Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Broken Arm Update and Some (forgot to blog) Summer Fun

Today we have yet another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon and I'm now realizing that I never posted about the last appointment.

It was a miserable appointment start to finish. We weren't called back to a tiny room till 30 minutes past our scheduled appointment time and then we sat in a teeny tiny room waiting for the doctor for another 45 minutes! That's a ridiculous wait time and on top of that I had a hungry baby to try to entertain.

FINALLY the doctor came in. He was poking and feeling Karson's arm and Kar kept saying "Nope. No pain" We were both getting so excited that it wasn't broken! Then the doctor grabbed just the right spot. It took Karson's breath away and he immediately began to tear up. Dang it. Then when he had him try to rotate his arm it was super painful as well.

Based on his reaction and the x-ray (which he said was a crappy x-ray) he determined there was a fracture in the top of the elbow. He then also showed us a piece of bone that was flecked out on the x-ray in a second spot. He said we'd go ahead and re-cast it for a couple weeks and then when we go in to get the cast off he wants to do another x-ray to see what's happening with the flecked out chunk of bone. Hopefully his body will fill in the area where the bone isn't at anymore and the part that was flecked out would basically disintegrate. If not then we get to do surgery. Goody.

So they let him pick his color of cast and we made sure it was water proof. Today is the appointment to get the cast off and find out about surgery. Fingers are crossed that he'll be healed up and good to go! So please think good thoughts for us!

Liam trying to do the doctors job while we waited

We had to get creative about entertainment

x-ray showing fracture and flecked out bone on the right

cast color options

Another summer and another cast

Almost done
 When I went to find these pictures I came across several others that were never blogged either! We are just having so much fun I can't keep track of it all :)

A couple weeks ago we went with Meagan and her kids and toured the State Capitol. I like to find things that are somewhat educational to do throughout the summer in addition to the other things we do just keep their brains from going to total mush (plus the summer school books I make them do helps also). The tour was free which makes it that much better in my opinion :) The tour guide was awesome and took us into some areas we wouldn't have otherwise been able to see. I definitely recommend the tour! So much cool history and you learn things about the building you wouldn't otherwise know by walking through yourself. The kids all had fun and surprised the tour guide several times when they knew the answer to questions he was asking.

My 4 cutie pie boys outside the capitol

On one of the perty staircases

Our old school looking elevator we took

peeking in one of the chambers

In the Gold room

the other end of the gold room

Feet on the ceiling upstairs

The boys with a replica of the Liberty Bell

memorabilia from films made in Utah

The whole gang (Abi, Blake, Kaid, Logan, Liam, Karson, Hailey)

After the Capitol we went over to the Church History Museum (also free fyi) that is just a block and a half a way or so and played in there for a while. We've been to the museum several times but always enjoy it. There is so much to see and I love that there is a hands on kids section to play in. After a couple hours in there we went outside and had a picnic and then headed home. I love being down town though so I'm sure we'll find some more activities and go back before summer is over.

Blake and Karson

Going Fishing

Riding in the back of the truck with all the animals

He loved picking the vegetables from the garden area

Logan bear

Kaid building a fort

I think this boy would love a kitchen set for Christmas

This made me laugh so hard! He kept trying to step through the mirror or something

Eating some lunch

enjoying our lunch
The kids got to go back down town with Grandma who took Friday off a couple weeks to take all the big kids on a date. They went and rode Front Runner and had a good time being on the train. While down town they got to explore a candy store, play in a fountain, play with some toys and eat lunch together. They came back so excited to tell me all about their downtown adventure! They really do have the best Grandma ever!

listening to the rules

My twinlets

matching clothes

Grandma playing


Kar trying so hard haha

Logan concentrating

watching the fountain show

Karson and his big blue cast


Brooklynn and Logan drenched

Grandma and the kiddos

Cute cousins
Lastly we went to the zoo with Auntie and Brooklynn a couple days ago and had so much fun! It was the first time Justin and I were able to see the lions. We watched them eat and do a few tricks to get their food which was super cool. I think we saw just about all the animals and then finished with a ride on the new train. It was an overcast day and didn't get super hot until that afternoon when we were ready to go anyway. Perfect family outing.

The kiddos with the new giraffe statues

Learning about giraffe skulls

touching giraffe hair

kiddos with the lion statue

checking out the lions

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Liam and mom in front of the lions

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their monkey faces

More monkey faces

riding the polar bear

Logan Bear

Karson and Kaiden

Brooklynn having so much fun

Such a cute bunch of kiddos

Sea Lion


Liam and the bears





Dad and Liam

On the train

On the train

The giraffe on the train ride

Can't leave without playing with the big water ball

All my boys