Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The one with all the Dates

Mothers Day Date
Justin and his mama finally got their Mothers Day date last Monday. Justin has been trained so well that he made sure to document everything for me :)
Justin said the play was really funny and that they both really enjoyed it. The show was at 4:00 so the timing worked out perfectly that they finished at dinner time. RaeLene had a gift card for Red Lobster so they went and used that. We aren't big seafood eaters so we don't ever go there but man did their food look delish! I think they really enjoyed their time together. Hopefully she felt loved and knows how much she means to all of us!

At the Theatre

watching the show with all the old people since it was so early :)

Red Lobster

Justin brought home a biscuit and set it on the coffee table. He forgot about it and the next morning guess who found it? Yep. Liam. I took it away and went to get the dust pan for the crumbs on the wood floor in the front room only to come back and find a whole new pile of crumbs making a trail up the stairs, through the hallway and ending in my bedroom where he finished off the biscuit (that boy is getting quick!). It must have been yummy because he had just eaten breakfast and then not only ate the whole biscuit but took the measures of running away with it before I could take it away again! haha. Funny boy.

"I think I'll eat this"

"Mmmm! This is yummy!"

Trail of evidence

more crumbs

Grandpa's Birth Date
Shawn's Birthday was on a Wednesday this year which was Pack Meeting so we weren't able to do anything too big or fancy. The boys and I grabbed balloons and a pin wheel after school and went over to the cemetery. We had a nice surprise and found grandma already there! So we were able to spend some time with her there. The kids all wrote a little message on the balloon they were leaving for grandpa and I tried to trace Liam's hand print on his but it was windy and he was wiggly so it wasn't the best. The boys ran and played like normal and Liam was fascinated by the pinwheels. Justin met us at the cemetery after work and Karson told Liam some of his favorite Grandpa stories and then we headed home for pack meeting.

Grandpa's Birthday Balloons

Karson and his balloon "Buddy's are eternal"

Kaiden's balloon "We love you forever Grandpa"

Logan and his balloon "Hi Grandpaw I love you"

Liam's handprint

Playing with Grandpa's pinwheel

Happy boy
Play Date
Friday Liam and I went on a playdate with Tecia and Sarah. It is the cutest thing in the world to see those three little boys together!
Liam will definitely have only child syndrome! He was pushing the other kids out of his way and just wanted to take things away from them and not share. He was sort of ornery that day too. So I guess we'll have to make our play dates a more regular thing so he doesn't turn into a completely spoiled brat. I'm sure as he gets older and I can reason more with him, he'll get better, and once he's big enough for nursery at church that will help also. Ornery or not he still had fun.

I pulled out some puffs for him and Wa'a while they were both standing up against the table together and things were fine. Then Tecia pulled out the M&M' almost turned into a frenzy! The two of them just wanted M&M's and were scrambling to get them into their mouths. So funny! Even Carson got in on the fun and was able to get a few. I was snapping a ton of pictures because they are seriously so cute and I had to show Sarah and Tecia how vain my baby is. I flipped my camera to selfie mode and that was the biggest smile I got out of him the whole time we were there. He not only smiled but he leaned in to make sure I got a nice big shot of him haha.
It will be so fun to watch these three grow up together and it's so nice to have some friends in the exact same stage as me who can relate to whatever new baby challenge I'm going through.

Left to right is youngest to oldest

Wa'a was so happy to get Liams sippy cup haha

I can imagine Wa'a saying "I'm going to eat the ones from here to here and you can have the rest" lol

Three little cuties scarfing down M&M's

Baby selfie
Family Dates
Friday night Logan and I went on a date. We decided to run by the cheapo theater and see if anything good was playing. If not we were going to go mini golfing with our POAP's. He wanted to watch Captain America but it didn't start for another hour. The only movie playing at that time was "Heaven is for Real". Much to my surprise he said he wanted to watch it. We had seen the preview for it together and he had said it looked good but it still surprised me he wanted to watch it. Logan got a big ol bag of M&M's, we sat next to a crazy loud man and we had a nice time together.

