Friday, October 31, 2014

Boys Stuff

Karson received Principals pride this month. His teacher wrote about him being such a good class vice president. He was being honest and fair. I think he really appreciated hearing that his teacher noticed that because a couple weeks ago there was a little drama with his friends over him choosing to be honest and do his job as class vice president.
When the teacher leaves the room the class presidency all have a piece of paper and write down the names of people who are acting up or not doing what they are supposed to. Then the teacher collects the papers when she gets back and depending on how many checks each person got or how many lists they were on she does whatever to handle it. Karson left to go to the bathroom while the teacher was gone and the kids looked at his list and saw that some of his friends names had been written down so then the friends were mad at him. Luckily they all made up the next day but it was a rough day for him and he hated that he felt like a bad friend even though he was doing what he was supposed to and what he felt was right. It's hard watching your kids grow up and deal with harder and harder problems with friends and school. I'm just grateful that these boys of mine are choosing honesty even when it's hard.
She went on to talk about some of his academic achievements as well. It's always nice to hear good qualities that others see in your child.

Karson and the new Principal

Karson and Kaiden were both in the Thanksgiving play at school too. I had no clue and I almost missed it! It was such a crazy day. I was at the school for choir and ended up having to stay late because Book Fair got delivered a couple days early. Book Fair goes in the Kiva which is where we practice choir so it had to go in the gym while we finished choir. Well after choir was vision screenings so then we had to move Book Fair into the Kiva so we could do Vision Screenings. Well as we were moving it we were told we couldn't put it in the Kiva because of the 5th grade play. Ummm. What?!? The other choir lady has a 5th grader as well and was totally clueless. So between the two of us and her daughter we figured out a few of the details and then I finally just went and interrupted class to talk to the teacher. I found out parents were welcome to come watch at 1:00 (of course during nap time) that day.
About 10 of the kids from class were in the play and Karson and Kaiden were both Indians. Kaid taught pilgrim Zack to plant corn and Karson was the chief who talked about making peace. It was for their American History Unit. Liam did pretty well watching the play until he hugged his monkey from Kanab that screams and makes noise. Other than that one embarrassing interruption he did pretty well.

Kaid planting the corn to a rhyme

Then Zack giving it a try

Chief Karson

taking their bows

The whole cast

The same day as the Choir, Book Fair, Vision Screening and 5th grade Play madness I was leaving the school and stopped by the office to say goodbye to the secretary where I was congratulated for Kaiden moving on to the judging portion of Creative Pursuits. Ummm. Again What?! I still don't fully understand Creative Pursuits but from what I've gathered I think that all the 5th and 6th grade classes participate. They are split into groups in class and have to come up with a game. They make the game pieces, rules and everything and aren't supposed to have any outside help. Then they have to market it. To do so they either make a commercial (skit), a poster or some other type of ad. Kaiden and his group did a skit and they took second in class and were able to move on. Then judges came in from different schools or the district or something and judged all the finalist. He ended up taking 4th overall so he doesn't move on again. I think that's not too shabby out of all the 5th and 6th graders though. He and Karson had both been talking about the projects for a few weeks. And Karson told me when he wasn't moving on but I didn't realize it was a judging thing or that other classes and grades were all competing. Thank goodness I'm at the school enough that others can inform me on what my kids leave out! haha!

Logan is still doing hockey and loving it. I'm teaching art for his class this year and was able to go do it this week for the first time. He looked so embarrassed when he first saw me and then I heard him cracking up laughing and he came and said "mom I have to tell you what Leland said! He said that dad is lucky because he has a hot babe!" I'm still not sure if I should be flattered or totally creeped out but Logan thought it was hilarious! He's such a fun loving kid and always does something silly to make me laugh. I'm excited to be in his class more this year.

Logan's dinosaur carrying a Cheeto

Liam has been up to quite a few new tricks! I've finally started letting him use a fork. Only with certain meals and only at certain times. It's still so much easier and less messy for me to just do it for him but I'm trying to let him gain a little more independence. He absolutely loves it!

