Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My revenge on the First day of school! And an incident with Peaches...

First Day of School
Today is the first day of school! Oh the excitement I'm feeling today!

Some of you might remember that last year my kids jumped out of the car and ran as fast as they could from me! They were screaming "RUN! She has a camera!" I had a brand new baby in the car that I was still adjusting to and had recently had a C-section. I knew by the time I unloaded the baby, and tried to catch up, that the bell would've already rang and they'd be inside. The only picture I got at the school that year was of them sprinting across the crosswalk. I swore I'd get revenge. And today was that glorious day!

Running away last year.

They were warned but they just didn't think I'd do it. Once again the twins were gone quick as can be. Now I'm a pro at unloading Liam though and I prepared and wore running shoes. I was right behind them and caught them just as they reached a couple friends! They put up a good fight but I was victorious and I got my hug and kiss in! :)

Logan was a little more wise and let me walk with him to see where he'll line up and let me get a picture of him waiting with a few of his friends. The bell rang and in he went. And now it's just me and little man and I am still trying to grasp the fact that I have 5th, yes FIFTH graders and a 3rd grader! Here are some pics of our first day of school!

Fashion Show
Sunday we were able to fit in our Back to school clothes Fashion Show! It's always so fun and this year they did it twice! Once for Justin and I and then again for Grandma Allen.


Showing off his elbow patches

Loves his new purple shirt







Peaches Incident 
We're so excited to be back in school and summer came to end just in time! Well actually maybe a day too late.....
The kiddos were all playing outside yesterday and enjoying the last day of summer with a friend. I went in and laid Liam down for his nap and about 30 minutes later Karson came and got me. He told me to come out back because he was in trouble.

I went out back and was looking at Justin's garage windows or the truck windows to see if they were all in tact because nobody was talking. Then my neighbor behind me shouted over to me and asked if I was the mom. Great. Love those situations! He then told me that two of the boys, the one in yellow and the one in blue (Karson and his friend), were throwing peaches over to his yard where the horses are. He went on to tell me that the horses will die if they eat them and that the ground was covered in squished peaches. Oh I was mad. I sent them over to clean them up and apologize and Logan and Kaid offered to pick the ones up that were in between the two yards that didn't make it clear to his yard. When the kids were done, the guy thanked me and told me that he let them feed the horses some good food while explaining why what they were doing was so dangerous. He also told me that just last week he had a $700.00 vet bill from one of them being sick (YIKES)! People walk behind there and feed the horses all the time I guess and its not good for them. Anyway luckily he was really good about it and turned it more into a learning experience for them.

What would possess them to throw a peach in the first place is beyond me but boys are boys and I guess I'll never understand their thinking! They are all good kids but were just bored and not thinking (Not that that's an excuse). All three of mine spent the rest of the day working off their stupidity (Kar for having a chucking war and the other two for just watching and not saying anything) and they are all grounded for the week which is probably best anyway so that they can get into a good routine of homework before friends anyway. I'm pretty certain they will not be throwing things over there or feeding the horses ever again! When on the phone with the other mom she made a good point, at least they weren't jumping off a roof together this time! Hahaha. Never a dull moment raising these boys!

This was before the peaches when everyone was playing so nicely

Liam fetching one of the balls for the big boys :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aug. 17-23

This week was pretty low key.
Thursday was back to school night and the kids were all excited to wear a new outift and especially to see their friends again.
I'm thrilled with all the kids teachers this year!
Logan has Mrs. Rowley who our family just adores. She was the twins teacher in 2ng grade and played piano at their baptism. She now teaches 3rd grade and we made sure to request her. The twins have Mrs. Lewis who is Parkers mom and she is so on the ball and organized but is still fun! She updates Skyward weekly and even has a class blog to keep everyone updated on both school work and fun things.
I'm still scaling back with PTA things. I will be helping with Great Artist again this year and with choir but beyond that I'm undecided. We also have a new principal this year. We've been very spoiled the past 5 years with Mr. V so it will be an adjustment but from what little I've seen so far, the new principal seems good to work with. I think it's going to be a great year!

We finished our back to school shopping and then the big boys all got hair cuts. Logan combed his hair one day to look like Bryant's and was begging me to let him cut it like his. We actually saw Bryant at work right before going to Auntie's and he told us it was called an undercut. Logan and Kaiden both wanted to give it a try but there hair is still a little too short. Kaids is closest to it and Logan will probably just have to spike his for a few weeks while the top grows out and then we'll give it another try. Karson stuck with short hair mostly because he's too lazy to want to do it but they are all cute as can be and ready to start on Tuesday! Thanks Auntie!