The next day our family all went mini glow in the dark golfing with our POAP's. The boys also did the rock climbing wall while we were there. The twins were able to go at the same time and raced. Kaiden was definitely the winner in that race. Then Logan went and only made it about 5 steps up before deciding that was high enough for him. They really wanted to do laser tag but we ran out of time and needed to get home so the big boys could go on their Auntie date.

Kar vs Kaid

Kaid the winner

coming down while Kar finishes

Logan giving it a try
Auntie Date
Brooklynn was gone with her dad this weekend and Auntie has been dying to go see the lions at the zoo. She asked to take the big boys on a date with her so she wouldn't have to wait. The boys were more than happy to go! Auntie picked up Grandma and then the boys and they all went and spent the afternoon at the zoo.
They were super spoiled and all got ice cream while they were out and even got to pick a stuffed animal before they came home. They told us all about the silly lions and how much fun they had. Logan told me all about his ice cream falling on the ground. Then he realized it didn't just fall on the ground but it landed on his shoe so he had a messy foot. "I had the worst luck ever while we were there!" is what my beyond dramatic Logan told me hahaha. Besides that incident he said it was a fun time though.

My big boys

The brand new lions

checking them out




Playing on the lions

My monkeys with the gorilla and Grandma
Leatherby's Date
Memorial Day was a work filled busy day! I ordered a dumpster almost two months ago and Memorial Day was the soonest they could deliver it. Since we were able to dump most of our stuff before then in a friends dumpster I changed the address to RaeLenes house.
The day started fantastic when I was able to sleep in until 9:00!! Sunday night I had a huge leg ache and it was too hot to have the heating pad upstairs in our room (we're holding off on turning on the central air for as long as possible) so I went down to the spare bedroom in the basement. It was cool and quiet and I think because I couldn't hear Liam I was able to sleep so long. That might not sound like sleeping in to a lot of people but that is the longest I've slept in since before Liam was even a thought! It's been at least a good two years since I've been able to sleep in and it felt so nice! Once I finally got my lazy self out of bed we had to load our trailer up with the last of our things we wanted to dump in a dumpster and then went over to RaeLenes.

We spent the morning unloading our trailer full of shingles and other random stuff and then helped RaeLene clean out her garage, shed, the side of her house and under the porch. Emily was over helping too so it was a family affair. Liam finally fell asleep so I got a few hours break to keep an eye on him and listen for him. When he was awake the boys took turns watching him, playing with him or taking him for rides in the wagon and the other two were working. Justin even got the swamp cooler up and running.
By that afternoon we finally called it a day. A lot was accomplished. Karson sat down for two seconds on the couch and passed out from working so hard. We went home that evening and grilled up some steaks and I finally tried a Quinoa recipe which was pretty tasty. The boys cleared the table and cleaned up the dinner mess for us.

Since the boys were such good helpers all day long we decided to reward them with Leatherby's. We didn't get there till 8:00 that night but luckily everyone behaved. The boys thought it was so cool seeing two of their friends faces on the menu! Their is family who lives in our ward and goes to the same school as the boys and their grandpa owns it.
I always forget how much ice cream they give you at that place. I think Kaid's banana split was the biggest and about 2/3 of the way done he finally enlisted the help of his brothers to finish it. He seriously looked like he might puke! It was a nice ending to a busy work filled day.

enjoying a ride in the wagon

napping after all that hard work


Cheesy broccoli quinoa

Justin's treat

My kids menu treat

Karson's brownie ice cream

Kaid's Banana Split

Logan's treat

Liam enjoyed french fries

all done

all done

"Oh crap I might puke!"

getting help from brothers and dad to finish

Liam licking Dad's spoon

I think he was slap happy because of how late it was

He was cracking himself up!

so goofy
Some random stuff

The big boys pumping my gas for me. Dad has taught them well :)

Liam loves the dirt and swims in it!

Eating Green Eggs to check it off our list of 101 things every kid needs to do :)