Messy boy eating fake lasagna by himself

So proud of himself

He also started walking up the stairs instead of crawling up them. It's the craziest thing to watch and scares me to death but it's so cool! He can say a few words and a few signs but still not as many as I'd like (I'm super paranoid about his language because of Logan's delay).
He also figured out how to knock. He does it backwards for some reason but hey it gets the job done. I've been letting him practice knocking and ringing our doorbell to get ready for trick or treating this Halloween. Which btw I'm so excited for because I think he's going to love it this year! This boy loves walking the neighborhood and loves treats so I'm thinking combining the two is going to be amazing for him!

One of my favorite things about Liam right now is that he always waves at all the cars and people we see when we're out and about. It's so fun to see him spreading a little joy in the world or making a stranger smile. I seriously love this boy of mine!


Ringing the doorbell with one tiny finger :)

We had the school parade and class parties yesterday both of which I'm relieved to have out of the way! While at the school Liam started crawling while he was in his turtle costume. It made me laugh so hard that he hasn't crawled in I don't know how long, and then there he was dressed like a turtle crawling :)
All 4 Ninja Turtles

Their backsides

Logan and his BFF Leland



Crawling Turtle

Since I have no trick or treating pictures yet because it's not night time yet I'll finish this post with just a few more cute or fun pics from the last little bit.

This boy loves both riding and pulling his wagon!

Happy Boy

Kaid in Aunt Shelly's tree at her new house

Mosiah 2:17 in German in case you were curious like us :)

Charmaine took this pic of Kar and me

Charmaine home with her dog

Liam meeting the goat behind the kids school

Charmaine sent me this and said she was sad it was rainy and gloomy

I sent her this and told her she could come back to our 70 degree weather! :)

Liam's card from Grandma and Grandpa Great

He loved opening and shutting it

I don't know how but he did this himself!

Made me laugh so hard

silly baby

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Charmaine left us on Sunday. It's hard to believe that in three short weeks someone can become so much a part of your family!
Our last week was a busy one! We tried to make every second count and did so much fun stuff.

Monday we had our FHE and went to the Crazy Corn Maze. I always try to scare the heck out of the big boys and this year Charmaine got in on the fun. The whole time we were trying to find a good opportunity to hide and scare them and we finally found it just near the end of the maze! I made Karson about pee himself and Charmaine made Kaid jump about 15 feet in the air! It was fantastic! We wanted to do the Haunted Maze but it's not open on Monday nights.

Ready to go in!


Logan and Kar

Happy Liam

This is so fitting of his personality lately! He's a terror but adorable :)

Charmaine took this on our Sunday bike ride

Charmaine took this one too

Charmaine tackling Karson to the ground to rub his crunchy hair haha

Wednesday was the farewell dinner. Each student and there families were to make a German dish and then it was a giant potluck. We decided to use the cookie cutter Charmaine brought with her and the recipe that was inside of it. I was getting very frustrated trying to use it because the dough kept sticking to it and they were turning out so ugly. I wanted it to be perfect for Charmaine but when she got home she had the same trouble and ended up laughing it off. We finally decided to just use a heart cutter and it all worked out anyway.
It was so cool trying all the different dishes and I gotta say I think I might be part German! The German people LOVE potatoes! I have never seen so many different style potatoes and cheesy potatoes in my life! There were also things I'd never seen before and I'd say about 95% of what I tried was delicious! I wish I would've taken more pictures that night. It was one of the highlights of this whole experience. At one point the families were invited to come say something about their student if they wanted to. Probably about half the families did so and Karson and Kaiden both went and spoke about Charmaine. It made her cry and she was so happy they had such good things to say about her.

The few cookie cutter ones we made

The cutter is of a landmark in her town

Our cookies were a hit and every single one was gone!

Liam LOVES Charmaine

Charmaines plate of food

Kar talking about Charmaine (I missed Kaid)

Jennie and Charmaine

Thursday was the Highschool football game! She'd never been to one and had of course heard about America and their football so she definitely wanted to go.
Before the game we carved pumpkins and grilled some chicken and pineapple for dinner. She mentioned never having grilled pineapple before but that she grills bananas. Since we had a banana lying around we had her show us how and gave it a try. It was actually pretty tasty and would be great on some ice cream!
We made it to the game and WJ was playing Bingham (the best in the state) so we lost and we lost bad but it was still a fun game. We sat by some very passionate spectators and she thought it was equally entertaining listening to them as it was watching the game. The boys all ended up leaving early but Jennie, Charmaine and I stuck around until the very end.