Kar and his new hair cut

Kaids new do


Stopped in at Village in after all that school shopping

Liam loves fry sauce a little too much. Kept dipping his whole fist into it haha

Right before back to school night we got a call from Sam's mom (one of the kids friends) and she said that Sam had been challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and she was wanting to know if the boys could go watch and help dump the water on his head. We've been seeing all the videos (as I'm sure you all have to) so they were very excited to go watch and help. All three were called out by Sam to participate and of course accepted the challenge! In case you've been living under a rock the challenge is to dump a bucket of ice water on your head or donate $100 to the charity for research. I think that maybe a lot of people don't realize that the majority of people doing the bucket challenge are still donating money as well (I've seen between $10-$50 on average but of course celebrities are doing a lot more). Even if you don't donate money it's still good to raise awareness. I was surprised that something like raising awareness or donating to charity could become controversial but leave it to facebook people to find a way to turn something good into something to complain about or talk negatively about. Oh well. We had fun doing it, donated some money and have now been watching the video's of people they called out. Here is the boys video. We only have one bucket so we did bowls.


I don't remember if it was last Sunday or the Sunday before but I decided after another church block of fighting with Liam to be still that I needed to find a quiet book. Later that week Maren's mommy (Justin's Aunt) posted about wanting one as well! I followed her post hoping that somebody would post a link to a magical store I'd not heard of that had quiet books for a reasonable price. No such luck. It was mostly links on making your own which scared the banana's out of me because I'm so NOT crafty! I looked at Deseret Book, Quilted Bear, Etsy, Amazon, everywhere I could think of! The cheapest I found was like $40. I decided to call one of my craftiest friends, Tecia, to see what ideas she had. We decided to invite Sarah and have a little project night of building together. Thank goodness! Friday we went shopping for felt and supplies and I spent a whopping $4.16. We spent an hour or so doing the majority of our cutting and and laying out our pages before I had to head back home. I finished my pages Saturday and honestly don't know what I was so afraid of! It was so cheap and so easy!! I did all no sew things just because a hot glue gun is so much easier for me. I bound it in a way that I'll be able to add more pages later as I get more time and as he grows into more skills. I have a couple more pages in mind that I'll add to it hopefully in the next week so for now it's only a few pages but we get to test it out today at church. I think it turned out pretty good for an amateur. And if I can do it anyone can!

I'm going to write "Liam's Quiet Book" on the front

Shape matching page

Pick the apples or cherries, whatever you think they look like haha and the Barn page

fruit on tree and Justin made a squirrel haha

Open the barn to get the finger puppet animals

I only had large googly eyes so they all look like they have mad cow disease or something lol

Mr Potato head storage and potato

Some of the potato head decorations I've made. Keep in mind I'm no artist

lace or tie the shoes and button the flowers on the temple page. He won't be old enough for this for a while

Saturday we went to a new place I'd never heard of called Gilgal Gardens. It is a garden of huge sculptures and statues made by an LDS bishop at his home downtown back in 1945. To be honest it's sort of strange to just look at. There is a giant sphinx with Joseph Smith's head, random body parts at one place, and all kinds of other things. Once you read about each piece and what it represents it really is very cool though. And the way he made each piece is just amazing!

Here is a little bit of info from the website to give you a better idea of what it is:
Gilgal Garden is the legacy of Thomas Child’s desire to give physical form to his deep-felt beliefs.
The garden contains twelve original sculptural arrangements and over 70 stones engraved with scriptures, poems, and philosophical texts. Each represents an idea that rang of truth to Child in his life-long spiritual quest. Together, the sculptures and stones create a landscape of meaning and a unique work of art.

Child shared Gilgal Garden with thousands of visitors during his lifetime. He hoped the garden would inspire viewers to ponder “the unsolved mysteries of life” and struggle to find their own answers. Child was aware that many people would find Gilgal Garden strange, but hoped they would accept its challenge. “You don’t have to agree with me,” he explained. “You may think I am a nut, but I hope I have aroused your thinking and curiosity.”
 "Can I create a sanctuary or atmosphere in my yard that will shut out fear and keep one’s mind young and alert to the last, no matter how perilous the times?" - Thomas Battersby Child, Jr.

HERE is the link to the website.

Beyond the sculptures there are beautiful flowers and plant life all throughout as well. If you're ever in the area it's worth checking out. It's free, not crowded and gets the mind pondering. Here are a few pics of our visit.

Loved the Kanab looking red stoned pathways

And what's a blog post without a new baby trick? :) Liam has a new obsession with shoes. He will spend a good 15 minutes trying his hardest to put on mine, dads, or really anyones shoes just to take 2 or 3 steps and eventually walk out of them. I find it so entertaining! So if you ever lose your shoes at our house their is a good chance that Liam has drug them off somewhere to try to wear them. He's getting so smart and so big, so fast!

Good try. He got on of Logan's shoes on the right way haha

Ready to go in moms shoes

Loves his ice cream cones

Playing in a playland on a rainy day
There isn't really much else worth mentioning. We let the kids do a little ice skating. We found a new delicious treat at Papa Murphey's called S'more Pizza! They thought that was the most delicious lunch ever on Friday and it was a good way to end summer.

S'more pizza

Toasted marshmallow and ooey gooey chocolate

My sweet hubby came home early and surprised me w flowers on Friday :)

School starts Tuesday. EEeeek! Don't know if I'm excited, or dreading it, or both. But ready or not here it is! Let's hope Liam survives his first week without brothers home during the day and that the big boys (and I) survive their first week of early mornings and homework!