some confusion as to whether or not a ball should be on stage for one of the last scenes. April handed it to me and said "Get it out there!" I decided to roll it onto the stage so I hucked it out there and it hit the table that was on stage which made it go on a diagonal towards the edge of the stage! The 4 of us moms were freaking out backstage and holding our breath as we watched it stop right on the very edge of the stage! It stayed there for the scene and then got pulled off stage. When the play was over and we were hugging and sighing that we were finally done we all laughed and said how lucky we were that the ball didn't bounce into the crowd!
It gets stressful there at the end each time we do one of these musicals but really the kids love it and music is so important to keep in the schools so I'm happy helping out. Here are some pictures from the play thanks to Emily!

The Program


Liam on stage as we set things up

Me and Allyson

The choir. Logan has his blue tie on.

Opening scene

Street signs/ Stage crew. Karson is on the end

Justin's contribution was the extension cord for the sign :)

Kaid taking his bow

Karson and stage crew taking their bows

Karson back stage

Kaiden backstage

The red ball on the very edge of the stage

Chaos after the bows

Hooray we're done!

Liam and Grandma

Liam, Grandma and Auntie
Can you guess what blonde haired blue eyed little girl had a birthday? Miss Brooklynn turned 7 years old on Monday! We celebrated on Saturday with all kinds of fun! 
Auntie brought pizza over to our house so that Liam could nap while we ate and Brooklynn opened presents. The kids scarffed the pizza down fast as can be and then it was present time!
It was fun to see her so happy and excited to open everything.
After presents it was off to Bounce N Jump for some more birthday fun. Liam was still napping so luckily the big boys and Justin could all fit in Grandma's car so I could wait at home for Liam to wake up.
While I was at home Justin sent me the funniest picture of these random people. They are elderly and clearly exhausted! The woman is passed out cold with her face getting squished and the guy is on his way to falling asleep but looks like he has a headache. Poor grandparents! haha
Once Liam woke up it was off to play. There wasn't a baby area any more so thank goodness it wasn't crowded so he was able to get down and play. I got in and played too so I could keep a closer eye on him. He seemed to enjoy standing and trying to bounce and he even got to go down a few slides.

Being silly because she's so excited!

Karson photo bombing

Opening her present from us

Part of her jammies

Beautiful happy girl!

Silly kiddos

Random tired people from Jump N Bounce haha

All the big kids

Brave kids

All of them going up the biggest slide



These two are such good pals

Liam and I

silly baby

Going down a slide with Karson

Happy boy

Crawling around no problem

So silly!

Went down a slide with Dad

Going down with Mom

Being a big boy all by himself

Playing with Dad's squished face.
After Jump N Bounce we went back to Auntie's for cookies, ice cream and big boy haircuts. After haircuts we got a call that Justin's grandparents decided to come up from Kanab and wanted us all to go to dinner with them and then go swimming. We ate at Golden Corral and then went to the hotel.

This was Liam's first time swimming. He loves the bath and water so I figured he'd have fun but it was getting close to bed time and the water was sort of chilly so I was a little nervous. We got his little swim diaper on, put him in his floatie and stuck my cute little man in the water. He loved it! I shouldn't have worried at all. The biggest problem this summer isn't going to be getting him in the water but will be that he wants out of the floatie! He wants to splash more easily and crawl around so we'll see how things go the first time I'm at the water park alone.
The big kids had so much fun with each other and with Jeremiah and Jamies kids and Liam was just cute as can be with everyone.

In his floatie for the first time

Into the chilly water

He wasn't sure what to think of the kids goggles haha

Getting towed around by brothers

Having fun with Megan

Taking a snack break with Great Grandma Allen

Big kids playing

Birthday girl in her new swimsuit

Playing with the rings

Back in the water without the floatie

Having fun

Logan getting tossed

Eric getting tossed

Having so much fun with the ladies

Happy boy loved the beach ball

More of the big kids
I don't think we got home until like 10:00 that night. It turned out being a much longer day than we had anticipated but it was so much fun!