Karson trying to get to the bottom of his tall pumpkin

Liam's first time scooping out some guts

Happy Boy

He got bored and went to play in the dirt in the garden area

That's a lot of guts!

Justin not cheating but using his resources :)

Me carving Liam's pumpkin

Charmaines first pumpkin carving ever

I gave Liam's pumpkin gap teeth like he has haha

Kaid's carving

Logan tried a spider and did pretty good

Grilling up some pineapple

Looks disgustin, tastes yummy


Hanging out at the game

Charmaines first football game

The stranger rubbing his face and he LOVED it haha!


Friday Charmaine spent the day downtown with Jennie and her parents. They shopped, ate, and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon in German. She came home and showed it to us and seemed very excited. We're not planning a baptism or anything but she learned more about us and will have now a positive outlook or connection with the religion. And you never know what might happen down the road. I love that we got to talk about our religions and see what similarities they have. I also think it was great for my boys to learn about another faith and get to know somebody of a different faith and see what a good person she was.

Hanging out when Charmaine got home

showing us her money

and her coins

Pumpkins lit!

Charmaine and Logan being silly

All lit up and glowing

Everyone with their pumpkin. Liam's has no lid because he kept throwing it on the ground (he thought it was a ball) while I set the timer :)
Saturday was the busiest day yet. We ran non-stop! We started with a nice big farewell breakfast of french toast, sausage and eggs with chocolate milk and juice. From there we met up with Auntie and Brooklyn and went bowling. We played two terrible games (we are all so sucky haha) and then went to Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch. From there it was off to Trafalga where we did it all. Mini golf, laser tag, rides, go-carts and air hockey. Brooklynn and Auntie had to leave after a couple hours at Trafalga and we stayed a little while longer. After that we went to Famous Daves for dinner. Charmaine begged us to let her pick up the check. She told us how grateful she was to have felt so welcomed and that her parents were so grateful and told her to take us to dinner to thank us. I guess her French exchange wasn't a very good experience so both her and parents were so relieve that we all clicked and had such a great time. Justin talked me into letting her and I'm so very thankful she was so sweet and wanted to do something for us (even though it was totally unnecessary:) ) After dinner it was off the Haunted House.
We had talked about doing a bigger haunted house with the big kids (Charmaine and the twins) after the Munchkin Radio one but we were all so tired from the busy day that we just went home.

dancing on the table

Liam bowling with Charmaines help

getting help carrying the ball

pushing it down

Our gang of crappy bowlers!

giving it a go with Liam on his shoulders

The scores from our second game

glow in the dark mini golf

Go carts! Brooklynn and I were the champs!



Charmaine and Liam

Having so much fun


air hockey

crazy lazer frenzy game

Charmaine and two of her buddies on the car ride

at the haunted house (it was cold that night!)

When we got home I gave Charmaine her goodbye gift. I made her a dvd slideshow of all the pictures I have of her trip. We laughed and cried through it and I think she really liked it. Then we gave her an I heart Utah shirt and some of her favorite treats for the plane ride home. We all hung out in the family room for a long time. None of us wanted to go to bed because the next day was goodbye.


After a sleepless night we were up and gone by 5:30 AM to get to the airport by 6:00. We left Liam, Kaid and Logan home sleeping. Logan knew he wouldn't be able to get up so he said goodbye the night before. Kaid saw Charmaine when we moved him up to our room (to listen for Liam) so he said goodbye in the morning. Then Kar and Justin and I went to the airport and stalled until a little after 7:00. I wanted to stay until she boarded the plane but she wouldn't be boarding until 8:30 and we finally decided we needed to head back because Liam would be waking up soon. I was doing so good but the second we hugged and I could hear her crying I totally started bawling, so then Karson was crying! Justin had maybe two tears leak out but it was hard for him too. We were all surprised how much we were going to miss her. She told us multiple times she wants to come back and we planned a trip to New York together someday :) So now she's gone but we are still in touch and so grateful that we went ahead with this amazing opportunity.

Checking in at the airport

saying goodbye



Pic she sent me from the plane when they got back to Germany