Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Happenings

Just in case anybody had any doubts I thought I'd go ahead and clear things up. Liam is definitely the boss around here! Just ask him and he'll tell you :) He can get his brothers to do just about anything! BTW does anybody else have an 8 year old who wants to live in his underwear regardless of who is around or who sees him?? haha


Liam has a few new tricks. He's figuring out how to jump on the trampoline which is just cute as can be! He loves trying to play on it and he loves us watching him try to play on it.

He also does this new thing where he throws his head backwards in the highchair and then laughs uncontrollably at the fact he has just hit his head. I've tried to make him stop but then he just does it more so now my new tactic is going to be ignoring it. Lets all hope he doesn't end up with brain damage before he realizes its not fun to hit your own head!

He's jabbering a lot more but still says very few actual words. He says Daddy, Hi and thank you. He's working on the mamama sound (finally!) but when he's feeling particularly impatient or grumpy he just shouts in my face or fake cries (super fun...NOT). He will also walk over to whatever it is he's wanting and reach with an arm and do the uh uh uh sound to let us know what he's wanting. Like if he wants outside he'll do it to the door. If he wants his drink he'll do it to the counter where his sippy cup is. We'll then say whatever the word is he's wanting several times to him in hopes he'll figure out this crazy English language we speak. But all in all he's finding ways to communicate with us and is working his best at learning new words. Fun stuff watching this little man grow and learn so fast!


Chillaxing after all that hard jumping

cute boy on the trampoline

throwing his head back

happy boy with his zucchini bread

As you could probably guess after watching the first video Liam loves playing with Logan! Really he loves playing with any of his brothers and they are all so good to take time to play with him for a while each day.

He has started scrunching his face and doing this cheesy smile haha

My oldest and my youngest

Aside from playing with Liam the big boys have been up to quite a few new fun things themselves. We've been to Seven Peaks several times. The first time there I completely fried myself on accident! Too much time in the lazy river with Liam I guess. The twins have done pretty much every slide there a million times and just check in with me every hour or two and Logan splits his time with the big boys and with me and Liam.

Lounging in the shade

Hanging out with Preston

every time they waddled by in this I wanted to sing "Yellow Submarine"!

My fried self

All tuckered out after swimming!
Probably most exciting for the twins was that they went to their very first sleepover this past week!
It was with a boy in our ward for his birthday and there were a total of 10 boys there. The fire department was called on them but other than that it went smoothly :) There was a fire in the backyard in the families fire pit and I guess a neighbor heard boys and saw smoke so they called it in. Kind of funny because somebody asked on facebook why the fire truck was in the neighborhood and I kiddingly thought about the sleepover and then saw the mom respond that it actually was the sleepover! They came home eager to tell us all about the fun night they had.

Because the sleepover was so fun they decided to set up a tent in our backyard as well and have a sleepover with Dad and Logan. Kaiden set the majority of it up himself and Karson helped near the end. That night we introduced them to an oldie but a goodie and watched Jurassic Park. Then Justin got flashlights and took the kids for a night walk. He meant to go 2 miles but because of some dead ends and indecision it turned into 4 miles! Haha! When they got back around midnight the kids fell right asleep the second they got in the tent!

We're a little over half way through our summer break so we decided to finally go use the gift cards from Christmas stockings to see a movie. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and they all laughed through the movie and had a lot of fun. Liam was wanting to run around and be wild but after fighting with him to stay seated for 15 minutes or so he finally just fell asleep and slept through the movie.

My sweet Kaid so proud he put the tent up

Kaid and Kar putting their things in for the sleep over

All alone at the theater

Some other summer goodness has been the fruit trees and gardens! My mother in law has a cherry tree and plum tree and my dad has an apricot tree. Those on top of fresh from the garden tomatoes, squash, zucchini and peppers have made for some fun picking and yummy eating! Squash casserole (the best meal on the planet) and zucchini bread are just a couple of the reasons that make me just love this time of year!

It's not just the food that makes this time of year great. It's nice enough weather you can trick your child into going out back just so you can get him with silly string! The best part about that is Logan's response "Joke is on you mom! Because it felt good!" hahaha made me laugh so hard. It really does feel good though because it's nice and cool :)

Helping Grandpa Durfey pick apricots

Liam loved eating the fresh apricots!

kiddos playing in the garden

first batch of squash casserole of the season!

Logan Silly Stringed!

Still shocked mom would do it to him

Some other summer fun has been splash pads, jump house visits and we had a little mini vaca in Richfield last weekend to celebrate Justin's Grandma and Grandpa Youngs 50 wedding anniversary. I'll have to save all that for a completely seperate post but here are a few pics of some fun we had with Josh (from Georgia) before and after the trip while he was in town.

Brooklynn, Kaid, Kar, Liam, Josh and Logan

trying so hard to get up on the pillow with Karson


Brooklynn and Liam

She's such a good helper

Logan and Josh


Having fun

Having so much fun

Josh the winner

Liam finally made it up onto the pillow on his own

Liam, Kar, Josh and Logan

Aunt Liss and Liam. He warmed right up to her!

Brooklynn and all those boy cousins :)



Silly Kar

Liam and Brooklynn

Have I mentioned how much he loves water?!

Lastly to wrap it up. We slid the city! I got an e-mail a few weeks ago about a giant slip n slide coming to downtown salt lake and immediately registered the fam to do it! It was a 1,000 foot slip n slide that started at the capitol and went clear down to the temple. You had to be a certain height so Liam couldn't do it but the rest of the boys and Justin did and had so much fun! When picking up your wristband at registration you got squirt guns, water balloons and a mouth gaurd and then it was down the slide you went! I was trying to listen for Justin to whistle so I could get pics but music was blairing and I was distracted keeping an eye on Liam so I totally missed Justin and Logan. They went whizzing by so fast! I so wish I could have got a picture! Logan had the biggest grin ever! Then Kaid and Karson were right behind them! Oh well. Picture or not they had so much fun and I'm sure they'll remember it for a long time to come. Logan told me "MOM! I felt somebody's legs under me when we ran them over!" haha Don't worry nobody was injured.

wristbands on and ready to go!

Bottom part of the slide

Liam waiting for Daddy



Logan so excited to tell me all about it!



Successfully slid the city!


After the slide we decided to go over to International Peace Gardens which is also down town since we were down that way anyway. I hadn't been there since I was little myself and it has changed a lot but is still pretty neat. They have different gardens of trees and flowers representing different countries and there are a few memorials for different parts of history as well. It is a fantastic place for pictures if you're looking for somewhere pretty because of all the trees and different stone and brick walls plus it's free. We didn't stay for very long because it felt like it was a million degrees but it was a nice weekend! I love weekends we aren't busy or have a bunch of obligations. It's nice taking your time and just having fun. Those weekends seem few and far between but it just makes us appreciate them that much more.

Entrance to the Chinese garden

Bear loves bridges

Liam with the little Dutch house



Germany garden (has such a cool wall inside)

Can you spot the Karson?

Japan garden

Family Selfie in the shade

I think these cool plants were in the Korean garden

Kaid mimicking the pole

Playing the Harp

Went to the Eiffel Tower for a romantic kiss with a chorus of "eww!" haha

Of course there was a Gandhi Statue.